Raw Sewage: Palistan's Gift To The World!

Gaza’s water authority has dumped 60 million liters of partially treated and untreated sewage into the Mediterranean Sea since January 24, the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said in a report released on Wednesday.


A Palestinian rescue worker searches for bodies in raw sewage after a cesspool embankment collapsed in the village of Umm Naser, in the northern Gaza Strip. An earth embankment around a cesspool suddenly collapsed, spewing a river of sewage and mud that killed at least 10 people.


“Lets blame the Jooozzz…”

“The sewage discharge is contaminating Gaza seawater and posing health risks for bathers and consumers of seafood. The sewage flows northward to Israeli coasts, including near the Ashkelon desalination plant. Urgent studies are needed to examine the extent of the impact,” the report reads.

The report’s authors blamed Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip for the Gazans’ inability to treat the sewage.

“This sewage cannot be treated due to the lack of a steady electricity supply within the Gaza Strip, Israel’s restrictions on fuel imports and prohibitions on the import of materials and necessary spare parts,” according to the report.

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