Just another honor killing in Georgia

* Christians do it all the time. Jews and Buddhists do it every day. Hindu’s and Zoroastrians, Rastafarians and Mormons: all kill their daughters when they bring shame to the family honor, right?

Amina & Sara Said send their regards

Another “Nothing to do with Islam” murder filicide

Police: Arranged marriage led father to kill daughter

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 07/06/08

A Clayton County man faces murder charges in the strangulation death of his 25-year-old daughter early Sunday over what police said was her desire to end an arranged marriage.

Chaudhry Rashad, 54, apparently became angry during an argument in which the victim, Sandela Kanwal, told him she wanted out of the marriage, Clayton police spokesman Timothy Owens said.

The father and daughter are both of Pakistani descent, and police said language barriers have slowed their investigation.

Authorities were called to the family’s home, in the 9600 block of Utah Drive in Jonesboro, just after 3 a.m. Sunday.

The Killer: Police said the father was angry because he felt his daughter was disgracing the family. Chaudhry was taken to the Clayton County jail.


Kanwal lived with her father when she was not with her husband, who resides in Chicago, Owens said. She hadn’t seen the husband in three months, he said.

Rashad had a seizure shortly after the alleged attack, and he was taken to a local hospital for treatment, Owens said. He was in custody Sunday at the Clayton County Jail and could make an initial court appearance Monday.

Neighbors said there appeared to be several people living in Rashad’s home, but they were not sure who they were or how they were related. The family moved in about two or three years ago.

“They were very nice, very quiet,” said Jack Hannah, who lives a few doors down from Rashad on Utah Drive. He said the family didn’t socialize much but would occasionally host large cricket matches for friends in their yard.

James Ambro said he chatted with Rashad regularly.

“Small talk, mostly,” said Ambro, who also lives on Utah Drive. “He seemed like a real nice fellow. A good neighbor, definitely.”

Owens said he did not know whether there had been previous police calls to the home. Neighbors said they couldn’t recall any prior incidents.


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  1. >>”“He seemed like a real nice fellow. A good neighbor, definitely.”

    Therein lies the problem:

    How does one distinguish between the ‘good’ and bad Moslems?

    How does one know which ones are secretly contributing the untold millions, if not billions, of dollars to support terrorism?

    How does one know which ones know who the terrorists among them are, but who won’t notify authorities?

    When I look at pictures of Germans during WWII, I can’t tell which ones were for and which ones were against Nazism.

  2. After some reflection, I have come to the conclusion that perhaps we in the west are missing the point in regards to Islam and muslims.

    We are failing to see that muslims are in fact trying to do the right thing. Unfortunately what is seen as right in their eyes is a result of what they have come to believe through Islam.

    I am sure that the father who strangled his daughter also loved his daughter, and yet his determination to strangle his daughter stems from his duty that Islam calls him to observe.

    Hence, our politicians are failing our society and muslims when they allow sharia in western society, instead of finding ways to challenge this belief system.

    Hence, this is the trouble with multiculturalism. For it fails to see that people can be enslaved by ideologies and unless those ideologies are challenged in love, then this will continue…and it will take over our own societies.

  3. I see Steiner.

    Multiculturalism would probably accept cannibalism side by side, proclaiming it a culture equal to any other.

    Of course the Greenies would object, and probably even tell us how much better it is for humanity to cannibalize on itself…helping bring methane levels down and as a result save the planet.

  4. well i worked at the same job as her and seen her just the other day working in her department, she was always quiet and kept to herself. she does not deserve to be mocked with a picture of some arab holding a leash on his wife, i feel that is disrespect to any human individual. we are in America, and it is 2008, muslims born in this country were not brought up like that, its another thing to look at somebody coming from a country we are not familiar with, but nomatter what there is no way anybody can intervene with somebody elses personal family problems. he loved his daughter whatever, he still strangled her out of anger, no country strangles people as a penalty. so dont put this under the muslim category just because of 911. everybody works in different ways, we have americans that burn crosses and americans that worship them. does that mean the negative outweighs the positive? just face it.if a daughter doesnt agree with her father it should never end up in death nomatter what religion. in that case why even be religious if committing murder is one of the rules? it makes you stop and think.. is it really worth it? we are mortals with flesh and were put here for a reason, if you believe in god you have an eternity to worship your god when your life is over. in the mean time do what you have to do to survive and make things better here on earth. people like Chaudhry Rashad is only contributing to the circle of hatred. people like to put labels on everything like we are all the same.

  5. Behold the “blessings” of multiCULTuralism. We are told this is a good thing, so that we may learn about other cultures. Well, I don’t know about anyone else but I am tired of learning about this particular culture-we are getting to know it all too well.

  6. Mark—-yes we do have people “BURNING” crosses as well as Flags, but notice they are not “KILLING” because of a flag or cross. Please also note that this is not an islolated incident. This has been happening all across America and Europe and it all comes back to the same root cause. You cannot say that “only some interpret” their religion to include this behaviour…It is ingrained in the idiology of each and every “believer”. You do not like the cartoon, but unfortunately in Islam (which means Submit) this is the way it is.
    This is not a culture that is compatible with anything else but itself, there fore, we will always be seperate.

  7. This is what I’ve now come to expect of muslims: total lunacy!
    Oh, but how can you say that when the Koran is based on love and understanding? That’s all bullshit. Sharia law is for those who dwell in the stone age and don’t have the skills to live in a modern society. I think I’ll start referring to all muslims as cavemen from now on.
    For all you cavemen that are sure to comment on my statement as being closeminded, failing to understand what the muslim faith is all about, failure to understand the Koran, and telling us all about the acts that were carried out in the name of the Christian religion make sure that you include REFERENCES to news articles about how the key spokesmen of the Muslim religion CONDEMN, REBUKE, CRITICIZE, or DENOUNCE this act, then we’ll talk. I’m sure that your favorite talking rag heads will make an on-camera appearance over this issue and the same worthless drivel will pour from their mouths about “see the first line of my comments”, “cavemen are loving people”, “this is bad interpretation of the Koran or of Sharia Law (that’s complete bullshit as well), 0.5% of all cavemen are peace loving people (crap), etc. etc.

    The fact is, there will be no open condemnation from prominent cavemen spokespersons of this act based on WHY IT WAS COMMITTED! Only the fact that it’s a shame that a young lady lost her life. What needs to be brought out into the open is that muslims do not fit in with our society while following Sharia law or even when trying to maintain ties to their eastern caveman cult beliefs.

    Back to the Middle East for all you Fuckers! I’ve had enough!

  8. Mark,
    Every year “honor killings” steal the lives of a significant number of young women in Europe. These murders are carried out mostly by “excuses for humanity” who originate from the middle east and from India and Pakistan. It is not solely a muslim phenomenon, for example a Sikh mother was convected last year in the UK of organising the murder of her daughter during a visit to India. However, muslims are the most significant contributors to this obscenity. Governments are starting to realise that a significant number of young western women who have married into muslim cultures (however this applies to India as well) have pretty much been reduced to serfdom by their husbands and their husbands families – their passports have been taken away, and many have simply disappeared. There also also reports of western women who have disappeared at stop-overs in Arab airports. I am getting a bit tired of the unquestioning acceptance of others from different cultures – being cautious about who we let in does not mean we are racist. At present it is clear that a significant minority of muslims should be shown the gate. I sincerely hope that our governments start listening to their citizens – Bastille Day may pass again if people are alienated inside their own countries because of idiotic understandings of what human rights actually means. And the cartoon that you find offensive is exactly the perpective of many men from the middle east and parts of Asia have for women.

  9. I think religion has nothing to do with this. Islam means peace and it does not allow any one to murder. This behaviour originates in every society due to social factor they have been living in. Some societies have stronger feelings about this and have defined certain boundaries. In every society girls are considered more vulnerable for dishonoring a family dignity. In western societies special USA there are countless cases of a father raping his own daughter and thek killing. Family dishonor can only happen where relationships are pious and given the highest rank. I am sure that father loved his daughter alot, and there could have been another way out.

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