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The Slime from the Grunard

*    The Guardian’s ‘Comment is Free’ section provides a regular forum for Islam-propagandists like the Bunglawussi, Ali Eteraz and the shrill Sumaya Gannushi,  among many others. On the Grunard soapbox, where diehard commies shill for the totalitarian ideology of Islam, Islam-critical articles  are rare like hen’s teeth.  It would be refreshing to see the Grunard print articles by Wafa Sultan or Ayaan Ali Hirsi, who live under constant death-threats and need heavy protection wherever they go, but in the the world of progressive spin and grin an infantile obsession with the destruction of our society seems to be the dominant ideology.

*  In ‘Islam’s Refuseniks’ a Nesrine Malik (?)  vilifies and smears Wafa Sultan, Ali Hirsi and Irshad Manji. Tough job if you sit cocooned in front of your laptop stinking with hatred over those who have left the cult behind and chose freedom.

Islam’s refuseniks

Shrill complaints may go down well in the western media but they don’t help Muslim women. We need credible, reasoned argument

* Read it if you bear it. Nesrine’s ‘argument’ is hardly an argument at all, and neither reasoned or credible.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s account (the particulars of which have fallen under serious doubt) chronicles many stereotypical buzz-stories, including genital mutilation and an unhappy arranged marriage, and culminating in a fatwa on her head.

* My dear Nesrine: do you have all your faculties intact? Ayaans life is nothing but ‘stereotypical buzz-stories?’  Her story  is her life, you twat. What have you got?

Wafa Sultan recounts a tale of witnessing an assassination with a convenient “God is Great” soundtrack (denied by others who were there at the time).

* Sorry Nesrine: I believe Wafa Sultan and not your foul mouthed lies. Who were those ‘others’ who were there at the time and now deny that? A bunch of trufers?

* … chameleonism offends me. Their abuse of the religion and its mores is unconstructive and gratuitous, reminiscent of usage of the “n” word by black people, still offensive, unnecessary and – above all – counterproductive.

* So Nesrine, this offended, hysterical defender-ess  of Islam who goes out on a limb to smear everyone and everything that stands in the way of spreading Islam, even admits, perhaps involuntarily, that the activities of these apostates are ‘counterproductive’- to the spread of Islam. Thank you Nasrine. Where do they make clones like you?

Anyhow, read it if you must. Its a pain…


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  1. “Shrill complaints may go down well in the western media but they don’t help Muslim women. We need credible, reasoned argument”.

    No, what Muslim women need is to cast off their Islamania once and for all. Once that is done, the men sooner or later will have no choice but to follow suit, bringing about the final end of Illah’s 1400 year old nightmare and bringing freedom to all his former slaves and lasting peace for the rest of us.

  2. Check out how Comment Is Free has many gaps on it- the gaps are deleted comments put up by Zionists. Godammit, don’t you just love those tolerant liberals?! Not a narrow mind among them.

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