Indonesia: Over 100 Churches Closed in 3 Years

Based on official numbers, a total of 1,025 churches have been closed or destroyed in Indonesia since the island nation claimed its independence in 1945.


“Moderate” Indonesia? Who feeds us this BS?

By Ethan Cole

Islamic extremism and local governments closed more than 100 churches in Indonesia within three years, according to a persecution watchdog agency.

From 2004 to 2007, 110 churches were closed in Indonesia as a result of attacks from radical Muslim groups or by local governments coerced by these groups, reported Compass Direct News. Based on official numbers, a total of 1,025 churches have been closed or destroyed in Indonesia since the island nation claimed its independence in 1945. Notably, however, only two cases of church destruction or closures are recorded in the era of Indonesia’s first president, Sukarno (1945-1967).

Provinces with the highest reported incidents of discrimination and violence against churches are West Java, Banten, Central Java, South Sulawesi and Bengkulu, according to the findings of the Communion of Churches of Indonesia, the Bishops’ Conference of Indonesia, the Indonesian Human Rights Commission, and the Wahid Institute – a moderate Muslim non-governmental organization.

In one recent incident, a church in Sepatan, Tangerang province, was attacked by extremists last December when it refused to adhere to government orders to shut down. Moreover, the home of the church’s pastor was attacked by extremists who kicked out the home’s windows and doors and threw out his possessions.

Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim country with about 85 percent of its 220 million people saying they are followers of Islam. Christians make up only about 8.7 percent of the population, according to the CIA World Factbook.

The country has experienced much sectarian violence over the years with at least 1,000 people dying due to Muslim-Christian violence from 1998 to 2001 in Central Sulawesi province where there is roughly equal numbers of both communities.


Banyuwangi 1999, headless corpse dragged through the streets under the shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar !’

High profile cases of Christian persecution in Indonesia include the 2005 arrests of three Christian Sunday school teachers who were accused of attempting to convert Muslim children. The Muslim parents had reportedly given full consent for their children to join Christian students in singing Christian songs, playing games and hearing Bible stories, but the court nevertheless sentenced the women to three years in prison. The women served two years and were released early for good behavior last June.

Also in 2005, Islamic militants on motorcycles beheaded three Christian schoolgirls who were on their way to school. The girls’ heads were dumped in villages nearby with and a handwritten note by the bodies warned of more killings in revenge for sectarian violence on Sulawesi Island.

* ‘Sectarian violence?’ Of course NOT! Jihad against the Christians. This insidious MSM distortion has been going on for years now…

“Wanted – 100 more heads,” read the letter, according to The Associated Press. “Blood must be paid with blood, lives with lives, heads with heads.”

While Muslims compose 86.1 of Indonesia’s population, Protestants account for 5.7 percent, Roman Catholics 3 percent, Hindus 1.8 percent, and others 3.4 percent, according the CIA World Factbook.

Persecuted by Islam

* Fitzgerald:

Indonesia — the East Indies — was once entirely Hindu and Buddhist 

What is present-day Indonesia — the East Indies — was once entirely Hindu and Buddhist. Yet without direct military conquest by large armies, most of Indonesia became Muslim. How did it happen? Muslim traders from the Hadramaut (now part of Yemen) established posts in Java and Sumatra. These trading posts enlarged, and more Muslims came, and came to stay. They were busy in their conversion efforts, and some of those posts took on military aspects. Eventually, the rulers of both Java and Sumatra accepted Islam themselves, and as was customary in those days (14th-15th century) their people adopted the religion of their rulers. And steadily, by degrees, the forces of Islam began to spread to other islands, and while there are still parts of Indonesia where Hindus may yet be in the majority (e.g. Bali) and Buddhists, too, are not unknown, nor Christians, Indonesia was won for Islam the way, if there is not a halt to Muslim immigration, and a determined resistance to all further Muslim efforts to conduct Jihad by means other than the obvious — combat or qitaal — the same outcome, speeded up, could come to the former colonial master of Indonesia, the Netherlands, and to other countries in Western Europe.

The most important single bit of information in “Fitna” was not any of the passages from the Qur’an. It was a bit of demographic information: that in 1960 there were about 1,500 Muslims in the Netherlands, and forty-four years later there were close to a million.


Demography is destiny. Look closely at the picture above of the maddened Muslim protesters in Indonesia, threatening death to a Dutch member of Parliament who dared to quote the Qur’an — entirely accurately — in a fifteen-minute film. There are already such scenes, intermittently, on the streets of London and Paris. Would you like those countries of Western Europe to routinely have such scenes, and become, as Indonesia did over centuries, or as Kafiristan and Waziristan did over little more than the last 100 years, or as Malaysia has been doing during the last few decades, steadiy islamizing, steadily raising the percentage of the population that willingly submits to the Total Belief-System of Islam, with all that that would mean for art, science, human freedom?

Or do you think all possible measures should be taken to prevent that from happening? What do you think the inheritors, often unworthy, of the legacy of Western civilization owe the creators of that legacy, and what do they owe posterity?

And this is how they treat the Ahmadiyya:

4 thoughts on “Indonesia: Over 100 Churches Closed in 3 Years”

  1. Sheik

    Just to set the record straight.

    The photo above is not from Banuwangi, It is from Ambon.

    Now if we are going to work against Islam them it is better to get the facts right.

    There are many sites which have this photo, and if you remember, I was one of the first to bring it to the attention of the mainstream bloggers.

    Now my point here is, Banguwangi is pretty peace at the moment and there are a lot of non-whites there, including ozzies. By falsely crediting this photo to Banuwangi, this gives the fanatics there ammo to stir up more hate, because the have proof that we are lying. which is bubbling just below the surface. Thus endangering many westerns who are living in the area.

    Now who knows the real bachground about this photo, I dont, but I have discussed this photo plus the other in the series with somebody I trust high up in the police/counter terrorism. From what he tells me that this has not so much to do with the Muslim/Christian conflict, but to do with indonesian justice, the guy was caught stealing and he just happened to be Christian.

    Now I have seen this justice carried out by Hindus in Bali, where three javanese where caught stealing from a temple, and their heads where on display in the market in Ubud, but removed before the tourist woke up.

    When I first came to Indo we rented a house in Ubud. the landlord gave us some swords, and told us that should thieves break in, kill them and throw the bodies into the street so as the Balinese can kick them to death, thus making impossible for the police to prosecute.

    Here there is the rule three times and out, criminals are shot trying to escape, instead of going to jail a third time.

    I also witnessed a motorcycle thief get hacked to death while to police where on the way to the scene of the crime.

    As you may have notice just lately, I have been lazy with my blog, and been very critical of JW/DW.

    One of the reasons is Fitzgerald has on many occassions stated that 2000 churches where destroyed in one year, and he has totally ignored the reports he still persists in claiming that 2000 churches where destroyed.

    What has prompted me to respond as I am doing now is because as I was coming out the bank this morning I was taken back by the stained glass windows featuring a cross in a church that is being built. my first thought was, how long will it be before the loonies wreck the place. Any way I took a drive around and I counted no less than five newly built churches and several that have been renovated.

    Now the brought to mind that I have observed nearly all the churches that where destroyed in Situbonbo, and I was witness to, have been rebuilt, I can also report that this is the case in all the big towns here in East Java including Banuwangi

    So if I make a rough estimate there have been several hundred churches built or renovated.

    If you ever decide to come to Indo, there is no problem for me to show you them.

    Now if we are to be critical of Islam and Indonesia, the we must stay within the truth, or we no better than the MSM or the muslims, our best weapon is the truth.

  2. To add a little bit more, there is not the same amount of rape here in Indonesia as we find in many other places as a rapist can also face instant justice and get hacked to death. This is nothing to do with islam, more to do with tradition, which islam is trying to replace with sharia, where the man, if being moslem can go free, and the woman punished for resist to donate her womb to islam.

  3. For 10 years I supported, through a relief agency, a girl in South Sulawesi. Pictures of her in her tidy school uniform of white blouse and dark skirt would arrive each year, and never a hijab in sight.

    The girl was the same age as my daughter. A talented artist, she often enclosed pencil drawings with her letters. She would be 24 today, if she is still alive. I can only surmise her education was all for nothing; she is no doubt a good little muslima with several children of her own by now.

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