Indonesian Women Lobby For Polygamy Ban

 * “Wollt ihr den totalen Islam?”

30 years ago nobody wore a headscarf in Indonesia


 Indonesian women are calling on the Government to abolish polygamy.

* Fat chance.  What’s written in the Koran is written in stone: Koran 4:3 “Marry women of your choice, Two or three or four;”

 By Radio Australia’s Christine Webster

A  coalition of Indonesian women’s groups is calling on the Government to change the nation’s marriage laws and abolish polygamy.

Under Indonesia’s marital laws, a Muslim man can have more than one wife if permission is granted by a local court and the wife gives her consent.

The religious adviser for the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Imam Amin Hady, believes the marriage laws which permit polygamy cannot be abolished as they form part of the Koran.

But he has told Radio Australia’s Connect Asia program that Indonesia’s religious affairs and justice departments work together to ensure people do not abuse their polygamy rights.

“The scholars in Islam say, the general ruling is that man can only marry then one woman,” he said.

“There is an exception where a man can marry more than one woman, with certain conditions, one, two, three, four, and this ruling can be very strict.”

Permission for having more than one wife is only granted if the man’s first wife cannot fulfil her obligations, is disabled, ill, or cannot have children.


Public flogging of females in Indonesia/Aceh

But Indonesia’s Rahima Centre for Education and Information on Women’s Rights says many men are providing false information in order to gain permission.

Herb Feith Research professor from Monash University, Dr Greg Barton, says it is understandable women are concerned some men in Indonesia are abusing their right to have a second wife.

“I think most people who look at these things would say it’s scarcely ever a good thing, it’s generally a bad thing and it’s best if it’s discouraged,” he said.

“The question of policy comes back to how best you change practices, so certainly revising laws has got to be part of it, but you’ve got to change attitudes.”

Civil servants in Indonesia are not allowed to practice polygamy and when the Indonesian Government in 2006 proposed to extend this restriction to all public servants, it lead to protests among the country’s Muslim parties.

Women’s groups say they will continue to lobby the Government to change its marriage laws, but acknowledge it will take some time before anything is done, as it is not a priority for legislators.


* Some can’t put up with it:

Muslim woman in Pennsyvlania kills husband over his 2nd wife

NORRISTOWN, Pennsylvania: A Muslim woman pleaded guilty Friday to third-degree murder for killing her bigamist husband in August, hours before he was to leave for Morocco to visit his new, second wife.


With four on the floor,- who could ask for more…?

“I know I have done wrong by marrying many wives and begetting many children but I think I deserve help from the government”

A glimpse into the future — and, in many areas, the present reality — of Europe: polygamists living off the government dole, so that the demographic jihad proceeds at the expense of the government the jihadists hope to topple, and the taxpayers they hope to subjugate.

“‘Polygamy doesn’t work’ says father of 77,”

by Aislinn Simpson for the Telegraph 

* An Ethiopian man who has 77 children by 11 wives has urged others not to get married and has taken to dispensing advice on family planning to his neighbours.

Ayattu Nure, 56, says he used to be a wealthy man and married out of a desire to share his money around but claims he is now peniless because of the competing demands of his brood.

“I want my children to be farmers but I have no land, I want them to go to school but I have no money,” he says.

*  So is he taking responsibility? In your dreams.

He blames Ethiopia’s government for failing to support him and his children.

The local authority of the school which 40 of his children attend is requesting photographs of each one for their files but Mr Attayu says he has not got the money.

“I know I have done wrong by marrying many wives and begetting many children but I think I deserve help from the government.”

Unfortunately, even his own son has ignored his warnings about the pitfalls of polygamy.

Unemployed Dagne Ayattu, who at 33 is the oldest of his sons, has seven children and is about to marry his fourth wife.

*  He shouldn’t worry. It’s all the fault of “The West”, especially Israel, and we should send aid right away.

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  1. Great reporting.

    A couple of potential additions for this thread:

    “Husbands with multiple wives have been given the go-ahead to claim extra welfare benefits following a year-long Government review”

    Telegraph UK


    Hundreds of GTA Muslim men in polygamous marriages — some with a harem of wives — are receiving welfare and social benefits for each of their spouses

    cnews – Canada

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