Cambodia: Jewicidal Jews fund mosque for obscure Islamic sect

* Can you imagine Muslims funding a synagogue or a church?

Elyse Lightman carries traditional Muslim cake on her head as she makes her way to a ceremony to inaugurate a new mosque.

* Paying the jiziyah with willing submission is one thing. Funding your mortal enemy voluntarily is quite another. Lets hope these villagers are all illiterate and clueless about the real Isalm, but how long will it remain that way? How long will it take before they get a taste of the real thing? Will they not turn on their benefactors..?

TRAMOUNG CHRUM, Cambodia — When residents of this poor Cambodian village need something built, they call on the Lightmans.

The Jewish-American family’s latest gift: a mosque.

Jewish family funds, builds structure
Associated Press
“We never had such a beautiful mosque in our village,” said 81-year-old Leb Sen, a toothless village elder with a wrinkled face. “The young people said to me that I am very lucky to live long enough to see one now.”

Flashing a broad grin, Leb Sen brought his palms together and bowed repeatedly in gratitude toward his American donors — Alan Lightman, his wife, Jean Greenblatt Lightman, and their daughter, Elyse.

Alan Lightman, a 59-year-old humanities professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said building the mosque was not part of his family’s original plan to improve education in the village, about 44 miles northwest of the capital, Phnom Penh.

“It’s too much to comprehend. We never imagined that we would build a mosque in a remote village in Cambodia,” said Lightman, author of the best-selling novel “Einstein’s Dreams.”

“It was so strange for us to be there … halfway across the planet, and it’s a religion that’s far from our religion,” he said.

The Lightmans first learned about the village in 2003, when a friend introduced them to various rural education projects. Two years later, the Harpswell Foundation, an organization founded by Lightman to help children and young women in developing countries, built a four-room concrete school, the village’s first.

Some of the 600 villagers came to Lightman in 2006 asking him to fund a new health center, a popular choice among the women, and a mosque, which the men favored. He told the villagers they would have to choose one. In the male-dominated community, it was a mosque.

“The men have won again, but the mosque is also very important for preserving our culture and tradition,” said 50-year-old Sit Khong, one of the five women in the village who were part of a committee to pick the project. “We will never find enough money to build it ourselves anyway.”

The mosque, with the gold-colored inscription “Funded by Loving Gift of Lightman Family” above the front door, opened May 9. It can accommodate about 200 people and replaces a tiny building on wood stilts that held only 30 worshippers.

The villagers follow Imam-San, a small Islamic sect that incorporates Buddhism, Hinduism and animism. The Imam-San makes up about 3 percent of Cambodia’s 700,000 Muslims, who themselves represent only 5 percent of Cambodia’s 14 million people, according the U.S. State Department annual report on religious freedom.

Besides mixing in elements of other religions, Imam-San followers pray only once a week, not the traditional five times a day. “In the view of the real teaching of Islam, they are not pure,” said Tin Faizine, a 24-year-old Muslim student who was interpreting for the Lightmans.

Elyse Lightman, who is writing a book about Imam-San culture and traditions, said she was happy to help a community that is not fully embraced by either mainstream Muslims or Buddhists, Cambodia’s majority religious group.

“You can see why Muslims don’t consider them to be their own,” she said. “And then Buddhists say, ‘Well, you pray to Allah.’ So, they’re caught in the middle.”

She noted that the Imam-San, like the Jews, have faced persecution over the centuries, most recently when the Khmer Rouge seized power in Cambodia from 1975-79 and abolished all religion.

“I think there is part of me that felt some sort of kinship in this,” she said.

About 500 followers of Imam-San from around the country came to this village of wooden houses and mango trees to celebrate the opening of the new mosque.

Sem Ahmad, 57, said he wanted the Lightman family to help build a mosque in his village in Battambang province in northwestern Cambodia.

“It is beautiful. I’d love to have the same mosque because we do not have one like this in our village,” he said.

But Lightman said this would be his “first and last” mosque, because “I don’t think I have the resources or the time to build more mosques.”

The mosque was built with $20,000 from his family’s savings, not the foundation’s funds, he said.

In the future, he plans to focus on education for underprivileged Cambodians, which is his foundation’s main goal.

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  1. Not really on topic in here, but relevant to the current poll…
    * Should universities have mosques on campus?

    The muslims at RMIT appear to have made their “preference” known, and it is not for a
    multi-faith prayer facility … the “Green Left” appears to support them. No surprise to
    find “Allah” on a Green site, but more likely that Gaia is lurking about the place.
    Students fight for Muslim prayer facility

    …Muslim students at the city campus of RMIT have been protesting the university administration’s decision to convert the newly built Muslim prayer room into another multi-faith centre…

  2. Trey Cruz,

    I couldn’t agree more. What idiocy, but typical of academic types.

    Lightman remarks “it’s a religion that’s far from our religion,”

    Not wrong there! Islam wants to kill all Jews (not just Israelis; Islamic Jew-hatred stems from Mohamed and is an intrinsic part of islam) Jewss, apart presumably from the Lightmans, want to live and don’t want to kill anyone.

  3. Mullah L,

    It’s unreasonable to expect Muslims to mix with kafirs in a multifaith centre.

    Islam teaches that kafirs contaminate and would invalidate their prayers. As Islam divides the world into Muslims, the best of people, and kafirs, the worst, how can they possible coexist.

    Of course Muslims must be privileged and all the rest of us be subjugated as inferior despised others. This is what their “religion” mandates and who are we to prevent them from following their belief system. No matter that it conflicts with our egalitarian values and the golden rule.

  4. Thanx Cassandra. But its not only Muslims who create this nightmare, its also the useful idiots from the far left:

    “Broken Promise”

    For decades, the campus had prayer rooms for Muslim students, including separate rooms for males and females. In 2005 Muslim students pointed out that the existing rooms were too small and unsafe to use. In 2006/07, RMIT approved a new proposal to design and build a replacement Muslim prayer room.

    On March 18 word broke out that RMIT had broken its promise to build a bigger Muslim prayer room and had instead decided to make it a multi-faith spiritual centre.

  5. Respectfully, Cassandra, although you are correct about the Qur’anic mandate for the killing of jews, the jews themselves have a talmudic mandate for the abuse and murder of all non jews. Actually, individual jews were the most prolific murderers of the 20th century, far surpassing Adolph Hitler.
    For a fast primer on this subject I would refer you to “The Jewish Century” by Yuri Slezkine in which the Jewish control of the Bolshevik and later Communist parties and the concomitant Jewish control of the Cheka/MGB/NKVD/KGB and through them the infamous Gulag Archipelago is amply documented. The deaths in the Gulag alone [which had an average annual inmate population of 15,000,000 and operated unhindered from 1919 to 1956] had been estimated to be between 30 to 70 million. I do not have a dog in this fight: the muslims are lying, murderous idiots and the jews are no better. I think America should pull it’s troops out and let these two tribes of moronic killer scumbags slaughter each other until only one side is left standing, then we deal with the survivors.

  6. Look Cruz,

    If you have nothing other than conspiracy crap that smears Jews don’t bring it here. Jews were victims in the Gulag and not perps. So unless you have something substantial don’t come back…

  7. Well as soon as Islam makes its way to Cambodia, this sect will be the first to feel the sword, rendering Lightman’s foolish efforts as a stepping stone for the Islamization of the country itself. Fools are what fools do.

  8. didn’t mean to disturb yer little agit-prop scheme here Sheikh, ol’ buddy, but, unlike you, the truth plays no favorites.

  9. Cruz:

    If you really intend to peddle ‘Elders of Zion’ stuff & ‘Bush did 9/11’ conspiracy crapola there are other websites where this kind of ‘truth’ done to death. Not here!

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