India: Jaipur Jihad

* Hmm: yesterday it was Jammu and Kashmir, today the Religion of Peace hit Jaipur. What’s next?

* Because the jihad is permanent and relentless:

Seven serial bombs NW India: at least 50 dead, 150 injured

8 blasts
2 temples among the blasts sites
1 live bomb recovered
75+ dead
150+ injured
12 minutes span
mobile phones used to trigger blasts
IED with RDX explosives
HuJI + JeM suspected terrorist groups

Bombs were made of iron ball bearings, alarm clock circuit
Seven serial blasts rocked the city of Jaipur at 7:35 PM on Tuesday evening
60 dead, 150 injured
Injured taken to the Sawai Mann Singh hospital
Blasts at Manas Chowk Police Station area, Johari Bazar, Tripolia Bazar, Badi Choupal, Choti Choupal, Kotwali area
Eighth bomb diffused
The bombs exploded within a span of 12 minutes of each other
There was a near-stampede like situation

Bombs were planted in bicycles

Speculation is rife that this could be the handiwork of Lashkar-e-Toiba
Authorities are also suspecting that Bangladesh-based HuJI could be behind the attacks
Shops have shut down and police have cordoned off the area
Mumbai and Delhi on high alert
National Security Guard has reached Jaipur
All the city borders, Rajasthan state borders sealed
Traffic movement has been obstructed

*  Could it have anything to do with jihad?

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Banned jihadist group suspected of responsibility for blasts in India

It looks at this point as if the coordinated blasts that have killed almost 50 people in India were indeed jihad attacks. “HuJI suspected to be behind serial blast in Jaipur,” from the Press Trust of India:

New Delhi (PTI): Banned Harkat-ul-Jehadi Islamia (HuJI), operating from Bangladesh, is believed to be behind the serial blasts that rocked the tourist city of Jaipur on Tuesday evening, killing nearly 50 people besides injuring several others.
Though baffled by the attack as Jaipur was not on the terror radar, sources said the tell-tale signs of the blasts indicate HuJI’s hand.



Obfuscation from Arab News:

Editorial: Defiance of Terror
17 May 2008  

It is still unclear who was behind the horrific series of bomb attacks in the Indian city of Jaipur on Tuesday which killed 63 people and left some 200 injured. Suspicions, however, are being pointed at a Jihadist group, Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami (Huji) which is thought to be based in Bangladesh. Its leader in India, Mohammed Jalaluddin, who claimed to have been behind the 2006 Mumbai train bombings which killed 187 people, was arrested in Lucknow last year and reportedly told police at the time that Jaipur was one of his organization’s top targets.