Keffiyeh Kerfuffle

How it started: Dunkin’ Donuts ad girl wears keffiyeh:

* Pamela Geller runs the story May 18

* Other Bloggers run with it: Debbie Schlussel, Pam from Atlas Shrugs, LGF

* Just a scarf?

 Any more questions about whether the kaffiyeh is “just a scarf,” or a well-known symbol of Palestinian “resistance?”

An article by Mafaz al-Suwaidan in the very leftist, pro-Palestinian Toronto Star makes the point beautifully: More than just a chic checkered scarf.

* Nothing beats the Islamic sources, but when found out, they start screaming like seared pigs:

* So once again we see the united ummah howling and wingeing, this time over the Kaffiyeh, the terrorist scarf which became  the trademark of Yasser Arafartbastards dirty work:

* Bunglawussie @ ‘Islamophobia watch’ has the story here

* Islamo-Nazi finger pointing:

* His mental clone, Australia’s gloating jihad advocate Yusuf Irfan tops it up, here,

 and puts Michelle Malkin in KKK garb

Michelle has the story here

And what does this scarf symbolize?

* It unites the genocidal thugs who want to annihilate Israel

It was Arafatbastards trademark…

It is the uniform of the Mo-fucks who want to terrorize us into submission…


*  Boycott this scarf, boycott companies who sell it, shun those who wear it!

2 thoughts on “Keffiyeh Kerfuffle”

  1. Off topic. But relevant? Story in the Townsville Bulletin ‘Townsville welcomes snot fish’

    A new jellyfish species has been discovered living inside an exhibit at Townsville’s ReefHQ.
    It is about the size of a grain of rice.

    It has been described as an evolutionary ‘dead end’ by Townsville-based scientist Dr. Lisa Gershwin and is unlike anything the marine stinger expert has ever seen.

    It “has its mouth on its underside, and its anus is wrapped around its miniature brain.”

    Jellyfish – no backbone.
    Evolutionary ‘dead end’.
    Its mouth on its underside, its anus wrapped around its miniature brain.


  2. It always amazes me that Uni students will happily wear the keffiyah, yet proclaim they are against racism.

    It’s like someone wearing a Nazi uniform and proclaiming they are against racism.

    Islam and Nazism are blood brothers and always have been. In fact, the Muslims taught the Nazis a lot about supremacism and hatred of Jews.

    As for Irf, well, what can you say about this contemptible Islamofascist creep, except that he’s a contemptible Islamofascist creep!

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