Melbourne: accusing Muslim doctor of rape breaches his 'human rights'

* Following the teachings of the rapist prophet pretender:

*  My, they’re playing us like a fiddle:

Rape accused claims rights breach

A DOCTOR charged with raping a female patient claims his suspension by the state’s medical board breaches his human rights

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Ahmed Mohamed Sabet was already under investigation for alleged misconduct with a patient when he was charged in March with the rape and indecent assault of another patient.

He was suspended at a Victorian Medical Practitioners Board hearing in April.

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The GP claims the suspension infringed his right to the presumption of innocence.

Dr Sabet has since been granted an interim right to practice under strict conditions that include him not treating female patients.

The charges are still before the courts.

In what presiding justice Elizabeth Hollingworth described as a legal test case for Victoria’s Charter of Human Rights, Dr Sabet is seeking a Supreme Court review of the Medical Practitioners Board decision to suspend him.

A win for Dr Sabet would affect the right of all boards and tribunals in Victoria to suspend a person facing criminal charges.

“The tribunal is bound to uphold the human right of the presumption of innocence every time it deals with criminal charges if it thinks it is relevant to do so,” Dr Sabet’s lawyer Jeremy Ruskin, QC, today told the Supreme Court.

“It must respect the right of the applicant not to be presumed guilty.”

Mr Ruskin questioned why the board ruled the public was in more danger now that Dr Sabet had been charged with rape than when “disturbingly similar” allegations were made last year.

Tim Ginnane, SC, for the Board told the court it was the board’s responsibility to protect the public.

He said the suspension was an interim decision that would be reviewed.

The court heard a woman known only as AB raised misconduct allegations against Dr Sabet with the board in June 2007.

The board was investigating those allegations when notified by police that Dr Sabet had been charged with three counts of rape and five counts of indecent assault following an alleged incident with a patient known as YZ in October last year.

According to his Medical Practitioners Board registration details, Dr Sabet gained his medical qualifications at the University of Cairo in 1988.

Under his interim registration conditions, which expire at 4pm (AEST) tomorrow, Dr Sabet must see only male patients and is restricted to working at five suburban clinics.

The civil trial before Justice Hollingworth continues tomorrow.


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Imam: “It is not what Imam Hamza said nor is there a question of my agreeing with him or not. It is in Quran thus those are Allah’s orders.”

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Imam: “Because Non-muslims are never innocent, they are guilty of denying Allah and his prophet. If you don’t believe me, here is the legal authority, the top muslim lawyer of Britain, Anjem Choudhary.”

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  1. * Ahmed Mohamed Sabet [plays victim card]

    Deport him to somewhere where his human rights will be respected, like … Iran?

    [Iran: Flogging an effective deterrent, says senior official]

    He won’t be seeing me as a patient, unless I’ve carked it or am unconscious.

  2. * My, they’re playing us like a fiddle:

    Hey diddle diddle, Mo had a fiddle …

  3. He can’t be blamed. It’s his Illah given right to rape with impunity.

  4. “If you don’t believe me, here is the legal authority, the top muslim lawyer of Britain, Anjem Choudhary.”

    Anjem Choudhary is his definative authority? Now, I am laughing as the only thing that Choudhary has successfully demonstrated when ever he opens his mouth is the importance of the separation of Church and State. Oh, yeah and how much he loathes the West and the indigenous Kaffirs.

  5. Islam is based on the Quran and Al-Sunnah. If a muslim claims the opposite of what the Quran and Al-Sunnah has stated, he is a liar. We are guided by the Quran, not from the mouth of humans that pretend that they know Islam. Do not judge Islam by how the pretenders are practicing it. Islam is a pure religion, not to be tainted by lies by the so-called ‘muslims’. Trust in the Quran, not pretenders.

  6. That Imam from Melbourne is a pretender. He misguided the people who do not understand Islam into thinking that Islam is a religion of obscenity. Islam never had encouraged rape, gambling, killing for no reason, and other sinful acts. If you do not believe my words, refer to the Quran itself. The Quran has been published in English too.

    The Sahih hadith that he claimed ‘sahih'(legit) are not legit at all. This is why the Quran is the first source of reference, and putting the Sunnah as second. Because the Quran is the word of Allah. Allah never preach mischief. Do not judge Islam by the words of a man who claimed he is an imam who preaches mischief.

  7. We judge islam by its fruits…rape , murder , beheading ,stoning , slavery , oppression , madness , enslavement of women , honour killings , acid attacks , corruption , poverty , dreariness , depression , lack of progress ,brutality, flogging , stupidity etc..etc..etc.

  8. * Trust in the Quran, not pretenders.

    Trust in Jesus Christ, not pretenders like allah and its false prophet.

  9. ComeInPeace.
    Islam is judged by what it and its followers do – so leave and take it with you!!!

  10. Anyway you fake people, you don’t know God !! God is ONE for everyone, all of us has the same spirit from God, and there is no fucken difference between humans. The only difference will be Sins and deeds. I don’t think Alcohol consumption and having Sex with more than one girlfriend in a young age and then aboting her baby, and the mum is still ababy, is considered good practice. Whatever religion u believe in u R a Loooooser to commit any of that. And for Ignorant Boagans, don’t judge anyone, as a matter of fact because u have no fucken idea, you r just alchoholics, piggs, potato bags on couches watching a fucken stupid thing u called it football……..Who’s House is of Glass, don’t throw stones at people.

    1. Al-ilha, the ancient moon-god of the pagan desert Arabs and the only idol in the Kaaba that Muhammad did not destroy is not God. In Malaysia they know that. How come you don’t?

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