"Lord Ahmed" throws hissy fits over 42-day detention plans

* Because detaining those who wage jihad in the way of Allah and plan to terrorize and bomb unbelievers into submission will “play into the hands of extremist groups” and  that is what “increases anti-Muslim feelings”. Now what could be worse than ‘anti-Muslim feelings?’

“Lord Ahmed of Rotherham” (good heavens! Who knighted this character?) became famous in the “Teddy-Bear Rage” affair and currently faces an investigation over a death crash in which a man was killed.

Sheffield Telegraph
By Mark Hookham

ROTHERHAM’S Lord Ahmed has condemned plans to lock up terror suspects for 42 days without charge as an “outrageous proposal”.

In a hard-hitting attack, Labour peer Lord Ahmed said he feared the controversial Bill will “play into the hands of extremist groups” and “increase anti-Muslim feelings”.

* In a sane world ‘Lord Ahmed’ wouldn’t be a lord and locked up together with the ‘extremists’ who cause these ‘anti-Muslim feelings’.

He told peers in the House of Lords that he had consulted various groups from his community in recent weeks about the plans.

We are just like the Jews…”

* No, you’re not, you genocidal zombies. You are killing Jews, since 1400 years….

One young man told him “that our anti-terror laws are now on a par with McCarthyism and the experience of the Jewish community within Europe during the last century”. (…)


6 thoughts on “"Lord Ahmed" throws hissy fits over 42-day detention plans”

  1. whining+ victimization+more whining+manipulation+more victimization+mindless murder=the religion of peace

  2. I crossed swords with the twat once on a BBC radio phone-in programme. It was about this country giving half a billion quid to Pakiland for earthquake relief, when Pakiland had enough money for it’s own nuclear weapons program. I wiped out his arguments when I went into a bit of detail on that. Then I really buggered him up by establishing that he had no grounds for calling me a racist when he tried to say he thought ethnic issues coloured my argument. When the programme controller got back to him for an answer, of Lord Achmed was there none. He’d just buggered off. If he can’t throw “racist” at you, he’s got nothing else left in his armoury.

    I’ve got nothing but contempt for the slug.

    But I agree with him about the 42 days issue – only for different reasons. It’s not aimed at muzbots, and I doubt a single one will ever be subjected to it. It’s aimed at nationalists like me – to shut us up when our ‘leaders’ are unable to argue against us. Keep us out of the way, incommunicado for six weeks and whatever we were giving them stick for will have passed.

    Looks better in the press than just walking away like Slug Achmed.

  3. He paid good (well big, not necessarily clean) money for his knighthood. If Charles gets to be king it would be kind of appropriate – like a collective of village idiots.

  4. I agree with Sir Henry on this one. However, Achmed and his friends from the MCB are becoming very good at the game they are playing. Given that Tayside police actually apologised to a group of these twats for a poster with a puppy and given that by aplogising the idiots at Tayside may have actually set some form of legal precedent, I consisder the current situation very dangerous. The only way to fight this is to remove these scum, and the only way to do this to to grab your local politicans balls and squeeze. The current birth rate situation is quite indicative of the danger we are in, and unless we can cement a few solid ground rules into our legal statutes, our next generation WILL have a rough time of it. Additionally, indications are that the sitation that Achmed and his colleague resolved in Sudan was actually manufactured to give Achmed and colleagues bonuis points in the eyes of the british public.

  5. Good point, kaw.

    Perhaps we should also point at the fact that the police force is already heavily infiltrated by Muslims and some of them are engaged in frivolous lawsuits for not making it to the very top although they’re already in the top pay bracket. Given the timid nature of the top Policeman who is already terrified of ‘racism’ and a PC-totalitarian, they usually get their way and literally get away with murder.

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