Thank God its Friday!

Koran Shooting Rage!!

* Friday means Kuthba day. That’s when the soldiers of Allah head for the mosques to listen to the hate speeches of their imam’s and muftis, where they get all fired up over all kinds of perceived grievances, like shooting a Koran. This weeks special kuthba is:

 “Death to America!” and “America is against Islam!”

* Same as last week, really…

* Koran shooting already claimed its first victims:

Qur’an-Shooting Rage turns lethal. “1 NATO soldier killed in Quran protest,” by Alisa Tang for the Associated Press


Genocidal Delusions in Teheran

Tehran University to host international conference on “Israel’s End”

The guests of the conference that would be attended by Iranian and foreign students of universities in Tehran will be intellectuals and university professors from Egypt, Venezuela, Morocco, Lebanon, Indonesia, the United States, Pakistan, Argentina, India, Iraq, Syria, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, France, Tunisia, and a number of other countries.

Islamic Republic News Agency



Brussels: Another school bans headscarf

The Brussels school Institut des Ursulines will ban the headscarf starting next year, according to Le Soir.  The principal of the school says that his school is one of the few in Brussels that still allows the headscarf and therefore attracted more and more students.


Several petitions have already been started against the management decision, which was made without consultation with the students, teachers and educational staff.

According to the principal of the school, whose students body is 85% students of North African origin, the school attracted more and more students because they allowed the headscarf.  Many students have already announced they will leave the school as a result of the decision.



Netherlands: Radical preacher computer-expert employed by government

A radical Islam preacher was hired by the government as a computer expert.  Jamal A., AKA Aboe Ismail, therefore had access to the IT-network of the defense ministry.

The preacher is related to the As-Soennah mosque in the Hague, and serves as imam Fawaz’s righthand man.  Sympathies with the Taliban in Afghanistan had been expressed in the mosque.

 Telegraaf (Dutch)


Belgium: Mosques don’t have enough space

Farid El Machaoud, spokesperson for the Belgian Muslim League, says that mosques in Belgium don’t have enough space for all the believers who come for Friday prayers.  In the major cities particularly there’s a space shortage.  “The Muslim population continues to grow and more and more youth go to the mosque,” says El Machaoud.  He added that the space shortage is especially felt in Hasselt, Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels, Liege, Charleroi and Doornik.

The imam’s popularity also plays a role.  El Machaoud says that some imams attract large crowds to their sermons.  Some mosques can’t handle the influx, while others stand empty.

“Islamization not fast enough, subsidy not enough etc. etc:

There are 300 mosques in Belgium, though not all are recognized.  There are 5 recognized mosques in Brussels and 6 in Flanders, compared with 43 in Wallonia.  The recognized mosques have been recieving a government subsidy since recently.  According to Farid El Machaoud the subsidy is not enough, and the procedure to be recognized takes too long.



5 thoughts on “Thank God its Friday!”

  1. Look at the picture at the top of the page: USA must apologize…” Umm, the soldier who did it and his commanding officer DID apologize. If they are waiting for a collective apology from every citizen of the US…they will be waiting a long time. If they were to get anything from me, it would be a resounding KISS MY ASS.

  2. * “Israel’s End” / illegitimate Zionist regime’s upcoming downfall

    Suggestion to Israel – stock up on excavators and fuel; it will be a lot easier to bury the bodies
    of the invading hordes mechanically than by hand. Oh, and face masks – the stench will be unbearable. (Ezekiel 39)

  3. Wait…. It may take months for the remainder of the Muslim world to be outraged by the incident, once they organize and evaluate benefits (like the Danish cartoons). Timing, leverage, and opportunity.
    I’m sure the poor soldier was simply practicing “how to miss the Koran” with his high-powered rifle but hit it accidentally (hence the need to practice). This is a novice rifleman’s mistake with arched bullet trajectory when the bullet drops from a headshot due to underestimated range. In layman’s terms it would have been much better that he aim for the invisible apple on the head (William Tell style) rather than the imaginary beard. It would save allot of needless confetti and a few more nuns in Albania, Sudan or some other crazy third world shithole. Sounds like rationality they could agree with, no?

  4. * Have you read any of Dave Hunt’s books?

    I have quite a few of them, but Dave equates Ezekiel 38 with Armageddon, while I understand
    Ezekiel as taking place somewhere near the beginning of the tribulation, with Armageddon at
    the end. However, I do agree with Dave’s position that the “road map” being pursued by the
    “Quartet” will lead to Armageddon – e.g. on his Berean Call site:

    ‘“Road Map” to Armageddon’ –

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