Killer Of Terrorist Was Beaten Unconscious By Police At Anti-Disengagement Rally

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* King of Jordan ridicules boycott of Israel

Makor Rishon correspondent Hodaya Karish-Hazony, reports today that “Mem”, the soldier who killed the terrorist yesterday in Jerusalem, had been severely beaten by police during an anti-disengagement protest that took place May 2005.

“Mem”, who at the time was 17, was beaten unconscious by police as he photographed – from the sidewalk – a protest in Ramat Gan during which the road was blocked.

Karish-Hazony suggests that police decided to beat him unconscious even though he was standing on the sidewalk and not involved in blocking the road in an attempt to stop him from documenting the event.

“Mem” was detained and released several days later and his file was closed for “lack of evidence” – a move that left a police record that made it necessary for him to have to fight the IDF in order to be drafted into an elite unit.

Yediot Ahronot reports that it took “Mem” two years of arguing with the IDF before he was ultimately drafted into an elite unit.

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Ynet News: I can’t believe he did what he did; he was a good, caring person,” the Jewish ex-girlfriend of Hossam Dawyyat said Thursday, a day after the bulldozer driver’s killing spree in downtown Jerusalem left three people dead.

* For his family he is a ‘shahid,’ his aunt is ululating over the attack

* Comment by Hugh Fitzgerald

King of Jordan ridicules boycott of Israel

“…In fact, I cannot think of a major company that does not do business 
with Israel. If all these companies are offlimits then we are in deep 
trouble. For example, Intel whose chips power 80 per cent of computers 
around the world has billions of dollars of investments in Israel; its 
closest competitor AMD also has large investments in Israel. Does that mean 
we should throw our computers away? This is nonsense. If we follow this line 
of thought, then we will be doing the best service to Israel. All it has to 
do is use the best technology and best talent in the world and automatically 
it would be offlimits to us. “

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  1. How about a deception Crusade? Pretend to be a Moslem and encourage them to boycott all Western technology and depend on Allah for knowledge–LOL!

  2. What the “King of Jordan” failed to point out is the fact many of these businesses go to Israel despite the threats of boycotts and divestments. And yet many practically have to be begged by the State Department to do business in the Mohammedan cesspits.

    Now it can’t be the resources of Israel vs. the “Ummmah”, Israel has few “natural resources” where as the “Ummah” is brimming with them from chromium in Turkey to oil in Saudi. It must be the people that attract businesses to Israel and drive them away from the “Ummmah”.

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