Turning Schools Into Madrassah's: Britain's New Labour Leads The World!


Imams asked into schools

* Turning children into Musulmanic zombies?


William Stewart

Teachers and clerics to be part of new drive against extremists

* Fox in charge of the chicken coop alert:

* Once these guys are in charge perhaps incidents like this one will become quite common: A BLIND seven-year-old student at an Islamic school in eastern Pakistan has died after his teacher punished him for not learning the Koran, police said today.

Schools will be asked to help “win hearts and minds” in the battle against violent extremists. Ministers believe that lessons from Muslim clerics could steer pupils away from radicalisation.

*  This awful, deliberate stupidity is infuriating…

The Government will suggest next week that heads draft in British-born imams to teach citizenship so that pupils learn about the Koran and Islam in the context of a multicultural society.

* Socialist pipedreams…

Officials say the lessons could include “discussing rights of neighbours, the sacredness of life or the importance of equal opportunities”.

* The exact opposite of the Koran and the hadith. Which self respecting imam would teach something like that?

The idea is one of the solutions for schools suggested in the Prevent Strategy, to be published in conjunction with the Home Office, and aimed at stopping people from supporting extremists.

* More glossy pamphlets, that’ll fix it, sure thing.

It comes in the wake of last week’s Exeter restaurant bombing, which police suspect was the work of a British-educated convert to Islam, and the July 7, 2005 London attacks by home-grown terrorists, including a teaching assistant.

* Not true. If this reporting hack did his homework he would have found out that this idea goes back a few years.

* Heavy Islamic proselytizing in Texas schools

Writing in today’s TES, Ed Balls, the Children, Schools and Familes Secretary, said: “A very small number of young people of school age may already be at risk of being drawn into criminal activity inspired by violent extremists. Education can be a powerful weapon against this.”

Department officials say using Saturday sessions run by extended schools to offer extra specialist maths and science classes could be another opportunity for imams to deliver “faith based citizenship lessons” on Islam.

* They won’t do it because they can’t: the Muslims ‘faith based citizenship lesson’ is the Koran and the loyalty to the ummah, nothing else matters.

They stress the extra classes would be funded through local authority rather than school budgets.

* Your tax dollars are used to replace you…

The National Union of Teachers met fierce opposition in March when it suggested Muslim clerics and other faith leaders should be sent into every state school as an alternative to having specific faith schools. Heads’ leaders and other critics warned this could allow extremists to target pupils.

But the Government believes that if the imams are British born they will be steeped in the multicultural values of Britain.

* Lefty loonies hard at work. Socialist dogma beats reality, every time…

Sylvia Jones, head of Valentines High, Ilford, where 40 per cent of pupils have Muslim backgrounds, was consulted about the Prevent Strategy and has had a local imam, Haroon Patel, visit her pupils for the last five years. She stressed her approach was more subtle than the Government’s. “Imam Haroon’s role is nothing to do with the prevention of terrorism. It is to act as a positive role model,” she said.

“But if you do include people from diverse communities in the work of your school that will create a harmonious atmosphere where students are unlikely to be seduced by extremism.”

Imam Haroon said: “I don’t think this idea has been thought through because at the end of the day to avoid extremism you will need to do much more than sending imams into schools. Families need to be involved as well.”

* Right. Make the whole family Islamic, not only the kids. That’ll fix it!

He said imams should be used in RE lessons involving all faiths so no one felt targeted or excluded.

Next week’s strategy will advise schools, police, and local authorities on how they can work together to combat the threat. 


4 thoughts on “Turning Schools Into Madrassah's: Britain's New Labour Leads The World!”

  1. A few months ago comrade Brown promised half a billion of taxpayers money to help “moderate” paki madrassas. I can’t remember if that was before or after he “allocated” 6 (or was it 8?) Billion to improve education in Africa. We have kids leaving OUR schools, who have spent their entire school lives being taught whilst (Za)NuLab were in power believing Winston Churchill is a dog who sells car insurance on the idiot box. What have we done to deserve this living nightmare?

  2. When propaganda starts at the TOP, there is little hope for Britain.

    Quote from BBC, UK, 2006/09/30. QUEEN GRANTS MUSLIM PRAYER ROOM.

    “The Queen has given permission for a room in WINDSOR CASTLE to be used as an area for Muslims to pray.
    The move came after 19-year-old Nagina Chaudhry who works at the visitors’ shop in Berkshire, asked for somewhere to pray during Ramadan.
    A spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace said an office had been set aside for Miss Chaudhry to use as a lunchtime prayer chamber.
    My capitals.

    Following Quote: By Prince Charles at Wilson Park in 1996.

    “I feel that we in the West could be helped to rediscover the roots of our own understanding by an appreciation of the Islamic tradition’s deep respect for the timeless traditions of the natural order….during the past three centuries, in the Western world at least, a dangerous division has occurred in the way we perceive the world around us….the outlook of the Muslim craftsman or artist, who is never concerned with display for its own sake….but is content to submit a man’s craft to God. That outlook reflects, I believe, the MEMORABLE PASSAGE IN THE KORAN: “whithersoever you turn there is the face of God and God is all-Embracing, all-Knowing”…. There are many ways in which mutual understanding and appreciation can be built. Perhaps, for instance, WE COULD BEGIN BY HAVING MORE MUSLIM TEACHERS IN BRITISH SCHOOLS, or by ENCOURAGING EXCHANGES OF TEACHERS. Everywhere in the world people want to learn English. BUT IN THE WEST, IN TURN, WE NEED TO BE TAUGHT BY ISLAMIC TEACHERS HOW TO LEARN WITH OUR HEARTS, AS WELL AS OUR HEADS.”
    My capitals.

    The article advises that “the prince raised 10 million pounds for the Muslim Centre Project to be established in London.” (This was in 1996.)

    Also, “The Oxford Islamic Research Center, which began its activities in 1993, was founded with his sponsoship.”

    There is much more about the traitorous Prince Charles. During the past 15 years since the above examples, he has probably committed more heinous crimes against Britain in his endeavour to promote Islam.

    He promoted the idea of teaching Islam in British schools many years ago.

    Queen Elizabeth the First would have ordered OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!

  3. * go forth in the name of JESUS and kill!

    Where do you get that from, conrad? Sounds more like allah and his false prophet than Jesus Christ, whose teaching is more like this:

    “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark
    world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”
    (Ephesians 6:12)

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