What is it with Ahmadinejad?

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Iran slams Britain’s conferring knighthood on Salman Rushdie

Khomeini’s Fatwa is still valid…

ISNA – Tehran

TEHRAN, July 01 (ISNA)-Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman condemned on Tuesday Britain’s conferring knighthood on the apostate writer Salman Rushdie.

Rushdie with his 1988 novel “The Satanic Verses” severely insulting to Islam angered Muslims across the world.

* We need more Rushdies…

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday gave Salman Rushdie the knighthood which was announced last year.

The decision to honor the infidel author was taken by Tony Blair, Brown’s predecessor as prime minister. There were also protests in Iran, Malaysia and other parts of the Muslim world.

Current insults to Islam are all consequences of Britain’s wrong approaches; Mohammad Ali Husseini said adding Iran condemns conferring awards on Rushdie by Britain or other Britain-linked organization.

He also moved to Iran’s nuclear program issue and said contrasting Iran’s activities fully within IAEA rules with those of other countries are only for political purposes.

As confirmed by the IAEA chief’s report Iran’s enrichment activities have never violated regulation, he added.

The US and some European counties have always accused Iran of producing nuclear arms; Tehran denying the charge says the program only intends to generate electricity to meet the country’s mounting needs.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Husseini said Iran has always best tried to release diplomats kidnapped in Lebanon 26 years ago and called for the international community to press Zionist regime to release the diplomats.

The diplomats, including Iran’s charge d’ affaires in Lebanon Mohsen Mousavi and his three companions were kidnapped at a checkpoint in eastern Beirut in July 1982.

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