US walking away from UN rights forum

* Infiltration Jihad:

* US out of the UN-‘Human Rights’ circus?  High time. Long overdue. This pathetic, corrupt and totally perverted ‘world body’ needs to get the shoe. A taste of what ‘human rights’ are turned into when Arab Muslims use bribes and blackmail to call the shots

The United States has quietly informed Western allies of its intention to walk away from the UN Human Rights Council, diplomatic sources said on Friday.

Diplomatic sources and rights activists said that US officials had informed the European Union on Friday morning of its intention to halt its involvement in the Council. “They said they were going to disengage totally,” said one representative of a rights watchdog group. (Reuters)


*  One of the reasons for this walkout we can see right here:

Pakistan defends UN rights body against newspapers’ accusation it stifles press freedom

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