UK: 'Man Rapes Woman'

* Politically correct reporting just hit the skids: if it wasn’t for the perp’s name you would never know:

Nelson man charged over rape bid

DETECTIVES in Pendle have charged a man with attempted rape following allegations a 34-year-old woman was sexually assaulted in her own home on Wednesday.
Muzaffar Iqbal (42) of Barkerhouse Road, Nelson, will appear before Pennine magistrates today.

*  Remember: Muzaffar Iqbal (42) must not be deported. He might be subjected to torture in his home-country…


*  Thank Allah for more mosques:

Former Groves Hotel mosque plan go-ahead

A PROPOSAL for an improvement scheme at a major eyesore at a “gateway” into Nelson town centre has got the go-ahead from councillors.
Members of Pendle Council’s Nelson Committee agreed on Wednesday to the conversion of the derelict Groves Hotel – the old Spring Bank – into a community centre and to the erection of a mosque in its grounds.

* Some improvement, that. Read it all…


Islamic school gets go-ahead

NELSON is to get its first Islamic faith primary school after councillors gave the go-ahead on Wednesday night.

Members of Pendle Council’s Nelson Committee approved an application from the Fountains of Knowledge group to convert a disused workshop in Norfolk Street into a school for 120 pupils.

The nearest Islamic faith school at the moment is in Blackburn.

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One thought on “UK: 'Man Rapes Woman'”

  1. Fifteen year old girl raped in Town centre by two males, Height given approx ages then get this; one has short black hair both have dark eyes!
    Notice the censorship regarding ethnicity having been raped this young lady surely would have noticed that!
    My town untill recently almost completely white, has now turned into north Africa with a large number of gypsies i assume from Rumania.
    In Powell’s words we must be mad!

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