Italy: The Media is quick with the 'Nazi' label

* But these people are not Nazis, despite the label this shrieking British reporter is trying to smear them with. Because successive  governments have failed to protect Italy from being overrun by illegal migrants. Because of the criminal invasion from Africa, Pakistan, Albania and former Eastern Block countries ordinary Italians are taking the law in their own hands. All the more reason to be sceptic about the spin in the main-stream media.


Mob of Nazi youths goes on immigrant rampage in ‘tolerant’ Rome



Opponents blamed the new centre-right Government for allowing what they described as a climate of xeno-phobia to flourish across the country.

The new Government of Silvio Berlusconi last week announced a crackdown on illegal immigration and street crime at a Cabinet meeting held in Naples. Roberto Maroni, the Interior Minister, who is deputy leader of the antiimmigrant Northern League, said that the Government was responding to the concern of Italians over immigration and personal security.

He said that the Government condemned vigilante attacks on immigrants, including arson attacks on Roma Gypsy camps.

At last week’s Cabinet meeting Mr Berlusconi said he would use the army to resolve the Naples rubbish crisis and threatened that anyone obstructing the construction of rubbish dumps would be arrested and imprisoned. Thousands of protesters defied Mr Berlusconi at the weekend and clashed with police trying to open a landfill site in the Naples suburb of Chiaiano.

Several protesters were injured as police made baton charges and fired tear gas. Six police officers were also injured. There were seven arrests.


6 thoughts on “Italy: The Media is quick with the 'Nazi' label”

  1. Totally wrong. Those people were neo-Nazi gangsters, known and hated by the normal Roman both left and right. I know them by face and name. They are nothing better than thugs, and Rome’s Mayor Alemanno, who is himself a former Fascist and, like me, knows these people face to face, called them “inexcusable, detestable criminals”. They would as soon murder Italians of different political views as foreigners. Watch out who you support; you really do not want these monsters on your side. Besides, they are treacherous: once they find out that the Islamofascists hate Jews, you will see them join them. They have a long history of assaulting and trying to murder the Roman Jews. I cannot underline this strongly enough: you are simply wrong in your assessment of these people. They are neither provoked by immigration (they were around long before immigration began) nor any kind of patriot. They started out by murdering other Italians, and only recently extended their murderous attentions to foreigners. The murder is what matters, to them.

  2. Paolo,

    as much as I would like to take your message on board, I see no evidence from you or anybody else for these people being ‘Nazi-gangsters. Fact remains that over the last 30 years we have witnessed the left smear anyone from the right as ‘Nazi’, even professor Ralph Giordano who opposes the mega-mosque in Cologne, simply for speaking against the Islamization of Germany/Europe. Giordano happens to be a Jew and a holocaust survivor. All of us, from Robert Spencer to the rather squeamish Charles Johnson from LGF, are generally smeared as ‘far Right/Xenophobes/racist/extreme right wingers, wacko’s etc. Just look what they did to Pim Fortuyn and Geert Wilders! As one who has a keen eye on Italy and goes there at least 3 times a year, so far I have not witnessed any of what you describe above. What I see is plenty from the other side: the far left, the anarcho’s and the greens in cahoots with the musulmanic infil-traitors.

    Evidence please.

  3. I too visit Italy quite frequently. I saw no evidence of Nazi gangs running around. What I did notice was that Italians are fed up with Muslims.

    This constant in your face burqas and hijabs in a country graced with beauty and a sense of elegance, is bound to grate on anyone’s nerves. Then there is the ever present threat of terrorism, and the intrusive security measures that are designed to discomfit all. All these factors are getting to be a real pain. Do we have to suffer all this just because our political elites were ignorant about Islam and allowed in millions of Muslims. How long can we carry on like this? For another 10, 20, 50 years, or indefinitely? Is this to be our future forever, just so our liberal political elites can feel good about themselves?

    What surprises me is that such events as in Rome and Naples, are not taking place on a daily basis.

  4. It’s time for us all the be educated about Islam. It should be compulsory for schools to teach the real Islam, not the taqiya rubbish perpetrated by JCMA, who go into schools in NSW and Vic spreading a false Abrahamic we’re-all-the-same message.

    Islamic studies depts at Unis should be compelled to tell the truth about Islam. At the moment, they are controlled by Muslims and their useful idiot groupies.

    Let’s bring truth back into education!

  5. Good luck to the Italians that react when they see their country being colonised, was the journo from the BBC?
    The BNP are rising here in the UK for the very same reasons enough is enough!
    When Fascists shout nazi i find it kinda funny!
    Strange we heard little of this so called gang of thugs previously when Italy was Italian.
    Patriots protect their country, traitors lie down with the dogs!
    Good it’s reported on blogs, our media are very silent they protect the EUSSR dream of a utopia which in reality is a nightmare!

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