Bye bye Ol-merde!


*  Of course, the equally clueless Livni will probably succeed him.

“PM announces he will resign after Kadima elects new leader,”

from the Jerusalem Post, July 30:

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert held a special press conference on Wednesday at 8 p.m. where he announced he will not run in the Kadima primary scheduled to take place in September.Olmert said he would resign from office upon selection of a successor, and would allow his successor to attempt to form a coalition.

The premier lashed out at his political adversaries without naming any of them – either from Kadima or other parties – personally.

Olmert opened his speech by expressing his pride to be a citizen of Israel: “As a citizen in a democracy I have always believed that when a person is elected prime minister in Israel, even those who opposed him in the ballot want him to succeed.

“But instead I found myself subjected to constant investigations and criticism. Almost from day one, I had to repel personal attacks and postpone decisions that are pertinent to the security of the State.”

Olmert then proceeded to recount the successes of his premiership: “And yet, Israel’s position has improved.

“The North enjoys tranquility; Israel’s deterrence has immeasurably improved. I am proud of these achievements,” he said.


Achievements? The North is threatened with imminent attack and the South is already under attack. And he is whining about personal attacks.


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  1. “The North enjoys tranquility” And how long will that last Mr. Dhimmi while we all sit back and watch Hezbo arm themselves relentlessly? But, stay tuned. Someone equally, or more clueless, will take over.

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