Australia: Camden to reject Islamic school

* The leftist media has gone into a lunatic frenzy to smear  Camden residents as hicks, racists, rednecks, Islamophobes, Nazis and ‘far right extremists’, in spite of the fact that residents in this Australian country town are unanimous against having a Muhammedan madrassah planted in their midst.


By Justin Vallejo/Daily Telegraph

Concerns … Garry and Sharna Cornish.

May 24, 2008 12:00am

CAMDEN residents have claimed victory over an Islamic school proposed for the middle of their rural hamlet.

Camden Council has recommended the application for a 1200-student school be rejected when councillors meet to decide its fate next week.

*  Should the school be prohibited? Tell us in our  comments below.

But the victory could be short-lived, with the school’s backers keeping the door open for a challenge in the Land and Environment Court.

“It is disappointing but I will have to meet with my colleagues and see what I can come up with,” Quranic Society spokesman Issam Obeid said.

“But we’re not millionaires, three people have already mortgaged their houses to buy the land.

“Hopefully the council approves the school next week because it is for all Australians, not just Muslims.”

The council is expecting so many people at next Tuesday night’s council meeting it has moved it into a bigger hall and hired private security.

Camden Mayor Chris Patterson said he was disappointed some people had tried to turn the school into a debate about religion and nationalism.

“I think there’s been a lot of out of town influences that have tried to make it both of those issues,” he said.

“There have been people and groups that have tried to make it an issue that it is not.”

Local courier driver Gary Cornish said that the issue was never about the religion of the school but whether the community was big enough to house it. “My only concern was the traffic,” Mr Cornish said.


* The Greens are like watermelons: Green on the outside, Red inside

Muslim Students fight for Muslim prayer facility

RMIT disappoints Muslims

Ishtiaque Alam, Melbourne
* Useful idiots for the global jihad or have Muslims hijacked the Green agenda?
For the last four weeks, Muslim students at the city campus of RMIT have been protesting the university administration’s decision to convert the newly built Muslim prayer room into another multi-faith centre. Muslim students have held their Friday prayers in congregation in an open public space, to demonstrate their need for a dedicated Muslim prayer facility. 
RMIT MUslim students protesting against sharing THEIR prayer rooms with the Kuffar
In one week, 1100 signatures from Muslims and non-Muslims were collected petitioning against the multi-faith centre proposal. So far, the administration has chosen to ignore the large protests of more than 400 students.    

For decades, the campus had prayer rooms for Muslim students, including separate rooms for males and females. In 2005 Muslim students pointed out that the existing rooms were too small and unsafe to use. In 2006/07, RMIT approved a new proposal to design and build a replacement Muslim prayer room.

On March 18 word broke out that RMIT had broken its promise to build a bigger Muslim prayer room and had instead decided to make it a multi-faith spiritual centre. It was only at the first Student Services Religious Advisory Committee meeting that students heard of this intention. Ironically, advertising brochures for international students are still being published at RMIT promoting the new “Muslim Prayer Room”.



20 thoughts on “Australia: Camden to reject Islamic school”

  1. No, the school should not be prohibited.
    The Muslims should all be deported as an unassimilable and hostile minority therefore eliminating the need for the school.

  2. Having a low IQ and a history of mental illness is a prerequisite for converting to islam. And to having a leftwing mindset.

  3. Leftwing mindset to convert to islam ? are you for real ?
    The left despises religion in all its forms. The American Taliban ( Ann Coulter, Pat Robertson, Haggee , Falwell, Bush etc etc) concern me just as much as radical Islam does.

  4. Atheist, you misread what Urban said.

    He said:

    1. You need a low IQ and history of mental illness to convert to Islam.


    2. You need a low IQ and history of mental illness to have a leftwing mindset.

    He categorically did not say you need a leftwing mindset to convert to Islam. Read it again.

  5. read it again and again Henry. I conclude that urban11 has a low IQ …

    thanks for taking notice GF..

    “hallelujah”???? have you finally found Jesus have you ? Last we spoke you were agnostic…

  6. Atheist – you conclude you misread and don’t want to admit it so you throw in a little diversion.

    I know Urban, and low IQ he definitely is not.

  7. Islamic schools are training centers for Islamic Jihads. They perpetuate a 7th century mentality that can do nothing but retard the advancements of the human race. A country has the right to prevent subversion and the destruction of enlightenment way of life.

  8. No way should this “school” go ahead. Everyone who reads this blog knows the truth of what it would be and what it would represent. Nothing short of the first step towards the ‘white bum song’ (I always thought the call to prayer sounded like “walawalawalalaaaaa white bum”) sounding over Camden.

  9. Shaun

    During the couple of years I was in Qatar, there was a mosque near where we lived (in moslem countries there’s a mosque near where everyone lives), and the bloke giving the call to prayers had a really strange accent – we all came to call him Ali Wankbum.

    Because that’s exactly what it sounded like.

  10. Atheist:

    Am disappointed you have lost your sense of humor!

    “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition”!

  11. I,m an Aussy and have lived in Thailand for several years now and have seen what Islamic Schools do to a region (look at Yala in the south of Thailand) If you open an islamic school you will attract the good and the bad however there will soon be demands for a mosque, land prices will plumet and then the complaints will begin from the Islamic quarter about the lifestyle of the local “non muslim” populations and your hamburger shops better stop putting bacon on their burgers unless they want to incur the wrath of Islam. Good luck Camden.

  12. The comments above show that this issue is strictly to do with planning permission, and that there is no racism from a bunch of small minded Muslim haters in Camden and on these boards with small penises.

    Western civilisation? Let’s ask the relatives of 6 million dead Jews. Don’t flatter yourselves by comparing yourselves with Muslims.

    What cue should the Muslim world take about treating non-Muslims in their midst? Maybe they should take their cue from the small minded and less-than-practically-endowed residents of Camden and just shut down any remaining churches (there are some being built in Qatar as we speak). And also Guantanamo Bay.

    You people should be the first to be deported from Australia, only there is no other country that will be prepared to take on people who are so violently bigoted and nasty. You’re a disgrace to ordinary Aussies.

  13. Why do followers of the Muhammedan faith always post under false flag?

    How dare you name yourself ‘Aussie Patriot’ when your e-mail is ‘jihadjoe?’

    Instead of deriding Western civilization, perhaps you should take a closer look at the 50 + Muhammedan countries around the world which remain largely illiterate, poverty and disease ridden because of Islam…?

    Your hateful rant is rather typical for the adherents of your faith. Perhaps you should tell us what brought you to this country and why you hate it so much?

  14. Aussie Patriot (inbred muzzie) most posters here don’t hate muslims per se, it’s islam they despise. I pity muslims.

  15. Good Luck Camden, The murdering muslims are infesting the globe and bringing misery and ruin to everything they touch. Good job exposing the fake “Aussie Patriot”. In America our blogs are infested with these fakes and liars.

  16. The World is agitating for fredom of expresion, fredom of thought, fredom of worship and fredom of association. The Western World claims to be leading such campaigns, why then the racism against against Muslims who want to establish an educational centre?

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