Honor Killings Update

 By Jody K. Biehl in Berlin/Spiegel Online


Namus is an ethical category, a virtue, in Middle Eastern Muslim patriarchal character. It is a strongly gender-specific category of relations within a family described in terms of honor, attention, respect/respectability, and modesty. The term is often translated as “honor”.

“The Whore lived like a German..!”


In the past four months, six Muslim women living in Berlin have been brutally murdered by family members. Their crime? Trying to break free and live Western lifestyles. Within their communities, the killers are revered as heroes for preserving their family dignity. How can such a horrific and shockingly archaic practice be flourishing in the heart of Europe? The deaths have sparked momentary outrage, but will they change the grim reality for Muslim women?

In many cases, fathers — and sometimes even mothers — single out their youngest son to do the killing, Boehmecke said, “because they know minors will get lighter sentences from German judges.” In some cases, these boys are revered by their community and fellow inmates as “honor heroes” –– a dementedly skewed status they carry with them for the rest of their lives. Currently, six boys are serving time in Berlin’s juvenile prison for honor killings. “In a way, these boys are victims, too,” she said. Sometimes they are forced to kill their favorite sister.

* Spare me  the misguided sympathy!



 Remember Amina and Sarah


* The murderer, their own father Yaser Abdel Said, is still on the loose


In Aleppo, Khalidiya, 23 years old and a mother of two was strangled to death by her brother Khaled who suspected her of having a relationship with another man
In Lathqia, a man was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for the murder by shooting of his sister. The court made this decision based on a coroner’s report stating that the victim’s hymen was intact. He said had been told that his sister had been concealing a pregnancy for seven months.
A 15 year old boy called MD shot and killed his sister ZN, who was 20 years old, in the village of Jubania, Qaseer, west Humms. She had been in a relationship with MH and had become pregnant, so the killer is unlikely to face any severe penalty.
Four members of the same family have been arrested for forcing their son to kill his sister because she had married a man from the city of Adlb through an ‘urfi marriage.

*  Under current Syrian law, there are extremely lenient sentences given to men who claim an ‘honourable’ motivation for killing female family members. Syrian campaigners have been fighting for legal reform by petitioning the government


*  Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has the latest on the Amina & Sarah Said case


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  1. No people from these countries should be allowed into our country and people who are already are in should be checked out firmly. We have to stop this before it is getting compleetly out of control.
    Anybody who believes in the Koran is nuts to me. You can’t say you are moderate, because the Koran tells you to kill and maim.
    Muslims who are against it, should be heard loudly.
    But they are not. Silicence sound to me tht you approve.

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