The Results of the 'What Is Jihad' Poll Are In; New Poll Starts NOW!

* 7% buy the ‘inner struggle’ fairy-tale from the lands of Ali Baba

*  2% of voters confessed they are beating wife & children. Perhaps we should forward their e-mail addresses to the police…

*   2% wants to blow themselves up and people around them because they don’t like them. A bit of a worry that, but lets hope they don’t mean it…

*  83% of Winds of Jihad readers correctly identified Jihad as ‘Permanent warfare against unbelievers until the world is Islamic’, which is of course the correct answer and proves that WoJ readers are well read and better educated than then the rest of the population who are willfully blind and reject the awful reality of the global jihad.

*   “Walking a dog across the street is jihad” comes in at 6%. Lets hope these voters are pranksters and don’t believe the lying, deceitful Thai imam who went on record the other day with that statement.

‘Inner Struggle’ Osama…


New Poll:

Should universities have mosques on campus?

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6 thoughts on “The Results of the 'What Is Jihad' Poll Are In; New Poll Starts NOW!”

  1. “Should universities have mosques on campus?”

    This is a case of the wackademics jumping the shark no? Considering islam is the enemy of free discussion and enquiry and if it had of overun Europe we would still be in the dark ages, the decision to put a jihad headquarters on a uni campus, is, well, STUPIFYING.

  2. Savitch says: “…if it (Islam) had overun Europe we would still be in the dark ages…”

    Tragically, Europe is galloping into a medieval, primitive, 21st century Islamic dark age. Courtesy of spinless, gutless, appeasing politicians and the European Union.

  3. Should Universities have Mosque’s on Campus?

    No. Mosque’s are the main places where Islamic terrorism is promoted.

  4. I can understand why they need chapels at hospitals. At universities I can understand the need for a student union (comes with a bar). This reasoning could be the basis for faith rooms to the exclusion of Islam. Imams do not drink wine during sermons. A secondary benefit for this is that it would piss them off (Muslims) and offer constructive more beneficial religious discussion after school hours.

  5. Absolutely NOT. Does any other religion want/demand a church or prayer room in Uni’s. Sure, some have a Chapel….but it is there for anyone of any denomination…and anyway Islam is not a religion it is an ideological political movement. And they want lecture times changed to suit them for their prayers to the sun god and pedophile mohammed. They want sharia courts to deal with their own business. Tell me, if a muslim were to commit a crime against me, would it be heard in our court or their muslim/sharia court????? Haven’t they got enough already….Muslim only rooms, muslim only pool times, toe jam baths at every point where muslims gather, do they not know the meaning of the word COMPROMISE. They come here, are housed, clothed, fed, given welfare and extra benefits, receive more from welfare as so called settlement payments, and this is a hundred or so more $’s than I get on a disability pension. I am so sick to death of them coming here, taking out citizenship under false pretenses and breeding their evil spawn in the hope of outbreeding us all the while planning their revenge and knowing they can’t be deported as they were born here. As far as I am concerned, they can all go back to their lands and crawl back under the rocks they slithered out from.
    From a sick and tired Aussie

  6. I am so sick an tired of having to please these people.
    Apparently, they don’t have a life of their own, and poor all their energy in rioting, burning flags, who all they want to kill and on and on.
    Get a life and keep your religion to your self, instead of pestering all the other
    people, here on planet Earth.
    Why is it, that you think, that you should get special treatment.
    I have been in a Moslim coutry, but now, what is happening all over the globe and don’t think I can stomach listening to calls 5 times a day for prayer and seeing and hearing how women are being treated.

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