Islamic Thinkers or Islamic Stinkers?

* In his speech at Regensburg University, the German-born Pope quoted Emperor Manuel II Paleologos of the Orthodox Christian Byzantine Empire. “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.” As a result, the Muslim ‘world’ went apeshit, after Koran-rage and Cartoon Rage followed “Pope-Rage’. 

There are many ways to put lipstick on a pig, however, and there are those who are eager to be fooled by those perceived ‘moderates’ in Islam, who somehow (just how?) promise to deliver some kind of ‘reformed’ or ‘all new’ Islam. They never cease to fool themselves and others with  taqiyya spinmeisters like Tariq Ramadan and the likes of him who usually have one message for Musulmaniacs who dwell behind enemy lines, in the Dar al Harb, and another message for  Harbies, the hapless inhabitants of these infidel lands, which are yet to be conquered by Islam.

In one such typically flawed articles from the Guardian we find hope mixed with confusion, incomprehension and ignorance mixed with optimism:  the great multiculti-one-world  socialist idea must prevail, even if we are to become dhimmies and go whoring with Satan himself. Here, once again, Fethullah Gülen, the potential Turkish Ayatollah in exile, is presented as if he had something new or particularly new to offer. The far left fuckwits who presented the Ayatollah Khomeini   at the time of the Islamic revolution in Iran as some kind of holy man send their regards. But where are they now?

Sheik Yer’mami featured Fetullah Gulen here:

*  A Gulish Turkey? The Fethullah Gulen Movement & the Islamization of Turkey

Islamic scholar voted world’s No 1 thinker

*  The top 10 individuals were all Muslim…

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but now I know the world is well and truly f****d!

One can only assume that Prospect and Foreign Policy magazines are left-wing rags written for, and read by, the useful idiots and self-haters of the Western World.

The top ten thinkers of the world are all Muslim!? Wo do they think they’re kidding?

“Convicted in absentia, but free to run his organized from his U.S. exile, Gülen continues a rather inconsistent approach to tolerance and secularism.” 

*  Ignorance of Islam veiled as tolerance is no excuse for committing cultural genocide upon one’s own nation, by inviting this plague in unchecked. It’s treason plain and simple.

* Turkey’s Turning Point

Could there be an Islamic Revolution in Turkey?

* Robert Spencer:

While Gülen supporters jealously guard his image in the West, he remains a controversial figure in Turkey. According to Cumhuriyet, a left-of-center establishment daily — Turkey’s New York Times — in 1973, the Izmir State Security Court convicted Gülen of “attempting to destroy the state system and to establish a state system based on religion;” he received a pardon, though, and so never served time in prison. In 1986, the Turkish military — the constitutional guardians of the state’s secularism — purged a Gülen cell from the military academy; the Turkish military has subsequently acted against a number of other alleged Gülen cells who they say infiltrated military ranks.

In 1998, according to Turkish court transcripts cited in the Turkish Daily News, Gülen urged followers in the judiciary and state bureaucracy to “work patiently to take control of the state.” The following year, the independent Turkish television station ATV broadcast a secretly taped Gülen telling supporters, “If they . . . come out early, the world will squash their heads. They will make Muslims relive events in Algeria,” a reference to the Islamic Salvation Front’s overwhelming 1991 election victory in the North African state. After party leaders spoke of voiding the constitution and implementing Islamic law, the Algerian military staged a coup leading to a civil conflict that killed tens of thousands.

Because of his statements and veiled threats, the judiciary in 1998 charged Gülen with trying to “undermine the secular system” while “camouflag[ing] his methods with a democratic and moderate image.” Convicted in absentia, but free to run his organized from his U.S. exile, Gülen continues a rather inconsistent approach to tolerance and secularism. He often equates the separation of religion and state with atheism, an assertion many of Turkey’s most secular officials find offensive: Believing that religion is best kept to the individual rather than state sphere does not equate with any lack of belief in God. In 2004, Gülen equated atheism with terrorism and said both atheists and murderers would spend eternity in Hell.

* Sheik Yer’mami:

Fethullah Gülen? Jihad Dynamite!

Very dangerous. Calling this Ayatollah-headbanger a ‘thinker’ is an insult to anyone with a brain. It just shows how dumb these talking heads from the media are. But often you don’t need to look further than Fareed Zakaria from Newsweep and the likes of him to see how your news are cooked.


“Islamic scholar voted world’s No 1 thinker,”

by Robert Tait in The Guardian,

Does the movement inspired by Fethullah Gülen represent a modern brand of Islam, or a subtle attempt to infiltrate religion into secular Turkey? The Guardian’s religious affairs correspondent, Riazat Butt, reports from Istanbul

A hitherto largely unknown Turkish Islamic scholar, Fethullah Gülen, has been voted the world’s top intellectual in a poll to find the leading 100 thinkers.

Gülen, the author of more than 60 books, won a landslide triumph after the survey – which is organised by the British magazine, Prospect, and Foreign Policy, a US publication – attracted more than 500,000 votes.

The top 10 individuals were all Muslim and included two Nobel laureates, the novelist Orhan Pamuk, who is also Turkish, at No 4, and the Iranian human rights lawyer Shirin Ebadi, in 10th.

The result surprised organisers, who attributed it to a sustained campaign by Gülen’s followers, known as the Gülen Movement, after Turkey’s biggest-selling newspaper, Zaman, publicised the poll.

Prospect’s editor, David Goohart, admitted to not having previously heard of Gülen and said his supporters had “made a mockery” of the poll. But he said the result flagged up significant political trends in Turkey.

“The victory of Gülen draws attention to the most important conflict in Europe, played out in Turkey between the secular nationalist establishment and the reforming Islamic democrats of the AK [Justice and Development] party,” he said.

The AKP, which is allied to Gülen, is contesting a case brought by Turkey’s chief prosecutor to shut it down and ban it from politics for allegedly trying to usher in Islamic rule, in breach of the country’s secular constitution.

A Gülen supporter, Bulent Kenes, who is editor-in-chief of Today’s Zaman newspaper, denied the poll had been hijacked. “There are many people who promote Gülen’s ideas, which contribute to world peace by urging international dialogue and tolerance.”

* ‘World Peace’ by making Islam the dominant religion….

Gülen, 67, is known for a “modernist brand” of Islam. He was cleared of trying to topple the state in 2006 after being charged over footage in which he apparently urged civil service supporters to await his orders to overthrow the system. He said the film had been doctored.

* “modernist brand” of Islam. I think I must be choking on something…

Gülen, who has lived in the US since 1998, is credited with establishing a global network of schools which preach Islam in a spirit of tolerance. He has been praised in the west for promoting dialogue and condemned Osama bin Laden as a monster after September 11.

*  ‘Dialogue’ with Islam is like one hand clapping. Many Islamaniacs are unhappy with OBL’s premature jihad. They feel that the slow jihad, by infiltration, subversion and outbreeding works much better than flying jets into buildings and blowing up embassies. None of Fethulla Gulens activities makes him and his Musulmaniacs more acceptable to us, neither should we allow them to  pull the Islamic cotton wool over our infidel eyes and ears. We cannot coexist.





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