Brisbane Taxi Jihad

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Cracking Down on Cynophobia in Brisbane

“Hey, Islamaniac, we’re coming to get you…”

by Baron Bodissey

TaxicabWe’ve written previously about the Somali taxi drivers in Minnesota who refused to carry passengers from the airport if they were accompanied by guide dogs. Although the authorities reacted with less than full dhimmitude — they penalized the offending drivers by sending them to the rear of the taxi queue — the response still fell short of a firm demand that the Somalis accommodate themselves to their adopted country.

A similar situation has arisen in Brisbane, and the Australians are taking a firm stance against the taxi drivers. In this case it’s a “private sector” solution, however: the taxi companies themselves are cracking down on drivers who refuse passengers with guide dogs:

Muslim taxi drivers refuse blind fares with ‘unclean’ guide dogs

Some Muslim taxi drivers are refusing to carry blind and disabled passengers with guide dogs — because their religion tells them the animals are “unclean”.

Brisbane’s Yellow Cab Company has been forced to sack drivers over their conduct towards passengers with assistance dogs.

Bill Parker, general manager of the firm, said the behaviour would not be tolerated and penalties will be imposed if drivers disobeyed.

The company has produced a booklet informing drivers of their duty towards blind and disabled customers with dogs.

Islamic Council of Queensland president Suliman Sabdia said dogs were considered a health risk for Muslims but “to use religion as a reason to refuse blind and disabled passengers is unjustified”.

They’re even sacking the buggers. Good on ya, mate!

8 thoughts on “Brisbane Taxi Jihad”

  1. How inconsiderate of the Taxi company!! What makes them think that a dog would want to ride in a taxi with a Muslim?

  2. Good for Australia! Kick some Koranist butt.

    As for the Minnesota situation not much was done but given the wretched political state there
    (left of Stalin much of the time) it’s miraculous anything at all was done.

  3. There are literally thousands around the country waiting for a vacancy to drive a taxi, the turn over in this industry is huge and the customer is always right. In Australia the taxi service is an essential service and no amount of whining or protest from ill informed selfish throwbacks from the 3rd world will change that…

  4. just don’t use muslim driven cabs. Me? I’d rather walk or wait for another one.

  5. urban11>>”just don’t use muslim driven cabs. Me? I’d rather walk or wait for another one.

    kaw>>”I do not use cabs driven by Muslims.

    Joe Grey>>Same here, but the Muslims are still not integrating. They never will.

  6. Think I’m going to get me a dog and some sunglasses. That way I won’t end up giving my money to some Muslim cabdriver!

  7. Good point Joe – but not true for all – that is the problem. The nasties are mostly Pakis or Arabs – it is a cultural thing – but since the moderate minority are not of much use I dont bother making the distinction these days.

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