"Its nice to be a lunatic" sez Pali 'Minister for Culture'

Delusional Hamas “Cult(-ure) Minister” Atallah Abu Al-Subh Watch:


Well, not all cultures are the same. For heavens sake; lets keep these people out of Western countries and stop supplying them with weapons, money and promises of ‘a state’, they are in a state of their own making and they deserve every bit that’s coming to them!

Hamas Culture Minister Atallah Abu Al-Subh Presents Excerpts from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion on Hamas TV, Claiming Jews Try to Control the World


Following are excerpts from an interview with Hamas Culture Minister ‘Atallah Abu Al-Subh, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on April 9, 2008.

‘Atallah Abu Al-Subh: I return to this book – The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – time and again. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is the faith that every Jew harbors in his heart. This book was published by Al-Nafiza publishers in Cairo. The research was conducted by Ahmad Hijaz Al-Saqqa and Hisham Khadhr, and the introduction was written by Dr. ‘Ali Gum’a, who later became, and still is, the Mufti of Egypt. Al-‘Aqqad once called this a “hellish” book, in his introduction to the translation by Mahmoud Khalifa Al-Tunisi, which is the most famous translation, which fate had me read in 1971 or 1972. I picked up this book again, so that I could present excerpts to readers throughout the Arab and Islamic world. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Their Biblical and Talmudic Roots. I’d like to read just one paragraph, before the producer tells me that our time is up. “It is well known that Ahad Ha’am was the spiritual mentor of [Chaim] Weizmann. It is not surprising that Weizmann admitted in his 1948 memoirs…” By the way, we may review his memoirs, Trial and Error, one day. “He admitted that Ahad Ha’am was his mentor, and he also admitted that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is nothing but a wicked Jewish conspiracy to control the world. Weizmann unequivocally described this conspiracy as wicked. This book, which Al-‘Aqqad described as “hellish” in his introduction to the Mahmoud Khalifa Al-Tunisi translation… The Jews deny this book exists, but Weizmann admits it. Everything we see in the Arab region and around the world – the evil of the Jews, their deceit, their cunningness, their warmongering, their control of the world, and their contempt and scorn for all the peoples of the world, which they consider to be animals, cockroaches, lizards, snakes, and despicable maggots that need to be stepped on – Like [Rabbi] Ovadia [Yosef] said… The Jews say all these things, especially in the first of these protocols.

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  1. Islam in Action very graphic video of mujahidin warriors practising their religion…

    Terror in Chechnya:

  2. * Talmudic Roots

    And yet they follow Sharia law, and seek to impose it globally. If only they knew.

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