One thought on “Pat Conell's humptydumpty Postcard from Jerusalem”

  1. Pat Condell’s video gave me an idea (for the life of me I don not understand why I did not think of this before). Every time we hear some Islamic rant about the West, Jews, Christians, or any thing else we need to write, email, and phone blogs, news papers, and other media how offended we are.

    We need to have a campaign that will voice our outrage at the many times Islam offends all non-Muslims. Every time a school makes special allowances for Islam, we need to express our out rage. Why is Islam thought in schools but the Bible banned? How come that special allowances are made for Muslim prayer but a Jewish or Christian student praying in school gets punished? Symbols of Islam offend me. There are many instances where people are required to put up with Islam.

    If you are tired of this and don’t want to put up with it any more, shout it out.

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