UK: “The archbishop has lost the plot. He is supposed to be leading the Church, not apologising for it. What kind of leadership is this?"


THE Archbishop of Canterbury was under fire last night after declaring that Christian doctrine is offensive to Muslims.

Daily Express

* History of dementia: Archdhimmi Rowan Williams


Dr Rowan Williams also criticised Christianity’s history for its violence, harsh punishments and betrayal of peaceful principles.

His comments were condemned by MPs and religious commentators. 

Tory MP Philip Davies said: “The archbishop has lost the plot. He is supposed to be leading the Church, not apologising for it. What kind of leadership is this? 

* Archbishop of Canterbury ‘should be trying to convert Muslims’

* Islam is real threat to church, says Synod member

“People are sick to death of this handwringing about things from long ago. Dr Williams should be proud of his Christian beliefs.”

Mike Judge, spokesman for the Christian Institute think-tank, said: “It’s radical Muslims who are the biggest threat to liberty. 

“Why apologise for things that happened hundreds of years ago? You can hardly compare what happened under the Inquisition with problems in the modern world.”


Useful (Jewish) idiot comes out in support of sharia:


The experience of British Jewry demonstrates that there is plenty of room for aspects of Sharia to be incorporated within English law without in any way compromising the cardinal principle that all British citizens must be ‘equal under the law.’

This is the major theme of an address to be given by Professor Geoffrey Alderman to the Islamic Shari’a Council on Sunday 20 July 2008.

Professor Alderman, who teaches politics and history at the University of Buckingham, is the author of The Jewish Community in British Politics and Modern British Jewry (both published by Oxford University Press); he writes a weekly column for the Jewish Chronicle. He and his family are practising Orthodox Jews.
* Putting the cart before the horse:
Supporting controversial remarks made earlier this year by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Professor Alderman, in his address, traces the history of the interface between Jews, Judaism and the English legal system. “The Jewish religion has – to some extent – been successfully incorporated with the English legal system,” Professor Alderman said: “this has damaged neither the status of British Jews nor the fabric of English law.”

* It didn’t occour to Professor Alerman that the British legal system evolved out of the Judeo-Christian culture, traition and civilization. It wasn’t created in a vacuum….

* Sharia was invented by the meshugga ‘prophet’ by perverting those principles…

NOTE FOR EDITORS: Further information about Geoffrey Alderman can be found at: He can be contacted at and on 07850-457289.



3 thoughts on “UK: “The archbishop has lost the plot. He is supposed to be leading the Church, not apologising for it. What kind of leadership is this?"”

  1. Good-at least Britain still has pulse, faint as it might be. Williams is an embarrassment to say the least.

  2. Was this really one of the Archbishop’s sermons:

    ” ‘Turn the other cheek’ means we should get on our knees and suck Muslim dick!

    “It means if some Muslim rapes our daughters, we should offer our sons too.”


    I find it very hard to believe that he could have ever said such things!

    But then again …

  3. I was brought up Church of England but left it a long time ago. In the past we have had some good Archbishops but Rowan the Plank isn’t one of them!

    I find his views either completely off the planet or deeply offensive. This is one of them. He seems to have been infected with the dreaded Islamofascist Projection Disease. The evils of the world is purely western and we are required to be guilt ridden and atone forevermore. Complete BS, I have no intention of going there and I believe many others are the same. He seems intent on completely betraying the Church when he should be defending it and Christianity. I hold him in comtempt, not surprising as IIRC he was appointed by BLiar.
    I have far more respect for the Bishop, Michael Nazir-Ali who seems to on the ball concerning the Islamist threat to Britain and Christianity. He tells the truth, painful though it may be and has received death threats as a result. I would support him.

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