Denmark & the dreaded cartoons of blasphemy

For a Muhammad-free Denmark!!

We shall never forget — the cartoons!

Likewise, we should never forget the Muslim backlash to freedom of speech — including mass riots, burned buildings and cars, and dead Christians. See here for a long list of Muslim “reactions” to the “cartoon controversy,” arranged by country. “Muslims to appeal cartoon case,” from News 24 with thanks to DW


Sheik yer’mami sez: “We shall never forget!”

Hateful parasite: Abu Laban

*  No, we shall never forget  that awful, disgusting Abu Laban, chief-instigator behind the cartoon riots, how he was whining and whingeing on CNN, that “we love our prophet more than we love our own children”, that “this kind of democracy is no good for us” and the threatening “we Muslims have been very, very patient”- but try to find these clips on youtube now and you will find you have very little luck.

With our own news networks and their stooges being bought with petro-dollars we are digging our own graves. That’s why Hugh Fitzgerald sez: “Reprint!


*  Every time Muslims raise this matter, simply reprint the cartoons again. Every time a lawsuit is filed, every time a threat is made, directly or indirectly, reprint the cartoons again. In Denmark, and all over. Do it so often, in a show of solidarity for the principle of free speech, for the principle, that is, that not only the principle but also the actual exercise, of free speech, is to be defended.

Repeat ad libitum.

 Hugh [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 31, 2008 10:11 AM

*  The Audacity of Hypocrisy



Copenhagen – Seven Danish Muslim associations were planning to appeal to Denmark’s highest court over the publication of 12 cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that sparked violent protests in 2006, reports said on Thursday.


A spokesperson for the Islamic Society told Danish media that a lawyer was working on the appeal to the Supreme Court.

Earlier, a Danish district court and an appeal court had turned down cases filed against the former managing editor and cultural editor of the Jyllands-Posten newspaper, which published the cartoons in September 2005.

The Muslim associations maintain that Muslims were slandered when the prophet was depicted as a terrorist and war-monger, but both Danish courts ruled that the publication was not slander.

Islamic Society spokesperson Bilal Assaad said the groups were prepared to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, should the Supreme Court not support their case, news agency Ritzau said.

In February, Danish security police said they averted a plot to murder newspaper cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, who made one of the 12 cartoons, depicting the Prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban.

Leading Danish newspapers reprinted the cartoons after the plot against Westergaard was disclosed, sparking new protests.


9 thoughts on “Denmark & the dreaded cartoons of blasphemy”

  1. The Motoons now rank with the Crusades as the worst offense ever committed against Koranists. They will still riot and kill over this for centuries to come. Never forgive and never forget is their mantra.

  2. We have to unite behind the people who are fighting these muslim idiots in the Danish legal system. And that means telling the do-gooders to STFU. This is my recollection of these events. Please inform me if points are incorrect.

    1) above mentioned Iman put an open add in the Danish Newspapers stating that a reward would be paid for every Kaffir killed.
    2) Iman was taken to court but let off as he has been “misinterpreted”.
    3) Cartoonist draws cartoons as a rubuke against the ad which had been placed in paper. Cartoons published.
    4) Every body (except the Iman) yawned
    5) Several months later scheming muslim iman took cartoons to the radical arab press – using the arab press the brainless arab majority were incited to riot – not a difficult task.
    6) After several hundred people, mostly muslims, but also a Christian couple in Turkey + some others had been murdered by muslim mobs, Cartoonist has to live under police protection, several danish emabassies attacked, and sleazy Iman has accomplished his goal of making life difficult for the Cartoonist. I believe that sheer malice were behind this fuckwits actions (Iman).

    Despite the fact that I will stand up for the muslims who are my friends, these a..holes deserve the chinese solution – and charge the mosques for the bullets.

  3. Keep printing the cartoons every time they start whining. They like to blame everyone else for their behaviour – if they start, tell them that they made you do it by insulting our freedom of speech, our culture, our history and yes, our religion. Our behaviour is only a reasonable response to their *westernaphobia*. Lets see if they can talk their way round that one – should be interesting.
    Keep buying Danish and supporting them all we can.

  4. Abu Laban>>”The Danes? They’re racists, non educated, lazy and ignorant.

    Joe Grey>>It’s bad enough Muslims are liars, worse yet, they tend to believe their own lies.

  5. spitty kitty has the right idea. The problem is there won’t be a tree left standing for all the paper needed for the task!

  6. They come from sand filled parched lands without having seen flowers or fruits on trees. They have barely had any education. Nearly 80% of this religion in Asia and Africa are said to be uneducated.

    Education does NOT mean just knowing to read and write but to UNDERSTAND. That faculty is not given to these specimens of the human race.

    How do you deal with such creatures except to send them back to where they came from where they can enjoy the pleasures of ‘honour’ killing, amputations and stoning to death. These are excellent past times for some who blow themselves and their co religionists in bomb blasts to while away their time on earth before they go to the hereafter and the promised 72 virgins and nubile boys and perpetual Erection..

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