The Results Are In: New Poll Starts Today!

Our last poll “what is the biggest threat from Islam” shows the following results:

* 7 % of our readers are mostly afraid of Islamic Terrorism

*  30 % of our readers opted for demographics/ outbreeding

*  43 %  believe that invasion/mass-migration is the biggest threat

*  8 % believe that Islamic proselytizing and the increasing numbers of ‘reverts’ threaten us

* Interesting. We still believe that demographics are more threatening then anything else, because of the breeding habits of those Muslims already in the country. Question is now simply how long does it take?

*  20 years? 30 years? Or will we grow a spine and reverse the trend?

New Poll: Should Polygamy Be Permitted?

* Absolutely NOT

* Yes, Why Not

* We must apply the LAW (our law, not sharia)

* Deport polygamous Muslims

* Please let us know where you stand, the comments section is open….



50,000 to 100,000 Muhammedans in the US practice polygamy

*  Listen live: got to the link and click on the icon

12 thoughts on “The Results Are In: New Poll Starts Today!”

  1. We must have one law for all.
    Any Imam who marries a Muslim couple knowing there is polgamy involved should be deported immediately and those who have committed polygamy should be dealt with under Australian law. Trouble is, how do you find out?

  2. I’ll take Box 4 Andrew: deport their asses so fast their feet don’t touch the ground. The less of them here the better.

  3. Deport polygamous muslims should be a poll unto itself. Deport? Yes or No. Of course everyone would say yes…..

  4. 30 % of readers felt most threatened by demographics/ outbreeding

    Let’s not forget inbreeding, which when coupled with their barbaric belief system only makes them crazier! Yikes!!! Moslems claim “scientific miracles” in the Koran–it’s laughable that the ill effects of inbreeding weren’t elaborated.

  5. To the question:
    Should Polygamy Be Permitted?
    Not just no! But Hell No!
    Islam is a nasty, skanky cult.

  6. It is a federal offense to practice polygamy and they should be prosecuted – and that goes for the women too. Sorry, but a woman is an adult and that is what I feel – and I am a woman!

    If it is a mormon or a muslim – they should be prosecuted.

    If a city, or state, wants to knowingly harbor polygamists then they should have negative consequences put against them too.

    Stop making exceptions for muslims for any of our laws – and that also goes for their demands of segregation!!

  7. Well, I think deportation of muslims in any case but it won’t happen. what we need are our ‘leaders’ (I use that term loosely!) should be reforming our immigration laws – but instead they are issuing stupidities such as not to use the words jihad and islamofascism – so I don’t expect much from them. I mean I have gone through many email and phone strategies to our ‘leaders’ about immigration and they are ALWAYS trying to sneak bills in to appease illegal aliens knowing that we are AGAINST their idea of what should be done. So, I don’t expect much from them about muslims – our Democrats are in full appeasement mode and are more about ‘hugging a thug’ than shunning them.

  8. Deport all muslims.
    Islam will not co-exist with any other religion or belief system.
    I repeat:

    Deport All Muslims.

  9. Absolutely NOT and We must apply the LAW (our law, not sharia) and Deport all Muslims!!

  10. I have a friend who had a Muslim associate, a doctor. He had about six wives and counting. The number of his children was double figures. This sort of person should comprehend the risk of breeding like this.

    Another friend deals with children from areas where the problem is rampant (Muslim dominated). Single parent’s with six to seven children bleeding welfare dry. They do not give a shit about our laws they only believe in Sharia law and our welfare system supports these breeding pattern in fact it promotes it. Given the behavioural patterns of the young Muslims generated from this family structure we are in for some serious problems in the near future.

    They can control it simply by genetic testing of the fathers and locking them up when the polygamous pattern exists. They are breaking the law. If a single parent is seeking child benefits test them to prove who the father’s are before benefits can be obtained.

    Another way of slowing the takeover is to have more children ourselves. This may involve giving up a little extra cash towards maintaining them but a two child family is a recipe for slow cultural extinction especially given what we face.

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