Mixed Signals From EUrabia: Calderoli Rocks, Barroso Sux

Italy: Silvio Berlusconi is facing a row with the Muslim world over his plans to appoint a member of the far-Right to his cabinet.

* When I hear ‘far right’ these days I reach for a vomit bag. These reporting poptarts are so far off the rails that they can’t even tell right from wrong:


Vilified by commie swine & Musulmani: Calderoli

* for the loons its okay to depict an elected politician with a pig-snout, but not okay to wear a Muhammed T-shirt. You go figure…

* Making sense is deadly in politically correct EUrabia:

Calderoli Quotes:

“All these Ali Babas should turn to Allah, or to their own governments – if they find time to devote to the needs of their people rather than the atomic bomb or buying arms,” he said.

He has also said anyone trying to enter the country illegally should be “returned to sender” and those living illegally in Italy should be expelled.

“All the forces of law and order ought to be used and all, the good and the bad, should be removed – all, I stress all the illegals in town,” he said.

“The period of the carrot has come to an end and now it’s time for zero tolerance.”

Last year, he and his party called for the “chemical castration” of those who commit sexual offences after a series of rapes in Italy by suspected illegal immigrants.

This will put these beasts in a state of being unable to re-offend,” he said.

* Now ask yourself: who are the people who have a problem with that?


 Roberto Calderoli, 52, a senior member of the Northern League, enraged Muslims two years ago during the row over a set of Danish cartoons featuring the Prophet Mohammed. He appeared on television wearing a T-shirt printed with one of the cartoons. The Italian consulate in Libya was set on fire and 11 people died in riots.

* Ironically these wankers along with their commie supporters in Eurabia blamed Calderoli for the ensuing lunatic frenzy


Mr Calderoli has also threatened to defile the proposed site of a mosque in Padua by walking a pig over the ground. When Italy beat France in the 2006 World Cup, he said France had “sacrificed its identity by fielding niggers, Muslims and communists”.

Telegraph UK


Gadhafi Son Saif-al-Islam “Sword of Islam” Warns Italy: “Calderoli Nomination Will Hurt Ties”

* Actually NOT: he said “it will have ‘disastrous consequences”

TRIPOLI (AFP)--The son of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi warned Italy Friday that the nomination of right wing Member of Parliament Roberto Calderoli to a ministerial post would have ‘disastrous consequences’ for Rome-Tripoli ties.

* Perhaps Gaddafi should be told that his megalomanic BS will have equally disastrous consequences…

ROME, May 4 (Reuters) Italy’s foreign minister attacked Libya’s warning against appointing a far-right lawmaker to a ministerial post as “intolerable” interference in internal affairs, adding to a growing political outcry over the issue.

* European Libyan Policy is Cynical

* Calderoli knows which way the wind blows:


Calderoli: Answer Illegal Islam with Crusades


Barroso: “Islam is part of Europe”

*  No its not.  Islam always was,  and still is the enemy of the free world. No amount of deceitful EU-apparatchiks can change that.

“We can be a European citizen being a Christian, being Jewish or Muslim or having no religion.” Yes, and because of you and people like you, Barroso, eventually only Muslims will be European citizens, with Jews and Christians reduced to dhimmi status.

The President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, underlined here Monday that Islam is part and parcel of Europe and he also condemned the concept of clash of civilisations.
“Islam today is part of Europe. It is important to understand this.One should not see Islam as outside Europe. We already have an important presence of Islam and Muslims among our citizens,” Barroso told a press conference this afternoon after an informal dialogue between EU leaders and around twenty high-level representatives of Christianity, Judaism and Islam in Europe.

“We can be a European citizen being a Christian, being Jewish or Muslim or having no religion,” he noted.

* A dangerous idiot, this Barroso.

* No. We can’t.

* Fitzgerald:

The fact that, over the past four decades, heedless political elites have allowed Muslims, by the hundreds of thousands, and then by the millions, to enter and settle within the nation-states of non-Muslim Europe, does not mean that “Islam is part of Europe.” Islam is what threatened Europe. Islam is what Europe had to fight off, had to push back. Islam is, or the Shari’a is, exactly what Europe is not, in spirit and letter. If you seek to find out what characterizes the civilization of the West, and of its heart, Europe, at its best, you will find that everything that counts, everything that is most important, cannot be found in Islam, is prohibited or discouraged by Islam.

Muslims may conquer Europe, merely through demographic conquest — continued immigration, gigantic families (paid for by Infidel taxpayers), and campaigns of Daw’a among the psychically and economically marginal Infidels. But Islam is not part of Europe, and a Europe where Muslims extend their power, and dominate, will no longer be Europe, except in the merely geographic sense. It will be something else.

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