The Wives of Muhammad P1: Mariyah, The Coptic Sex Slave of the Prophet

* By now, most people know that Muhammad married Aisha when she was 6 and consummated the marriage when she was 9. Not too many people know about the other wives of the lecherous Muhammad, so we will present you every week with another episode of Muhammad’s philandering:



 The Coptic Sex Slave of the Prophet

Mariyah was working at the service of Hafsa, daughter of Umar who was one of Muhammad’s wives. One-day Muhammad went to Hafsa’s house and upon setting gaze at Mariyah, decides to have intercourse with her. To get rid of Hafsa, he concocted a lie. He told her that her father Umar had wanted to meet her.  When Hafsa left, Muhammad took Mariyah to bed and had intercourse with her. Upon seeing her father and being assured that he had not sent for her,  Hafsa, returned home to find the door locked from inside. She sat behind the closed door until her illustrious husband finished his business with her maid. When the door was opened and Muhammad came out, she notices sweet dripping from his face and realized what he had been up to. She becomes hysteric, complaining that he had tricked so he could enjoy her maid in her bed. Muhammad pleads with her to calm down and to placate her he promised not to sleep with Mariah again and bade her not to divulge that secret to others.

Hafsa unable to keep the secret relayed everything to her friend Aisha who also turned against Muhammad and these two young ladies, jointly with his other wives, caused him much anguish.  Muhammad decided to punish all of his wives by not sleeping with them for one month.  Depriving one’s wives sexually and beating them are other forms of punishment recommended in the Quran. Q.4:34.

The rebellion of his wives for having sex with a maid angered the Prophet of Allah who vowed not to sleep with any of them for one month.  That of course would have been too much hardship for the beloved messenger of Allah.  Therefore the maker of the Universe, in his mercy intervened and reveals the Sura Tahrim (Banning). In this Sura, Allah lovingly “rebukes” his prophet for being so hard on himself and for depriving himself from what he really likes and has been made lawful to him, just to placate his wives.

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  1. Considering he was nothing but an old pervert when he did most of this – they probably were relieved!

    mohammed was nothing but a perv!

  2. >>” By now, most people know that Muhammad married Aisha when she was 6 and consummated the marriage when she was 9.


  3. Isn’t it weird about muhammads double standards? It’s ok for him to commit adultery but not ok for women to commit adultery. Hell be upon him.

  4. liar and devil demonially inspired vile posssed pedophile,
    anyone who doesnt learn it all needs their head examined
    no such god as allah
    no suh prophe
    and muhammad wasa warlord nothing els
    he wanted money , women sex and gold, slaves and booty
    wake up muslims to what monkey ape animal you call
    greatest example of a man who lived
    civil war is coming, can you feel the pices of islam in your neighbourhood eh?

  5. the man you claim was a warlord if you read history right did not own his horse or camel , he only had a piece of cloth to sleep on and he used to saw his own cloth when the are cut or ripped know as far the claim that he married a childen for your enough and due to ignorance 1500 years ago people used to live if they are luck to see their 40 0r 30 so you could imagine was the age of marriage at this time . this man turned a punch of nomads to a great civilization that was able to defeat the roman and the persian empires with all their might and glory.

  6. PLEASE READ THE QURAN and the sunnah to discover the truth of this great man that you insulted. If only you knew what he did to save humanity…
    Every wife he married was an order from God and his final aim was to make more and more muslims. He never got married because he wanted to enjoy women.
    When he married Aisha she was 10 of age but never touched her until she became a woman.
    Please educate yourselves before you tell nonsense.
    You are such racist people and you are telling nonsense

  7. * Every wife he married was an order from God

    Which Bible passages mandated that a false prophet should marry multiple times to spread a blasphemous, doomed religion?

    Be specific, as time is running out for muslims and islam.

    1. Yep, he was “ordered” to rape Safiyah and torture her husband Kinana to death for his gold, right in front of her. Muhammad also was ordered to commit adultery with the wife of his adopted son, and he was ordered to marry a 6-year old (Aisha) and enjoy the ‘pleasure of the thigh’s’ with her until she was 9, when he raped her…..

      Then he was ‘ordered’ to have Mariyah, the Coptic sex slave…… and so on, and so on…..

      Kinana b. al-Rabi’, who had the custody of the treasure of the B. al-Nadir, was brought to the apostle who asked him about it. He denied that he knew where it was. A Jew came (Tabari says “was brought”) to the apostle and said that he had seen Kinana going round a certain ruin every morning early. When the apostle [Muhammad] said to Kinana, ‘Do you know that if we find you have it I shall kill you?’ he said Yes. The apostle gave orders that the ruin was to be excavated and some of the treasure was found. When he asked him about the rest he refused to produce it, so the apostle [Muhammad] gave orders to al-Zubayr b. al-‘Awwam, ‘Torture him until you extract what he has,’ so he kindled a fire with flint and steel on his chest until he was nearly dead. Then the apostle delivered him to Muhammad b. Maslama and he struck off his head in revenge for his brother Mahmud. [– page 515 (763-764 in the Arabic)]
      …The apostle took captives…among whom was Safiya d. Huyayy b. Akhtab who had been the wife of Kinana b. al-Rabi’ b. Abu’l-Huqayq, and two cousins of hers. The apostle chose Safiya for himself. [– page 511 (758 in the Arabic)]
      When the apostle married Safiya in Khaybar or on the way, she having been beautified and combed, and got in a fit state for the apostle by Umm Sulaym d. Milhan mother of Anas b. Malik, the apostle passed the night with her in a tent of his. Abu Ayyub, Khalid b. Zayd brother of B. al-Najjar passed the night girt with his sword, guarding the apostle and going round the tent until in the morning the apostle saw him and asked him what he meant by his action. He replied, ‘I was afraid for you with this woman for you have killed her father, her husband, and her people, and till recently she was in unbelief, so I was afraid for you on her account.’ They allege that the apostle said ‘O God, preserve Abu Ayyub as he spent the night preserving me.’ [– page 516-517 (766 in the Arabic)]

      Bukhari – Volume 1, Book 8, Number 367

  8. * If only you knew what he did to save humanity…

    We’ll drink a drink a drink
    To Mohammed the fink the fink the fink
    So called saviour of the human race
    He misled a billion muslims
    And sent them to the other place

    (had a bit of help from enablers, diversity officers, and the ABC ‘s nonstop frenzied reporting of the dog day antics in Villawood)

  9. Nothing “Abrahamic” here:

    Safiyyah bint Huyayy ibn Akhtab (a Jewish wife of the Prophet Muhammad) went to Muhammad, and said: ‘O Messenger of Allah, women revile me, saying: O Jewess, daughter of Jewish parents!’

    Muhammad said to her: ‘could you not have said to them in reply: my father is Aaron, my uncle is Moses and my husband is Muhammad’.

    Allah springs into action:

    In response to such events, Allah revealed Verse 49:11 and 13 of the Quran.

    The meaning of Verse 49:11

    Evil is the name, mentioned out of mockery, derision and mutual reviling, of immorality after faith!

    And whoever does not repent, of such immorality, those, they are the evildoers.
    In other words, do not defame one another nor backbite against each other, nor insult one another by nicknames that he or she dislikes to hear. Bad is the name of lewdness after having accepted faith. And whoso turned not in repentance from doing that after having accepted faith, such are those who are evil-doers and they harm themselves with punishment in the Hereafter.

    The meaning of Verse 49:13

    O mankind! Lo! We have created you male and female from Adam and Eve, and have made you nations and tribes that you may know one another. Lo! The noblest of you in the Hereafter, in the sight of Allah on the Day of Judgment, is the best in conduct in the life of the world Lo! Allah is Knower of your status and lineage; He is Aware of your works and standing in His sight.
    In other words, the verse says:

    O mankind! We have indeed created you from a male and a female, from Adam and Eve, and made you nations and tribes that you may come to know one another that you may acquire knowledge of the customs of one another and not to boast to one another of whose is the more noble lineage, for pride lies only in the extent to which you have fear of God. Truly the noblest of you in the sight of God is the most God-fearing among you. Beyond doubt, God is Knower of you; He is Aware of your inner thoughts.

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  10. This entire article is based on hatred and jealousy; the fact that islam is the fastest growing religion is not digestible for the writer and all other commentators!

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