Jemima Khan thinks she is a 'moderate Muslim'

 * Indeed. If there were more like her the search for this elusive creature called ‘moderate Muslim’ would be over. The headlines would scream “Yeti discovered” or “Bigfoot mystery resolved”….

“Someone has to stand up and tell the truth that there is no conflict between being British and being Muslim. Someone has to give moderate Muslims a voice and I believe that Quilliam is that organisation.”


Angry reaction: A blogger on a website posts pictures of Jemima Khan with her former boyfriend Hugh Grant and kissing Kate Moss – and then comments on her credentials as a Muslim


*  But the not so moderate Muslims won’t have any of it:

Islamic fundamentalists have threatened Jemima Khan with death for supporting a Muslim think-tank which preaches religious tolerance.

Mrs Khan is a patron of the Quilliam Foundation, recently set up by two reformed members of the outlawed extremist organisation Hizb ut Tahrir.

The organisation has received death threats by phone and email for all involved – one has even referred to Mrs Khan by name, it is believed.

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6 thoughts on “Jemima Khan thinks she is a 'moderate Muslim'”

  1. I wouldn’t mind belonging to this sort of Islam, which endorses freedom to date whoever you like, same sex relations and exposing your body.

    Tell me, which Qur’an and hadiths is it based on? Obviously not the ones I’ve been reading!

  2. another loser western convert to the pile of dung heap,
    she may have money but she aint got a clue and aint got no sense
    someone tell her what islam really means aND TELL HER
    go back to being christian you silly girl

  3. No, it’s not a different ‘brand’ of islam. She’s being a bad muslim, that’s why them other members of the Religion of Peace just want her dead.

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