Only three and a half years for Afghan Assassin who stabbed Frankfurt Rabbi

Dhimmi Justice in Germany: Stabbing Jews is no big deal

Update from this story: Rabbi stabbed on street in Frankfurt bank quarter

From Jihad Watch Germany

Three and a half years in prison for knife attack on rabbi 


From Spiegel Online


A German court ruled that a Muslim man who admitted stabbing a rabbi did not intend to kill him.

* How so? He attacked him and called him a ‘Jewish Pig’- didn’t he?

Rabbi Zalman Gurevitch, who was stabbed by an Afghanistan-born man on a street in Frankfurt last September, during the trial.
The man identified as Sajed A., a German of Afghan ancestry, was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in jail by the Frankfurt District Court for the September stabbing of Rabbi Zalman Gurevitch.

Sajed, who said he was acting in self-defense, was convicted of causing grievous bodily harm. Had he been convicted of attempted murder in a bias case — as the rabbi’s attorney, Rolf Doering, had argued — Sajed could have been jailed for 15 years.

The state prosecutor had asked for a minimum of four years, while Doering had asked for five years, eight months. 

Gurevitch, who required an emergency surgery after the stabbing, is planning to appeal the sentence based on the grievous bodily harm conviction, according to reports on the Spiegel Online magazine.

The rabbi testified that he had been on his way home from Sabbath services on Sept. 7 when Sajed shouted at him, “S— Jew, I will kill you,” and stabbed him in the stomach. Sajed later said he had been driven by fear of the rabbi, who was the larger of the two men.


Some witnesses said the two men had argued before the stabbing. Der Spiegel said this could not be verified because two Jewish witnesses who live abroad said they were afraid for their safety and would not testify.



The Frankfurt Regional Court on Tuesday morning convicted a 23-year-old German-Afghans to three years imprisonment for serious bodily injury. The accused stabbed the rabbi in September 2007 in Frankfurt.

After yelling insults at the Rabbi who was on the way to the synagogue the Afghan rammed a knife in his belly.

“German” jailed for stabbing rabbi he called a “Jewish pig”

The “German”‘s name is Sajed Aziz. What do you think? A neo-Nazi? Or maybe…just possibly…influenced by Islamic antisemitism?

“German jailed for stabbing rabbi,” from the BBC,

* Anti-Semitic violence nears record level


* Take a look at Pat Condells fan mail..!

Muhammad caricatures documentary provokes at Cannes festival

CANNES (AFP)—A French film championing freedom of expression against attempts by Muslim activists to censor caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed highlighted a key front in the culture wars at the Cannes festival.

“It’s Hard Being Loved By Jerks” by Daniel Leconte takes as its subject a bitter legal battle by the editor of a French weekly who was acquitted last year on charges of offending Muslims for reprinting the offending cartoons.



UK: Poor widdle Mussie Pussies

Britain: Terror suspects claim detention caused mental harm

* Deprived of their right to kill infidels and jews and to spread Islam by the sword causes mental anguish to the soldiers of Allah:

Strasbourg, 20 May (AKI) – The European Court of Human Rights is to consider claims from eleven terrorism suspects that they suffered psychiatric damage when they were imprisoned by the British government.

In other news:

Alleged 9/11 “20th hijacker” tried suicide – lawyer

* unfortunately he failed…

By Jane Sutton    

GUANTANAMO BAY U.S. NAVAL BASE, Cuba, May 20 (Reuters) – A Saudi citizen who allegedly intended to be the “20th hijacker” on Sept. 11 tried to kill himself last month at the U.S. prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba after learning he faced charges that could carry the death penalty, his lawyer said on Monday.

On Wednesday the court will hold a public hearing in Strasbourg to investigate the claims in a case brought against the British government.

The applicants, none of whom have British nationality, were allegedly involved in extreme Islamist terrorist groups with links to al-Qaeda, the court said in a statement.

Six of the applicants are Algerian, and the others are French, Jordanian, Moroccan and Tunisian. Another was born in a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan, and is stateless.

All eleven were detained after al-Qaeda’s 11 September, 2001 attacks in the US. They were imprisoned at various times between December 2001 and October 2003 and initially held at Belmarsh Prison in London under Britain’s 2001 Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act.

All the men were allegedly involved in Islamist terrorist groups with links to al-Qaeda such as the Salafite Group for Prayer and Combat (GSPC) formed in Algeria in 1998, the Tunisia Fighting Group.

The men are also said to be linked to a group of Algerian terrorists centred around al-Qaeda and GSPC member Abu Doha, known for his senior role in terror training camps in Afghanistan.

He was also linked to a Frankfurt-based cell accused of plotting to bomb the Strasbourg Christmas market in December, 1995.

The eleven are suspected of supplying false documents, purchasing IT equipment and helping young British Muslims travel from the UK to train for Jihad (holy war) in Afghanistan.

Three of the men were subsequently transferred to Broadmoor secure mental hospital following a deterioration in their mental health, including a suicide attempt.


Another was released on bail in April 2004 under conditions equivalent to house arrest, owing to serious concerns over his mental health.



Youtube: Promoting Bullshit & Censoring Brilliance

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  1. “The European Court of Human Rights is to consider claims from eleven terrorism suspects that they suffered psychiatric damage when they were imprisoned by the British government.”
    === === === === === ===

    If the European Court of Human Rights has the capacity to determine daytime from night [*] it will find their mental incapacity predated their incarcerations by a couple of decades. (In other words, they were made crazy by Islam, not by anything the British system did to them.)

    [*] this is NOT necessarily a “given”, considering the idiotic Canadian HRC that was hounding Ezra Levant over his magazine’s reprinting of the Mo-toons (to illustrate his article discussing the cartoons and the subsequent Muslim over-reaction)…

  2. Sajed said he was acting in self-defense. Of course he was – that Rabbi was contaminating the street by walking down it, so what’s a good Muslim to do?

    He was also driven by fear of the Rabbi, who was bigger than he was.

    Now this sounds like a legitimate reason to plead self-defence. If you see someone walking along the street who is bigger than you, I guess you’re entitled to stab him. After all, it’s what any reasonable person would do, isn’t it.

    Besides, the guy was a Jew – Sajed’s holy book instructs him to kill Jews wherever he finds them. So he was only following his religion.

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