UK: Universities For Sale

Top universities ‘foster extremism’, says security studies academic

* Who guessed it? 


Oxford University: Professor Glees claims it is just one of the British institutions to have accepted millions for Saudi and Muslim sources 

British universities are fostering extremism through Islamic study centres which were set up to tackle that very same threat, an academic has warned.
The centres, funded by multi-million-pound donations from Saudi Arabia and Muslim organisations, have been earmarked by the Government as a key component in the drive to counter radicalisation.

But according to a report by Professor Anthony Glees, the director of Brunel University’s Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies, some are proving to be counter-productive.

He said the centres peddled one-sided views of Islam and the Middle East, tantamount to anti-Western propaganda.

Professor Glees added: “The Government must reconsider its plan to use higher education in the fight against the radicalisation of young British Muslims.

“If it proceeds, it will create the very situation the Government wants to avoid: the development of self-imposed Muslim apartheid in the UK.”