Majority of Dutch want a Stop on Mosque Building

Netherlands: 65% support ban on large mosques

According to a large survey prepared by TV program Netwerk and newspaper Nederlands Dagbald, 65% of the Dutch ‘agree’ or ‘completely agree’ that there should be a stop to the building of large mosques.

Bureau Intomart GfK questioned 1386 people, regarding their opinion about Islam in the Netherlands.

Most Dutch are concerned about the growth of Islam in the Netherlands and its influence on society.  At the same time, a majority are also concerned about the negative manner in which Geert Wilders and his Party for Freedom (PVV) speak about Islam.

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In Belgium people are  waking up to the treacherous ways of misguided left-wing lunatics who are in cahoots with the Islamic infil-traitors:

* There has been an outcry in Belgium over a proposal to convert little-used churches into mosques. A senior official in Antwerp argues too many of the city’s churches stand empty most of the time and he has put forward suggestions to convert them into mosques to benefit the city’s large Muslim population.
Philip Heylen, who is deputy-mayor, says he wants to “break the taboo” over the future of the city’s churches, many of which have dwindling and ageing congregations. He shrugs:
“It’s a looming issue yet it seems impossible to have a debate about this, churches were built as places of worship and they should not be used as shopping malls. We’ve approached various religious groups and had a positive response from members of the Muslim community, which is open to the idea of converting them.”

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  1. >>”Netherlands: 65% support ban on large mosques

    Completely irrelevant to the savages even if it was 99.99%. They want to force Islam down your throat whether you like it or not!

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