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Another Day, another mosque…

UK: Mosque hope divides Brentwood

A COMMUNITY has been left divided by controversial plans for a mosque in Brentwood.

The Gazette exclusively revealed plans by the Muslim community last week to purchase a commercial property for use as a permanent prayer and community centre at an unnamed location in Pilgrims Hatch.

Update: The Gazette has removed most of the comments because of “Vitriolic, bigoted racist filth, unsubstantiated abuse” – according to Matt Adams, acting PC-commissar/Assistant editor who is spooked by racial vilification laws. Matt Adams sends out letters to  posters with “Your comment has been removed from publication for inciting racial  hatred.”

Back to square One: which race is Islam again?


Jihad, genocide, slavery and sharia law

Any mention of ‘sharia’ is now outlawed at the UNHRC. More reflections by David G. Littman thanks to JW

*  God bless Al Jizzeera:

It spews hate, yes — but it also presents viewpoints otherwise unheard in the Arab world.


French Burka Jihad

Burqas are prisons – Muslim minister

Urban affairs minister Fadela Amara has branded burqas as totalitarian symbols and said a decision to refuse citizenship to a woman who wore one would dissuade certain fanatics from imposing them on their wives.
*  Ms Amara is a French-born Muslim of Algerian parentage
Ms Amara, a practising Muslim born in France to Algerian parents, said: “The burqa is a prison, it’s a straightjacket.” She added: “It is not a religious insignia but the insignia of a totalitarian political project that advocates inequality between the sexes and which is totally devoid of democracy.”



Scotland, you will never know what hit you:

“Expert” reassures the U.K. that an Islamic takeover is not possible

Once again, the factors this “expert” assesses all revolve around “material” causes—from poverty to birth-rate—and totally discount the influence of ideology, theology, zeal, and, that mother of all devastating wars, pure hate. “Mission expert dismisses fears of Islamic take-over in the UK,” by Nick Mackenzie, for Religious Intelligence,

The UK is not in danger of an Islamic takeover, according to Steve Bell, the National Director of Christian mission agency Interserve, who is an expert on Muslims issues.

More on page 2

Scottish government  funds Muslim Brotherhood

The Center for Social Cohesion (thanks to USS Neverdock) establishes that the Scottish Islamic Foundation, the recipient of the funds here, is a Muslim Brotherhood group.

MUSLIM leaders have accused Alex Salmond of blatant cronyism after he handed hundreds of thousands of pounds in public funds to an Islamic group run by an SNP activist.The Scottish Government has given £215,000 to the Scottish Islamic Foundation (SIF), a group run by Osama Saeed, an SNP member who is about to contest the Glasgow Central seat in the next Westminster election.  (Imagine: £215,000!!! This is money which the anti-jihad movement desperately needs…!)

* Here’s more on Osama Saed: “There is no reason why the west should set its face against the vision of a reunited Islamic world”

“Salmond hit by ‘cash for cronies’ row,” by Eddie Barnes for Scotland on Sunday,

*  Canuckistan:

“For a sincere Muslim, guns, warfare and weaponry are…something which enables him to carry out the obligation of the Jihad”

* Anybody listening?

“Emails criticize ‘West’s dominance,'” by Richard Brennan in the Toronto Star,


Sudan’s Prez dances, shouts “Allahu akbar” over war crimes charges

Dancin’ fool

Darfur Jihad Update. “Omar al-Bashir defiant dance over war crimes charges,” from the Herald Sun, (thanks to JW):

SUDANESE President Omar al-Bashir danced, punched the air in delight and shouted “God is great” in his first public appearance yesterday as a war crimes suspect.Sudan promised to turn Darfur into a graveyard as it reacted to charges laid by an international prosecutor accusing Mr al-Bashir of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

* Turn Darfur into a graveyard? Yeah, that’ll show that no genocide is going on, all right.



Gateway Pundit:


Pigs Heads In Mosque Yard Sparks Massive Riot

Thousands of Muslims rioted in India after pigs heads were found in the mosque yard.
Israel National News reported:

Nearly 2,000 Indian Muslims recently clashed with police after they discovered that pigs’ heads were placed inside the compounds of two mosques. A pig’s head was discovered at the washing area near the entrance of one mosque after more than a dozen Muslims already had entered. A growing crowd marched on a police station and demanded that the offenders be punished, but the mob then began throwing stones at passing buses, forcing police to react.

Policemen used tear gas to disperse the mob, and four policemen were inured. Buses and shops were torched and ransacked.

Naive & Stupid:

Speaking at this year’s Keswick Convention, a meeting of conservative evangelical Christians in the north of England, Steve Bell, the National Director of Interserve, pointed out that ‘Muslim fertility rates are dropping noticeably in Europe, and dramatically in the Middle East and North Africa. Fundamentalism thrives in communities with large extended families and poverty and this pattern is diminishing among Europe’s Muslim communities.’

That they definitely are, which is precisely why those Islamists being hunted by Arab “secular” governments, will always find a safe haven in Londonistan.

Ah, the ol’ “poverty-causes-terrorism” canard—you know, like multi-millionaire Osama bin Laden, or the worth billions Saudi government which daily inculcates its youth with fanaticism.


Not only is an Islamic takeover in this country unlikely, but he also believes that the UK is providing a safe place in which Islam can change: “Muslims in the West are finding they can practice Islam without pressure from Islamic governments.”

* Good luck with that and Good Night!

Hugh Fitzgerald puts in in perspective:

For one example, see statistics on The Netherlands:

1960: 1,500 Muslims
1970: 15,000 Muslims
1997: 400,000 Muslims
2008: 1,000,000 Muslims

In this time, the population of the Netherlands has remained almost constant. There is now an outflow of Dutch. Young Dutch people hesitate to have children: the qualify of the schools, and the safety of non-Muslim students, has declined. The welfare benefits for Muslims –subdidized housing, free education, free medical care, all kinds of other benefits — are paid for by Infidel taxpayers. All over Europe welfare states were created by non-Muslims, are paid for by non-Muslims, and are now being exploited, up to the hilt, by Muslim immigrants, many of them practicing polygamy, the women refusing to work (instead having babies, at a rate three or four times that of the non-Muslims) and the men largely unskilled and hostile to the system, with a fantastic sense of entitlement that comes from the fact that they are Muslims, and non-Muslims in their view should be paying them, should be extending Jizyah to them, as Islam has always insisted. The attitude does not go away, and there are many imams who have been taped telling their followers that stealing from Infidels is not stealing, but proleptic helping oneself to the Jizyah.

Those Muslims who do work make demands — as for prayer breaks — that ill fit in with the rhythm of an assembly line, or even working in stores. And they are often, with their ill-concealed hostility, those glowering faces and sullen eyes, unpleasant and disturbing for the non-Muslims who must work beside them. And even those who smile, and are ostentatiously just as sweet as they can be, will — if you get them on certain subejcts –suddenly reveal, as if ripping off a mask — quite a different attitude, and a fanatical core that amazes those who have managed to drill down.

Meanwhile, as Muslim populations rise, even if that rise is not quite as dramatic as it once was, so that Muslims now reproduce at, not five or six times but only three times the rate of non-Muslims in Europe, where, it must be remembered, the birthrate of non-Muslims has fallen below the replacement level, those Muslim wives, sometimes plural wives, do not work but keep producing babies, while non-Muslim women go to work.

And taxes are high, and will get higher, in order to keep afloat these large Muslim populations, with the non-working wives, the wives who are essentially breeders, whose “work” is those large families that they cannot possibly support, and consciously rely on the continued — and to Americans unbelievable — benefits that the welfare states of Europe make possible.

And the taxes continue to remain high on the non-Muslims. Meanwhile, those non-Muslims look around, look around at the presence of so many Muslims, who now are a majority in the schools of Rotterdam and Malmo, and a disturbing large minority presence in so many other schools and cities, and what could once upon a time have been counted on — good public schools — are no longer to be counted on, and so young non-Muslim couples factor that silently into their own calculations as to whether to have children, or what the expense of the children will be — an expense that may now include, as it did not in the past, private school tuition.

And the quality of everyday life, slowly but surely, worsens.

And then there is the great and increasing expense of monitoring that same Muslim population, of watching the mosques, and paying informants, and paying for more police, and lawyers, and judges, and then too for increased security, at airports and train stations, at bus stations, and for much heavier guards at Jewish and Christian religious sites and schools and community centers, at embassies, at government office buildings, at national monuments or other sites of symbolic value that might possibly be targets.

And the quality of life declines.

Let me put it again as I have put it here many times before:

“The large-scale presence of Muslims in the countries of Western Europe has led to a situation for both the indigenous non-Muslims, and for non-Muslim immigrants to each country, that is much more unpleasant, expensive, and physically dangerous than would be the case without that large-scale Muslim presence.”

Some may differ over what is to be done to remedy this situation. But no one can deny the truth of that observation.

Posted by: Hugh [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 16, 2008 10:02 AM


Defeatism in the West

July 13, 2008

At this moment, Israel is about to cave into Hezbollah and Hamas on virtually every demand made by those two groups in return for the bodies of two soldiers (and probably Gilad Schalit’s body too). There is a malaise of defeatism in the West that has been spread by the left-leaning intelligensia and sourced back to the religious pacifists, the collaspe of cultural identities (see Natan Sharansky) and the continued efforts of the communist and fellow-traveller groups in western academia to demoralize and disempower the west in favour of an assumed “revolutionary” movement from Islam.
The model for the current time can be found in the late 1970s and the collaspe of Iran from a forward looking state (admittedly a tyranny) to a backwards, anti-progressive Islamist tyranny that outdid the Shah’s regime for physical and mental butchery. At the time the western elites refused to believe what the Islamists led by Khomenei were both writing and proclaiming in public speeches, prefering the safety of their own assumptions and wishes. Michel Foucault slobbered over a man who would have put him to death faster than if one could say “Jack Robinson” if he had been an Iranian subject. Why? Because they were following what they wanted to see, not what was in front of them.

Now we find the same path being trodden again. We have a growing Islamist movement in the west that is emboldened by appeasement and accomadation, a left-leaning intelligensia whose imagined enemies are the working class, the right wing and apostates from a pseudo-communist correct line of thought (mulitcultural political correctness) and who see virtue as inherently located outside of their own culture. A negative, plaintive attitude has emasculated and embarressed the west and left it soft and weak.
We need a new idea of ourselves and the best people saying what this might be are the left-wing apostates such as Christopher Hitchens, Nick Cohen and David Aaronovitch. We need to mobilise the huge economic potential in the west and reawaken our shared values of equality before the law, the importance of the individual against the group and the humanisation of our society. What I mean by the last statement is that throughout history, we as human beings, as a species have slowly in parts and places moved from a tribal and group based identity that excluded, punished and was demarcated by taboo, towards a state of awareness that comes out of the fallout from the European religious wars and the Enlightenment.
Today, the Enlightment is under attack and accused of being the root of 20th Century fascism and 19th Century racist ideologies, ignoring the fact that the values at the centre of the fascist and communist movements were anti-modern, anti-intellectual and anti-individual (as opposed to the group). These were movements against the Enlightment and modernity – and today, so is Islamism.
Islamism and it’s left-wing fellow travellers in the west seeks to impose a new order of racism, genocide and tyranny on the world. There is no place in Islamist philosophy for free-thought, free-speech, or the mere existence of difference beyond that mandated in a collection of thoughts and sayings from the 7th and 8th Centuries AD. Why do the left-wing affect to believe more in the virtue of this fascist creed than in their own culture?
Because they have abandoned reason and logic as their own beliefs have attained the trappings of religion, since reason and logic (those gifts of radical Christianity, but above all the Greeks) can be used to question and dismantle those beliefs. By finding nothing but fault in the west for the last half-century, by despising the working classes of the west for not being good revolutionaries or humble new-age serfs, the left-wing intelligensia (and here I use the word in a derogotary sense) have been left with nothing of value inside themselves, excepting their own sense of absolute virtue. They recognise the wickedness of the Islamists, but fool themselves into believing that the wickedness is a product of western mistakes, rather than a poison nutured outside of themselves. Far easier to blame the west for being attacked than to defend it.
So we now have winter solstice festivals, instead of Christmas. We now no longer teach our history, except for those bits where our ancestors can be painted as devils attacking angels out of spite or greed. We blame assaults on us as the result of our political opponants or yesteryear, or increasingly the result of wicked and greed machinations by secret elites, which leads rapidly into conspiracy theories and the revival of anti-Jewish rhetoric.
We have an intellectual culture that is so anti-militarist, that it would deprive us of the means to defend ourselves or prevent harm against others in the world, while the BBC tells us to weep crocodile tears as one tyrant or movement massacres the helpless in the name of fascist ideologies – or sometimes out of greed.
We have become complacent, self-loathing and corpulent. Our intellectual culture has been labelled as worthless by its’ own practitioners and instead of treating the ideas of our enemies as anything like better, we opt for a standard of “difference” that implicitly makes them better while seeming “equal”.
As Lord Lawson put it in another context, I leave the last words with Euripides (or rather his 19th Century admirers). “Those whom the gods wished to destroy, they first made mad.”

How the U.N. Perpetuates the ‘Refugee’ Problem

Nowhere on earth do terrorists get so much help from the Free World.

Israel’s assault on Hamas is just the latest in a long chain of military clashes, the scripts of which are always the same. On one side, there is the Israeli army. Technologically and militarily superior, its soldiers are motivated by a powerful commitment to their country’s security. On the other, there are Palestinian terrorists whose aim is to kill as many innocent Israelis as possible by unleashing missiles and suicide bombers on civilian centers. Then, when Israel retaliates, they appeal to the world with gruesome images of Palestinian suffering as part of a global campaign to prevent Israel from defending itself.

Sooner or later, the tactics of the Palestinian terrorists work. The voices of protest in response to Palestinian suffering grow louder until international pressure stays Israel’s hand.

Inevitably, some of these protests come from Israelis. Last week, before the tanks had begun rolling into Gaza, the journalist Tom Segev put it bluntly in a column he wrote in Ha’aretz. “A child in Sderot is the same as a child in Gaza,” he wrote, “and anyone who harms either is evil.”

Mr. Segev is correct when he says that the suffering of children on either side is intolerable — this is why the pictures from Gaza make us shudder. But he is wrong to draw a moral equivalence between the two sides. In this, he lends a hand to the Palestinians’ most shameful military tactic: pimping the suffering of their civilians as a weapon of war.

Palestinian children are dying today not because of Israeli brutality, but because their own leaders have chosen to use their children as human shields, and their pain as a battering ram against Western sensibilities.

Of course, it is easy to blame Hamas. It is they, after all, who deliberately put their weapons caches in mosques, their rocket launchers in schoolyards, and their command centers in hospitals — all with the explicit goal of maximizing the tragedy of an Israeli response.

Yet Hamas is not the only Palestinian group at fault. In 2005, shortly after the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, I met with the chief of staff to the chairman of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas. My question to him: Now that we have uprooted thousands of Jews and empowered Gazans to be masters of their own fate, can we hope that within a year’s time there will be fewer refugees in the camps? “Absolutely not,” he said. “The refugees will be relocated only in the context of the final status [agreement]. How can we move them if we do not know where they will live? Maybe they will live in Israel.”

In withdrawing from Gaza, Israel made painful concessions for peace by forcibly removing Jews from their homes. And yet even the Palestinian Authority, the most moderate among Palestinian political groups, would not consider easing their own people’s plight in the wake of Israel’s compromise. This is because the suffering of the refugees is essential to their broader political struggle.

How does the West respond to the obvious exploitation of Palestinian refugees? Soon after my meeting with Mr. Abbas’s chief of staff, I met with the ambassador of one of the West’s most enlightened countries. I asked: Why are the Palestinians not willing to help their own refugees? “I can understand them,” he answered. “After all, they don’t want the refugee problem to be taken off the agenda.”

This reflexive “understanding” for the Palestinian leaders’ abuse of their own people is the heart of the problem. For decades, the international community has actively assisted in building the terrorists’ unique system of control — over where Palestinians live and in what conditions, and over what they think — by allowing terrorists to turn the refugee camps into the center of the Palestinian war machine. Instead of working to relieve the refugees’ misery, the United Nations has dedicated an entire agency, UNRWA, to perpetuating it. For the rest of the world’s refugees, the U.N. works tirelessly to improve their conditions, to relocate them, and to help them rebuild their lives as quickly as possible. With the Palestinians, the U.N. does exactly the opposite, granting refugee status to the great-grandchildren of people displaced in 1948, doing nothing to dismantle the camps, and acting as facilitators for the terrorists’ goal of grinding an entire civilian population under their thumb. Nowhere on earth do terrorists get so much help from the Free World.

It is not only the refugee camps that the West has helped sustain. For years, Hamas in Gaza — like Hezbollah in Lebanon, and like the Palestinian Authority under Yasser Arafat — has been amassing huge stockpiles of weaponry, most of it under the noses of Western observers who are meant to prevent the import of such weapons. It’s as if we are telling the terrorists: Go on, build your armies, prepare for war. We understand.

The same can be said about the use of children as human shields. Where was the West when Palestinian leaders were actively transforming their children’s classrooms into indoctrination centers for martyrdom?

And so, invariably, the script is played out: Hamas fires its missiles, Israel responds with military force in Gaza, children are killed, their pictures are played countless times on televisions in the West, articles are published saying both sides are evil, and Israel is pressured to stop.

Whether this war will bring about lasting change, or just provide another breather before the next battle, depends to a very large degree on the Free World. A successful Israeli campaign — in which Hamas is eliminated as the controlling force in Gaza — will bring an unprecedented opportunity for Western leaders to change the rules of the game when it comes to Palestinian civilians. It’s time for the West to recognize the human rights of Palestinians — not only when they are suffering in war.

Mr. Sharansky, former deputy prime minister of Israel, is chairman of the Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies at the Shalem Center and the author, most recently, of “Defending Identity” (PublicAffairs, 2008).

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  4. * Burqas are prisons – Muslim minister

    The “Model T” burka – you can have it in any colour you like, as long as it’s black.

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