Tales from the British Funny Farm

Lawsuit: Hospital fails to celebrate Eid for Muslim patients, who sue over ‘Human Rights Violations”

* You can’t make this stuff up. Well, this time the hospital got away with it. But surely the hospital won’t make that mistake again and provide some fresh lambs for the slaughter next time… 

*  Researchers looking at the way British Muslims are represented by the media say they have found that most coverage is negative in tone.

* Any idea why that would be?

Patients’ Eid challenge is denied

Rampton secure hospital      

The patients claimed their human rights had been breached

Two Muslim patients at Rampton Hospital in Nottinghamshire have been told they cannot apply for compensation after being denied Eid celebrations.

Their solicitor told the High Court the failure by Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust to mark the end of Ramadan last year breached their human rights.

The judge said the trust had accepted “in principle” it should be celebrated.


But the application had been brought after too long a delay and would serve no useful purpose, he said.

The two patients had applied for permission to seek a judicial review and High Court damages.

Both men are in the Peaks Unit of the hospital which is reserved for dangerous patients with severe personality disorders.

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 Muslim converts to Christianity live dangerously:

A growing number of Christians in Britain from a Muslim background are facing harassment and persecution, warns Release International.

They include ‘Yasmin’, whose ex-husband planned to kill her. She’s been attacked in the street, driven from her home and was taken under police protection.

Yasmin became a Christian after receiving a vision of Jesus during the difficult birth of her son. She tried to keep her faith a secret from her family, but eventually told her mother.

“When my mother found out I had become a Christian she went to the local mosque and told them that I had gone crazy,” Yasmin told Release International, which serves the persecuted church in 30 nations.

“She went to get some holy water to heal me of my madness. A campaign was set up against me; people would come and bang on the door every ten minutes during the night.”

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Toddlers who don’t like Muslim-Curry are “Racist”

PC indoctrination in the creche

Absurd Britannia just keeps outdoing itself. Like Muslims when confronted with the reality of the jihad ideology and the violence committed in its name, some Brits get huffy with those who report on these things, rather than directing their ire at the appropriate authorities. This is counterproductive, and, indeed, silly.

In any case, Muslims are not the only purveyors of spicy food, but since they are the only purveyors of spicy food who are pursuing an agenda to impose a ready-made system of government and laws upon Britain, this insane edict will have the effect of making Britain safe for Sharia. Safer than it already was.

“Toddlers who dislike spicy food ‘racist,'” by Rosa Prince in the Telegraph via DW


A Plea to Restore Sanity:

“This country to so pro-Muslim it is giving succour to the extremists who would destroy us”

Melanie Philipps


Find this story at www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1033189/This-country-pro-Muslim-giving-succour-extremists-destroy-us.html









3 thoughts on “Tales from the British Funny Farm”

  1. The nutters are classed as DSPD ( Dangerous People with Severe Personality Disorder )
    … and then there’s the patients. 🙂

  2. * Toddlers who don’t like Muslim-Curry are “Racist”


  3. I don’t like islam or muslims what does that make me?
    Call me racist, i don’t give a fig!
    Here’s a post that sums up politicians here, their snouts so deep into the trough i just pray they suffocate themselves! Fascists!
    Go to the site it’s worth it.
    Pubs close and pig farmers are going down the pan…notice anything there?

    Do as I say, Not as I do….
    by IanPJ on Tue 08 Jul 2008 01:50 BST | Permanent Link | Cosmos
    It seems that Trixy has been a naughty girl (no changes there then)…

    On the anniversary of the smoking ban, I popped into the Strangers bar of the House of Commons and took this little video…


    Hands up anyone who is surprised that there were no repercussions when two people went and lit up in a House of Commons bar.

    Contrast that scene with the musings of Landlady Anna Quick, who runs the Rose & Crown in Blackfriars, London.

    I have been asked to write a few words on my views of the smoking ban.

    At this point readers will say oh no – another Publican bleating on about how much business has dropped and bemoan the already highly publicised rising inflation, bad weather, increasing energy costs etc. Well yes these hard facts touch us all in business and domestically.

    While I recognise the benefits of not smoking in the pub these are far outweighed by the cons.

    Immediately it springs to mind that the government are destroying the bastion of Great Britain – the Pub! We are all adults (I hope) and being told what to do by our governing body it is human nature to rebel and shout loudly about all our choices/privileges being taken away.

    There is no longer freedom of choice and the authorities are completely deluded that we would all be protected from the risk of passive smoking and that so many more people would come out of the woodwork to spend time enjoying a smoke-free pub. Where are these poor deprived people that have been clamouring for a smoke free environment – not in our Pubs.

    Our non-smoking customers and Staff rarely complained about the smoke as we paid to have smoke busters in place and reserved an area for non-smokers. We are also blessed with a lovely garden (rare in central London).

    I have heard so many cases of older gentlemen suddenly defecting from their cosy local as he wasn’t allowed to roll up in the corner any more after 50+ years of being a participating member of the local community. Now this lovely character sits in front of his daytime TV alone. Maybe the government will have to give out free Prozac to all these depressed people deprived of company.

    Noise pollution and littering has caused its own mire of problems and our council tax now has to pay ‘enforcers’ to dob in a rebellious smoker or a noisy one. I know of pubs that have had to close their beer gardens because the neighbours couldn’t tolerate the awful noise we create while puffing away.

    Then we have the green issues and global warming – patio heaters that would have made some business people happy are now slammed because they add to the carbon footprint.

    I have only highlighted the same old points as many others – as for our pub – we are lucky and hopefully will survive generally difficult trading conditions. Shepherd-Neame Brewery have helped us to incorporate a smoking canopy with infra red heating and we have invested in a minor refurbishment also to raise the standards of our hostelry. We provide very good beer and food in a pleasing environment.

    The smoking ban is a contentious subject and we try our best to accommodate smokers and non-smokers in comfort. The brewery has not pushed our rent up too high to enable us to have a chance of surviving as a business. It is incredibly sad to hear that so many pubs are closing every week therefore putting businesses under and depriving the community of a warm wonderful place to meet and chat with friends

    So we see yet again how the Great and Mighty are exempt from the same rules that criminalise the rest of us. Anna I have to say is far too kind in her sufferance of what should be Landlords choice on private property.


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