Obama to Larry King: "there are wonderful Muslim Americans all across the country who are doing wonderful things"

Obama says “New Yorker insulted Muslim Americans”

*  Thanks to D.C. Watson we have an ever growing list of “wonderful Muslim Americans” who have been arrested and/or convicted for either planning or acting out their “jihad” against the rest of America, Link

By GLEN JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer

* Yep. That’s the same Hussein Barrack Obama who thinks the Islamic war-cry ‘Allahu akbar’ is the most beautiful sound in the world. The same Hussein who grew up as a Moslem to a Moslem father and a white mother who converted to Islam and now claims he ‘was never a Muslim’…

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Democrat Barack Obama said Tuesday that the New Yorker magazine’s satirical cover depicting him and his wife as flag-burning, fist-bumping radicals doesn’t bother him but that it was an insult to Muslim Americans.

* CAIR Calls New Yorker Obama Cartoon ‘Inflammatory’

That’s right; Barack Obama and the Saudi-funded radical Islamic front group calling itself the Council on American Islamic Relations are on exactly the same page: Obama says New Yorker insulted Muslim Americans.

“You know, there are wonderful Muslim Americans all across the country who are doing wonderful things,” the presidential candidate told CNN’s Larry King. “And for this to be used as sort of an insult, or to raise suspicions about me, I think is unfortunate. And it’s not what America’s all about.”

*  Larry King, friend of all the world with a keen eye on Roswell and flying saucers:

Obama blamed himself for not being forceful enough in challenging some of the rumors about him, including that he is Muslim. Obama is Christian.

The son of a Kenyan father, Obama lived in the largely Muslim nation of Indonesia as a child. He dealt with similar questions in February after a photo surfaced of him wearing traditional Kenyan clothing during a visit to Africa in 2006.

The cover of the magazine, which hit newsstands Monday, depicts Obama in traditional Muslim clothing — sandals, robe and turban — while his wife, Michelle, has an assault rifle slung over one shoulder and is dressed in camouflage and combat boots with her hair in an Afro. A flag burns in a fireplace behind them as they bump fists, and a portrait of Osama bin Laden hangs above the mantel.

New Yorker Editor David Remnick told the Huffington Post Web site the cover was chosen because it had something to say.

When first asked about it on Sunday, Obama declined comment. His spokesman, Bill Burton, said it was “tasteless and offensive.”

Obama said he’s developed “a pretty thick skin” running for president and has “seen and heard worse.”

“I do think that, you know, in attempting to satirize something, they probably fueled some misconceptions about me instead,” he said. “But, you know, that was their editorial judgment. And as I said, ultimately, it’s a cartoon, it’s not where the American people are spending a lot of their time thinking about.”


The only premise for Barack Hussein Obama’s contention that he is a Christian was his membership, for 20 years, in Trinity United Church of Christ, the Vision Statement of which it declares on its website is based upon the Black Liberation Theology as stated in Dr James H Cone’s 1969 book, Black Theology and Black Power: “What we need is the divine love as expressed in Black Power, which is the power of black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal. Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love…Black Theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy.”

The ‘minister’ of that racist entity, Rev Wright, declared himself to be a ‘former black Muslim’ and the TUCC’s newsletter regularly included anti-semitic mentions and gave an award to Louis Farrakhan of Nation of Islam (with whom the Rev travelled to Libya to visit Gaddafi). Until it was outed, Obama’s campaign and office staff included Nation of Islam members and his official website carried ‘commendations’ from recipients of awards from Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers. Obama stated on p261 of his book, Audacity of Hope, that “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

As for the New Yorker cover, I’d say Obama’s having his ‘Muhammad moment.’ His person is, after all, sacrosanct because if you don’t agree, then you’re not only a ‘racist,’ your’re an ‘islamophobe.’ I think he’s just stupid and arrogant enough to believe he’s in a ‘win-win’ position.

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