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“Afghans must command foreign troops”: state newspaper

Moe’s Jihad News

* That’ll be the day! Exactly because of our trusted ‘allies’ Bin Laden got away…

To defeat Taliban militants, foreign troops led by NATO and the U.S. military in Afghanistan should come under the command of the Afghan government, otherwise the war will drag on, a government-owned newspaper said on Tuesday.

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Denmarks poor widdle Muslims:

Imam Ahmed sez  “We are being mentally tortured,” 

Sheik yer’mami sez: “time to pack up, imam. The desert is full of pretty camels this time of year…”

The New York Times


“We are being mentally tortured,” Imam Ahmed said at his mosque, an anonymous building that looks more like an apartment complex than a house of worship. “The cartoons are an insult against Islam, an attempt by right-wing forces in this country to get a rise out of the Muslim community and so portray us as against Danish values.”

Soren Krarup, a retired priest and leading voice in the party, said the Muslim response to the cartoons showed that Islam was not compatible with Danish customs. “Muslims who come here reject our culture,” he said. “Muslim immigration is a way for Muslims to conquer us, just as they have done for the past 1,400 years.”




Surat escapes attack, 18 (more) bombs defused


A live bomb being defused       

Bomb disposal squad defuses a live bomb in Surat. (PTI Photo)
AHMEDABAD/SURAT: On the morning after the Ahmedabad serial blasts, The Times of India ran the headline — Bangalore, Ahmedabad. Who’s Next? The answer is here. With two explosives-packed cars and 18 bombs being discovered across Surat, it’s clear that terrorists had planned a deadly serial attack on the diamond capital of India. ( Watch )        

Gujarat’s second largest city would have been sucked into another round of tragedy had the terrorists succeeded in blowing up what appears to be at least three dozen bombs — between the incendiary material found in WagonRs on Sunday and the assembled bombs discovered in the densely populated city on Tuesday. Surat is home to a Rs 70,000 crore diamond industry. 


Hirsi Ali seeks police protection in US


She’s seeking it from the Dutch government. But if the American government had any sense of what it is really up against in this conflict against jihadists worldwide, and who the real warriors are against those jihadists, Hirsi Ali would get protection from the U.S.

“Netherlands: Former MP Hirsi Ali seeks police protection in US,” from AKI, July 29


Iraq: Mahdi Army Gets Whacked

“The Mahdi Army acted like kings here and not like helpers of the people,”

‘Martyrs’ List’ tallies Mahdi Army’s troubles AP


US: Ignorance about the Enemy’s Ideology is the Problem

by Jeffrey Imm
Special to IPT News
July 29, 2008

In fighting Jihad, America’s greatest challenge remains understanding and confronting the ideology that provides the basis for Jihadist terrorism. Efforts to clearly define this enemy ideology recently have been undermined by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), and the State Department in promoting a “terror lexicon” that recommends federal government employees avoid terms such as “jihad,” “jihadist,” “Islamist,” ry=mujahideen&v%3Aproject=clusty-gov&v%3Apersonality=&v%3Asources=911″>“mujahideen,” and “caliphate” when addressing issues involving terrorism. The argument made by the DHS, NCTC, and others is that the use of such terms will aid in the “recruitment” of Muslims to join terrorist organizations, or will alternatively provide “legitimacy” to religious aspects of terrorist efforts.

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  1. The Afghans are a hoot. We send troops over there to do a job they themselves should be doing (if they’re not then they deserve the Taliban running things again) and we send them all sorts of aid yet they want to control the troops. Why not just hand them power in the West while we’re at it?

    I hope the answer to this foolishness is a resounding NO! I can just see these people sending NATO troops into harm’s way every damn time.

  2. The Afghani troops can’t even handle jumping jacks. How the hell are they supposed to be in charge?

  3. * “We are being mentally tortured”

    “Sword of Islam” is apparently no match for the cartoonist’s pen.

  4. >>”We are being mentally tortured

    Joe Grey>>No, you are being mentally retarded!

  5. >>Sheik yer’mami sez: “time to pack up, imam. The desert is full of pretty camels this time of year…

    >>May the fleas of a dozen she-camels infest his crotch.

  6. “Sword of Islam” is apparently no match for the cartoonist’s pen.

    @Mullah, what a profound and acutely perceptive statement! IMO, that single sentence, should qualify you for a Pulitzer Prize. I love it!

  7. If the Afghan government was *capable* of running an army then the Taliban wouldn’t have taken over in the first place. A polite NO will suffice. There are way too many warlords around and I certainly wouldn’t want British troops used by the Afghan government to take them out (assuming they aren’t joining the Taliban). I wouldn’t want any Coalition troops being ordered about by them. Close co-operation with army/police and training like in Iraq hopefully will do it.
    Danish immam = stop whining! You insult our cultures and religions all the time, we don’t go round murdering you, deal with it or leave.
    Hirsi Ali – I don’t know what is wrong with the Dutch. I’ve never thought of them as being pushovers, I hope this is just the MPs and not the people. Considering the threats to Hirsi Ali and the murder of Theo Van Gough, the problems of Gert Wilders over Fitna (which I liked and found v interesting) why aren’t they standing up and saying ENOUGH. Where is their pride in their own culture.

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