Camden Update: "We have complied with the law, we have done everything right, there was no reason for it to be rejected"

Ikebal Patel

Australia: Spurned Islamic school sponsors resort to blackmail: Give us our school, or “You may have some very extreme imams or religious teachers getting through to the children.”

* And therein lies an inadvertent admission of the presence and number of “very extreme imams or religious teachers” in Australia. Whoops.

An update on this story. “Islamic school imbroglio takes new turn in Australia,” by Neena Bhandari for New Kerala:

A new dimension has been added to the ongoing furore over the rejection of a plan to build an Islamic school on Sydney’s south-western fringes by some muslims warning that it would lead to extremist Islamic teaching.

* Sneaky Muhammedan proselytizing going on in Texas schools

Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Ikebal Patel told the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) that Islamic schools monitored by the State Government should be encouraged “or else Muslim children will be given their religious education in backyards and garages by… teachers whose credentials no one could vet. You may have some very extreme imams or religious teachers getting through to the children.”

* So who are those “very extreme imams or religious teachers who are getting through to the children?” Where are they now and are they teaching a different Islam to the children now?

Meanwhile, the developers of the A$19 million 1,200-student school, the Quranic Society, will be appealing to the Land and Environment Court against Camden Council’s rejection of its proposal on planning, which includes increased traffic and lack of public transport, and environmental grounds.

“We have complied with the law, we have done everything right, we hired master planners. There was no reason for it to be rejected. Even the council could not say what was wrong with the plan,” Quranic Society board member Fouad Chami told The Australian.

When asked if he believed the decision was racist, Chami told Channel Ten: “Of course, there is no reason to say no if you’re complying 100 per cent with the rules.”

* And still we see nobody asking the obvious question: which ‘race’ is Islam? And why should this madrassh get the go-ahead if the residents are unanimously opposed?

Five years ago, the Baulkham Hills Shire Council in Sydney’s north had rejected a businessman’s plans for building a Muslim prayer hall on the grounds that it did not fit with community characteristics. The decision was overturned by the Land and Environment Court.

The project’s consultant, former Mayor of Sydney and lawyer, Jeremy Bingham told the SMH from London: “There’s a vocal group of local residents who are very opposed to this school because of the religious beliefs of the Australian citizens who want to establish the school. That’s not the Australian way and it’s not the Australian law.”

The Quranic Society has said the school – for primary and secondary students on a 15-acre block – would cater to both Muslim and non-Muslim children and would follow the New South Wales State curriculum.

The unanimous decision by the Camden Council is being seen as motivated by prejudice and fuelled by racial and religious passion.

“[The decision] is hysteria based on fear and misunderstanding. If it was a Catholic, Anglican or Jewish school there would be no objection,” Bingham told SMH. […]

Camden is a historic town, located less than an hour’s drive from the Sydney Central Business District, and is the birthplace of the Australian wool, wheat and wine industries. It has a semi-rural feel with sandstone buildings and jacaranda trees. According to census figures, it has about 150 Muslim families.

“Camden is only the latest venue in a list of planning setbacks for mosques, Islamic centres and schools, all denied on planning grounds. This is despite the fact that almost half of Australia’s Muslim population lives in Sydney,” writes Laura Beth Bugg, a postgraduate student researching multiculturalism and urban planning in the faculty of architecture at the University of Sydney, in the SMH….

It bears repeating that Camden is on the outer edges of the Sydney metropolitan area, and, as noted above, only has 150 Muslim families.


Let’s see. 150 Muslim families want to build a A$19 million school. That means each family must intend to contribute A$126,667. Right???”
In Billerica, Massachusetts, a not-very-prosperous town, a $15 million dollars mosque was built a few years ago, for fewer than 100 Musliim families. Meanwhile, all over the Diocese of Boston, Catholic churches — some with thousands of members — have been closing because they cannot afford to stay open.

Where did that $15 million come from? Where does it come from, for Muslims all over the Western world, where mosques, some of them very elaborate, are going up, sometimes their very size intended clearly to impress, and that imposing size meant to draw in not only the faithful, but those who might ooh-and-aaah (especially in neighborhoods with the poor, or immigrants) over this display of magnificence.

Think of Muslims as they think of themselves, as a community of Believers, whose sole loyalty must be to other Muslims and to Islam, and who must, in whatever Infidel country they manage to end up, to work for the spread, and dominance, of Islam. Muslim immigrants do not need to scrimp and save. They have, instantaneously, buildings provided for them by the rich Muslims who, back in Saudi Arabia or the sheikdoms, are wallowing in surpluses of more than a trillion dollars, and who of course have been, are, and will always be spending some of that money — by the hundreds of billions — to spread Islam. What would you expect Believers in Islam to do? And so it is that even Believers who have little earning power, will have provided for them mosques and madrasas. And now, still worse, in their confused reaction, their insufficient understanding, Western governments, having grasped that there is something deeply wrong, something deeply threaetening, have chosen to believe that the problem is not with Islam but, rather, with “extremists” who fund these mosques, so that if only the mosque funding can be done by the Infidel nation-states, then all kinds of things will improve. This is madness. It is not government-funded mosuqes that should be provided, but rather, any funding from outside that should be stopped, and the ability of Muslims to establish their outposts, and expand them inexorably into larger and larger settlements, from which they may continue to reap all the benefits that generous and advanced Western states — entirely the product of Infidels — may provide, while they work, as of course they naturally would wish to do so, to protect from scrutiny, to defend from attack, Islam and Muslims, and meanwhile to work, ceaselessly, for ever-increasing numbers of Muslims, for Islam has always spread on the clear understanding — an understanding that turns out to be true — that demography, mostly, is destiny.

It is we, the Infidel victims of Islam, who refuse to see things aright, retreating into wilful ignorance and self-satisfied, but increasingly hollow, pieties about “diversity” and all the other still-worshipped Idols of the Age.

Posted by: Hugh  at May 30, 2008 10:23 AM

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  1. The toad (toady?) Jeremy Bingham said “The unanimous decision by the Camden Council is being seen as motivated by prejudice and fuelled by racial and religious passion. … [The decision] is hysteria based on fear and misunderstanding. If it was a Catholic, Anglican or Jewish school there would be no objection…” He also said “it’s not the Australian law.”
    === === === === === ===

    OK – Call it fear. Call it Islamophobia (well, better to call it “Islamorealism”). Better yet, call it a rational assessment of what’s likely to happen if the state should allow Islamic bigots to start brainwashing kids. It’s true, the law as it currently stands is not prepared to defend our citizens from the metastasizing cancer of Islam. Yes indeed, we will need to change our laws to reflect the reality of our times. But meanwhile — FIRST — resist the emotional blackmail, the leftist guilt-trip, the false moral equivalency. (“If it was a Catholic school, it would have been approved.” One might point out to this person of questionable intellect that Catholics aren’t rioting and beheading people in the Holy Name of Jesus… )

    These Islamists call it a “school” — it sounds so innocent, so reasonable, so respectable. But they don’t teach math, science, and great literature. They teach the Quran. They promote hatred of the Infidel; they describe how Mohammed called the founders of our Judeo-Christian culture “Apes and Pigs”; they declare that our society is immoral, that our laws are invalid, our freedom and justice and equality and prosperity are of no consequence; they inculcate their 7th-century values of savagery, brutality and despotism while praising the “purity” of Islam and the “nobility” of jihad… We can’t permit them to do that to the vulnerable children of our society.

    ISLAM IS OUT TO DESTROY US. Probably not any one particular individual Muslim you might point out at random, of course; Muslims aren’t ALL savages. Most of them don’t support or identify with the murderous jihadis of their … hmm, the word “religion” doesn’t cover it; more like “mindset of submission to the laws, customs, and totalitarian imperatives of Islam”. BUT — this is a BIG “but”, people! — MOST Muslims are perfectly happy with the idea that “The Entire World Should Submit To The One True Religion Of Islam Under The Rule Of The Caliph Appointed By Allah”. After all, their Quran –the literal, unchangeable, perfect and eternal word of God– assures them this is the world’s destiny, the fulfillment of God’s plan for humanity. As faithful Muslims, they certainly wouldn’t want to interfere in the manifestation of God’s perfect plan, now would they? So the average Muslim is not going to be particularly helpful is restraining the violent tendencies of the “small minority of extremists” we keep hearing about (the ones who “misunderstand their peaceful religion”) because, hey, if it leads to the supremacy of Islam, it’s a Really Good Thing.

    We-who-are-not-yet-brainwashed must stand up for our society and our culture; we must firmly declare that Islam is incompatible with the values of the West. We need to keep Islam out of our schools. We need to stop appeasing and accommodating Islam’s grievance-mongers. We have to stop pretending Islam is “just-like-any-other-religion”. It’s NOT just a religion. It’s a total (make that totalitarian!) way-of-life; once you’re in there’s no good way to get out again.

  2. The project’s consultant, former Mayor of Sydney and lawyer, Jeremy Bingham told the SMH from London: “There’s a vocal group of local residents who are very opposed to this school because of the religious beliefs of the Australian citizens who want to establish the school. That’s not the Australian way and it’s not the Australian law.”

    One more swinish hireling in the vast army of such hirelings, all over the Western world.

    Some of them have been Saudi agents for years, in Washington. Some of them work for the Kuwaits in London. Some now make the case for Dubai, or for Quatar. Some, even while supposedly working for the American taxpayers as American diplomats, arrange for vast sums to be transferred to the “Palestinians” and then, immediately afterwards, resign from the State Department and go to work, with fabulous salaries, as agents of those same “Palestinians” — see Abington, and make his name, and his history, a household word.

    But don’t forget Fred Dutton, the former Kennedy apparatchik who went to work as the first public-relations director for the Saudis. Don’t forget Raymond Close, the C.I.A. station chief in Riyadh from 1970 to 1977 (a critical period, the period of the 1973 oil price rise), and then resigned in order to go into business with two well-placed Saudis, and has been involved with BCCI, and many louche activities, ever since, though he has with impunity been publishing — and lecturing — from his eyrie in Princeton, dispensing foreign policy advice that appears identical to what some Saudi Ministry of Propaganda would put out.

    Don’t forget James Akins, the American ambassador to Saudi Arabia during that same critical period, and how he has made his living, as a “business consultant,” ever since. Don’t forget all the other former ambassadors — such as the one who serves as the editor for one of those Saudi-financed propaganda magazines sent free to every library in America. Don’t forget Eugene Bird, whose phony “Council for the American Interest” is an Arab-financed anti-Israel operastion, able to buy whole pages in The Times (and don’t forget his wife, Mrs. Bird — you can google her at Jihad Watch). Don’t forget James Baker, and Brent Scowcroft, and Henry Kissinger, and all the others who after their “public service” is over, when they return to the goddam “private sector” and primly decide that they now have to make “real money” sell to the highest foreign bidders their “expertise” which means — who they know, and what they can slily do because of what they know about the levers of power, and how to use their influence for those foreign, oftne malign clients.

    Don’t forget, all over the Western world, those who, like the lawyer cited above, if well-paid will do anything at all, will help promote the slow islamization of our societies, some of them doing it for the money, others for the money and an eager belief — perhaps they manage to convince themselves — that any opposition to these mosques and madrasas (often paid for by the oil states) spreading as part of the demographic conquest that, if not halted, will lead to a loss of human freedom, and the free and skeptical inquiry that makes science possible, and the freedom of artistic expression, not confined to calligraphy or mosque architecture by the strictures of Islam, and so much else.

    I don’t know if Jeremy Bingham is merely a fool, or doing it for the money, or can be explained by reference to both. Perhaps there are those, between Botany Bay and Alice Springs who will write in and explain.

    At long last there are those who, having grasped the threat that Islam poses, though without necessarily knowing the full meaning of those texts and tenets and attitudes of Islam, have had an instinctive intelligent reaction to this unprecedented threat. And because it is a new kind of threat — a threat where a political and even geopolitical ideology, a Total Belief-System that, if it were not unthinkingly described as a “religion,” would be seen as a dangerous mass cult, it may be that what Jeremy Graham unctuoulsy calls “the Australian way and not the Australian law” are insufficient to deal with the sitatuation. But Islam, or rather the Shari’a, whose imposition Muslims must work towards as a central duty (the Jihad is to remove all obstacles to the spread and dominance of Islam, not necessarily through military means if other means exist), flatly contradicts, in letter and spirit, that very “Australian way” and that very “Australian law” that Jeremy Graham invokes.

    And if the current laws — in Australia or in Great Britain or in France — are insufficient to protect the legal and political institutions, and social arrangements, developed over slow time by many who then left a civilizational legacy that must be protected, if it cannot be added to, by its present possessors — then the laws must be changed to meet, adequeately, the task — terrifying and terrible — at hand.

    Look around. Look only, if you live in Australia, or Canada, or the United States, at what has been happening, over the past few decades, in The Netherlands, in France, in Great Britian, all over Western Europe, and do what you must now — a little Miltonic “methinks I see a puissant nation” rousing itself would not be out of place — before things become, as inexorably they will — far more unpleasant, expensive, and physically dangerous, to us, the Infidels, within our own lands, thanks in part to all the piously profit-taking jeremy-binghams of this world.

    Posted by: Hugh at May 30, 2008 8:13 AM

  3. This happens to be a really fucked up website with fucked up minds running it. The way jews are projected it looks like a pure jewish propaganda. You have no basic knowledge of islam or muslims.

    Just because LOOK UPON YOU AND YOU WILL FIND YOUR OWN EVIL BLINDLY ACCUSING OTHERS. Think before making comments; are you a better person than ALL THE MUSLIMS AROUND THE WORLD. You guys are extermists in the truest sense. BLIND AND FUCKED UP…EXTREMISTS!

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