America, the laughing stock of the world?

Osama’s cabbie gets five months in the slammer

* Nobody is guilty anymore. What will they do with Bin Laden if they get him? Provide him with fresh halal foods, virgins and all the weapons he needs?

Gotcha again, kuffar

Now is the time for your tears. “Gitmo jury gives bin Laden driver light sentence,” by Mike Melia for Associated Press, August 7 via JW

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba – A military jury gave Osama bin Laden’s driver a stunningly lenient sentence on Thursday, making him eligible for release in just five months despite the prosecutors’ request for a sentence tough enough to frighten terrorists around the globe.Salim Hamdan’s sentence of 5 1/2 years, including five years and a month already served at Guantanamo Bay, fell far short of the 30 years to life that prosecutors wanted. It now goes for mandatory review to a Pentagon official who can shorten the sentence but not extend it.

A Wrist Slap for a Terrorist  

By John Perazzo

It remains unclear what will happen to Hamdan once his sentence is served, since the U.S. military has said it won’t release anyone who still represents a threat. The judge, Navy Capt. Keith Allred, said Hamdan would likely be eligible for the same administrative review process as other prisoners.

Hamdan thanked the jurors for the sentence and repeated his apology for having served bin Laden.

“I would like to apologize one more time to all the members and I would like to thank you for what you have done for me,” Hamdan told the panel of six U.S. military officers, hand-picked by the Pentagon for the first U.S. war crimes trial in a half century….


And they have done a great deal for him.

4 thoughts on “America, the laughing stock of the world?”

  1. The reason he got off lightly is because he was brutally tortured while in custody. He was given three halal meals a day, a Koran, a clean place to sleep and a good lawyer-all at taxpayer expense. We must pity him for this rough handling, because this is what bleeding heart leftists have screeched about since around 9/12.

    Is America a laughingstock? I’d have to emphatically say yes.

  2. * “Gitmo jury gives bin Laden driver light sentence”

    What did they get him for? Unpaid speeding fines? Parking on double lines? Blowing over 0.5 (buildings)? Maybe winning the “War on Terror”, but way behind in the “War on Stupidity”.

  3. If the boot was on the other foot and George Bush’s driver was captured he would be found dead and mutilated by the side of the road…

  4. This Muslim creep will get 5.5 months of great food and pampering. Not a bad gig. Will the ACLU want to provide him a taxpayer funded Harvard education upon release? Muzzies seem to like Harvard.

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