The Keffiyeh Downunder: Terrorist Symbol or Fashion Trend?

* Jewish importer Roger David sez “Go Back to Sleep!”

*  The keffiyeh: fashion trend or jihad symbol?

* We reported: The Keffiyeh Kerfuffle


ONE of the latest fashion items to hit Australia – a scarf resembling a keffiyeh – has caused a stir with many claiming it defused the apparel’s meaning as a pro-Palestinian jihad symbol.

* Jewicidal Libertarians:

However, Jewish community leaders have said the reaction is unwarranted.

Resembling a traditional Arab headdress, the keffiyeh hangs around the neck and is black and white or red and white and has become one of fashion’s latest accessories.

* Pamela from Atlas Shrugs broke this story here

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies CEO Vic Alhadeff told The AJN “it’s a non-issue”.

“Most people would be unaware of its connotation for Muslims and Jews, and it’s therefore, clearly being worn as a fashion item. If people choose to wear one for whatever reason, that is their choice.”

Roger David, a Jewish-owned clothing label, was criticised by an irate AJN reader, Steven Rose, for “ignoring such community standards and societal norms, by blatantly advertising these keffiyehs – symbols of the Arab terrorist movements – prominently on the Roger David website”.

The scarf in question appears on a male model on the website and is the central image under the link to Stray.

When contacted by The AJN, a representative from Roger David refused to comment, and said only that he wasn’t aware the scarves were being sold.

In Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall, members of political group the Socialist Alternative wore black-and-white keffiyehs as they handed out brochures supporting gay rights. When approached, one of the members said he was wearing his keffiyeh as a symbol of “Palestinian resistance” and in opposition to “Israel’s oppression”.

In a story that ran in The Sydney Morning Herald recently, an employee of Kemeny’s in Bondi said she was abused for wearing a keffiyeh.

Sandra Tieger, 20, reportedly said that she wore the headdress as a fashion item, not realising its political undertones, and was made to feel as if she supported terrorism by senior staff.

Alex Hoffman, the grocery manager at Kemeny’s, told The AJN he asked Tieger to remove the keffiyeh because “customers were taking objections to it for religious reasons”.

“I asked her to take it off just to neutralise and nullify things, but she refused. She wouldn’t sympathise with people taking offence to it,” he said.

A Palestinian customer allegedly called and complained about the scarf. “A few days after that, I wore the scarf again. A few customers started to complain who were Jewish there’s a lot of Jewish people in the area,” Tieger told The SMH.

Last month, an online advertisement for Dunkin’ Donuts chain, in which celebrity chef Rachael Ray wore a scarf resembling a keffiyeh, was withdrawn when critics said the scarf had “violent symbolism and anti-Israel overtones”.

21 thoughts on “The Keffiyeh Downunder: Terrorist Symbol or Fashion Trend?”

  1. The fact that Sandra Tieger refused to remove the keffiyeh (which is the same as a Nazi Swastika). After she forced management to explain to her about the religious and political message that “attire” has behind it by acting coy. She still refused to remove the terrorist symbol. This means she knew exactly what it meant when she doffed it, and even tried to use the standard Pallywood “victim card” too by say she was made to feel like a terrorist for dressing like a terrorist. (Dress like a Nazi, get treated like a Nazi.)

  2. Why didn’t the employer jus fire her for disobeying his order? Sounds like he wasn’t too upset about it. This little girl needs her behind smacked…or sent back to school to learn a little history about her country and develop some patriotism and love.

  3. The Keffiyeh Downunder: Terrorist Symbol or Fashion Trend? Neither. A keffiyeh anywhere in the civilized world is a symbol of the ignorance or stupidity of the one wearing the damnable thing.

    There is an upside, though. Maybe the dummies will annoy some of the genuine Palestinian supporters, and get cracked upside their empty little heads. Personally, I think they’re mocking and insulting Islam 😉

  4. It leads one to despair to realize how incredibly thick the fundamentalist left can be. Did it never occur to these socialist alternative brochure distributors to ask themselves whether homosexuals would be better off in Israel or an islamic country? Wake up, morons!

  5. Right on!
    Why the hell should she have to take her Palestinian scarf off? It’s her choice and her right to wear it. Nobody should take that away from her.

    Also, the fact that it supports the thousands of poor Palestinians who get tortured, raped and killed everyday because their country is being taken over for some very very pathetic reason by the Israelies, is bloody fantastic in my opinion.

    I have those scarves, and I wear those scarves with pride. and so do millions of other people. We aren’t just going to stop wearing it because it’s making somebody ‘upset’.


    Ever asked yourself WHY?

    these people don’t just wake up in the morning and say, “Hey, I think I’m going to kill some people today”.

    and if they’re terrorists for defending themselves, then I don’t even want to think up the name for what they’re doing in Israel.

  6. wow it’s a real shame I didn’t look this up earlier because I would’ve really had a chance to defend myself.
    1) the reson I did not remove my scarf the first time was because I had no idea about the political undertones as the scarf was popular at the time and to be honest if you have ever worked in customer service you would know how many crazy people there are out there. I thought the man who complained about me was just another “crazy person”. Then when I was asked to take the scarf off I thought it was a personal attack on me and I thought the people who had made the complaint should have confronted me themselves. Everyone was wearing the scarf at the time so I shouldn’t be attacked as an individual…I didn’t design it. Anyway, my manager Graham at the time accused me of being quote an “arab supporter” which i thought was a horribly racist remark and not to mention I had never made any claim of any kind. After the incident my father informed about what the colours meant or may have meant to others etc. and as an educated man thought it was quite ridiculous that people actually asked me to remove it in the first place. There ARE bigger issues going on in the world and for customers to get so emotionally caught up in a fashion item worn by people all over the world including military members is just a joke.

  7. Didn’t see this story first time round but I have no, so I may as well add my two-penneth!!!

    Over the last year to 18months the keffiyah has been growing in popularity in London. Every trendy fucker has them, from emo-kids to wannabe wiggers and negro gangsta types. Every time I see one, I feel like it’s my duty to choke the bastards with their symbol of terrorism. I’ve had friends who’ve turned up to the pub wearing them, which usually leads to some form of argument and accusation of racism towards me, when i’ve explained the political connotations behind the scarf and said they should remove it immediately. Utterly distasteful.

    The left astound me, with their constant bleating about human rights and name-calling towards the so called fascists and racists. They could not be bigger hypocrites if they tried with their glorification of terrorists like the palestinians and mass-murderers such as Stalin. Why can’t we go back to the glory days of £400 Burberry scarves as a fashion statement? Even the sheeple have become politicised these days, with whatever issue is the trend of the moment. Only problem is, they have but one brain cell between them, and they end up following blindly without ever questioning and forming their own personal view.

    Plastic politics at it’s finest…. “oh my god we can’t turn the lights on at such and such time of day, because we’ll kill all the polar bears, and then what would the poor downtrodden palestinians do to pass the time while they’re being shelled by those evil blood-drinking israeli nazi’s……. but but but I hate Hitler cus he killed the Jews during WWII, but they should die now because muslims are better…. blah blah blah”

    ^whoops, I seem to have become possessed by the spirit of some unhinged dead left-winger just then, probably one that died of a heroin OD while getting buggered by Gerry Gable, such is the moral majority that makes up the snivelling liberal crowd.

    Pardon the rant, it probably doesn’t make sense, but I read it back and chortled a few times. Hopefully others will see the funny side too!

  8. Sandra sez:

    “There ARE bigger issues going on in the world and for customers to get so emotionally caught up in a fashion item worn by people all over the world including military members is just a joke.”

    A symbol is a symbol, not a fashion item. If you wear a swastika, you identify with Nazis. If you wear a Che Guevara T-shirt you are likely a sympathizer to the commie-cause and a supporter of a mass-murderer. If you wear a cross, you are most likely a Christian. If you wear a Star of David you are most likely a Jew.

    If you wear a keffieh you are most likely a supporter of Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic jihad or Al Aqsa martyrs brigades, genocidal terrorist organizations all of them.

    Do you get it now?

  9. I see this in completely another way – if you want to wear the stupid thing wear it – but if a muslim tells you to take it off then call the police. muslims have NO right to impose their backward societies on any living creature.

  10. Sheikyermami – just as with the Dunkin’ Donuts controversy, you must know that Laila Al-Qatami (Communications Director of the Arab Anti-Defamation Committee), called it “a sad commentary when an article of clothing is labeled in such negative and derogatory terms and used as a premise to vilify Arabs and Muslims”. This little tidbit is from Wikipedia.
    I’ve just recently returned from an 8 day visit to Egypt where I was given a keffiyeh as a gift from a local whom I befriended. It was given with no political overtures whatsoever. They are sold at every local market in Cairo, Aswan and Luxor – all the cities I visited. These people are not pro or anti Palestine or Israel. If I choose to wear the scarf I shall do so because it was a gift from a friend.
    I understand what you say when you mark the keffiyeh as a symbol – and out of respect for your views and the views of any Israelite/Jew I would not wear this scarf in any synagogue or Jewish/Israelite social club or space. However, in public streets, what I wear is my business and does not reflect political affiliations or statements.
    Kaw – these keffiyehs are also sold in Muslim shops!

  11. meme,
    It is quite clear that these are sold in muslim shops!!! The point, which you missed, is that if a muslim tells you to take the damn thing off then tell the muslim to bug off. If you want to wear one – fine!! If you dont want to wear one that is also fine. It is your business – so protect that right. I am confused as to how my original email was simply not understood as it seems to me that it is very clear in what it states. I hope that you are now clear on what my original email meant.

  12. @senor doeboy
    I don`t see palestinians behaving like nazis and occupying other territories. and if the keffief is a nazi symbol then the star of david should be considered as such and banned from usage.
    the swastica is a hindu symbol and there`s a difference betewn a scarf and a solar representation .

  13. that`s the Roman Salute, it`s a military salute. jewish settlers raising walls and participating in the ethnic cleansing of palestinian territories is more ‘nazi’ than a misunderstood salute. the thing is. Palestinians are on the defensive and Hebrews are on the offensive. btw Heard of Mossad and Jewish Defense League?

  14. I said “that`s the roman salute”. Arabs WERE roman citizens at the hight of the Roman empire like Philip the Arab.
    Anyway,I wanted to specify that the israeli settlers and extremists are also doing their part in this middle eastern conflict behaving like nazis and fueling the anti-jewish resent in the arab world.there`s no smoke without fire ,you know.I have nothing else to comment on this subject.

  15. Arabs were Arabs then no different from Arabs today. They were never ‘Roman citizens’.

    The Israelis defend their land against lunatics like this:

    “If they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.”

    — Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary-General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah

    More quotes here.

    Good bye!

  16. Keffiyehs make for fine fashion items. If you come to Australia don’t bring your BS with you. Here everyone is equal and shouldn’t be subjugated to Religious malakies because some idiot doesn’t realise where they’re living.

    I don’t chase down chase down everyone who wears green or raises the Irish flag or plays the pennywhistle because the IRA bombed London.

    If you can’t live in a multicultural community in peace then go cause trouble elsewhere. Idiots!

  17. Anon “If you can’t live in a multicultural community in peace then go cause trouble elsewhere. Idiots!”

    “Multicultural Communities ” begat Trouble, IDIOT!

    See Sydney’s Occupied Territories where every day is a “Harmony Day” Honour Killings, 100 shootings in 99 days , Paedophilia / child sex prostitution rings, car rebirthing, drug importation and redistribution,car hijacking,gun running money laudering, Islamic “Aussie Pigs and Sluts” gang Rape gangs, bashings,stabbings robberies,and the greatest collection of Social Security Bludgers on the face of the earth.. thanks Labor / Greens for the “Cultural Enrichment of my once Great Paradise, Sydney.

    “Keffiyehs make for fine fashion items” Just like Swastika’s and the Roman Cross, aka.the “Peace Sign” ?

  18. Multiculturalism doesn’t mean segregated groups of culture which is what we have, it is culture where there is a fusion of cultural practices, values, foods etc. This can only be accomplished by educated immigrants or governmental initiative. Some cultures don’t mix well, granted, and that’s due to arrogance.

    The swastika wasn’t invented by Nazi Germany and was around centuries before in Indian and Chinese culture as a symbol of good luck and the key to paradise. It continues to this day in cultures as a symbol of fertility and good luck. Propaganda doled out by other “groups” shouldn’t be allowed to colour our view of the world and its symbols.

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