Jordanian group wants Wilders tried over Fitna

Free Speech Under Assault Update. First the Jordanians demanded the Motoonists, and now Wilders. “Jordan group wants Dutch MP tried over ‘anti-Islam’ film,” from AFP, June 10 (thanks to JW):

AMMAN (AFP) — Some 30 Jordanian media outlets filed an official complaint on Tuesday seeking court action against far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders over a film judged anti-Islamic.

Robert Spencer:

Wilders is “far-right” the way I am “far-right”: not because of any position we have taken on any issue other than the Islamization of the West. Opposing that makes one “far-right.”

The organisations, who have set up a group called “Campaign for the Prophet”, said in a statement they had lodged their complaint with the Amman prosecutor.One of the group’s lawyers, Tarek Hawamdeh told AFP that the action was “based on the (film’s) violation of publishing laws which ban insults against religions and attacks against Islam and the prophets”, punishable by a jail term of three years.

The lawyer said the prosecutor “will hear on Wednesday the arguments of those who have started the judicial process and of witnesses”. He said he hoped this would lead to a court “order for Wilders to appear”….

Watch Fitna here.

Geert Wilders’ Speech at the Danish Parliament Building

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  1. See, Jordan is progressive! They just want to put Wilders on (show) trial. What a contrast to Iran, who wants to kill him. This is the kind of “progress” we can expect from a “moderate” Koranist country.

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