Chicago-area pol in hot water for forwarding email saying Muslims who want Sharia should leave the U.S.

It was “hate,” you see. It was “anti-Muslim.”

*  UPDATE: Weasel Zippers has found Ruff’s email. It’s a common spam piece, consisting mostly of material falsely attributed to former Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

* Well, if Howard didn’t say it, it sure makes a lot of sense. Perhaps he should have said it.

What Moslems really want

Now, I haven’t seen the email in question, but if all it does is say that Muslims who want Islamic law should leave the country, then the reaction to it from Muslim leaders is very telling. On the one hand we are supposed to believe that every Muslim in the United States completely accepts American pluralism and Constitutional rule, and has no intention of imposing Sharia here at any time in the future. If you don’t believe that, you’re a venomous “Islamophobe.”

And yet if that were true, wouldn’t Khalid Mozaffer of the American Islamic Association be standing up and saying that Yes, he agreed with this email, and that he would aggressively resist any agitation to replace American Constitutional government with Sharia? By labeling this email “hate,” isn’t he admitting that many, if not most, American Muslims do want Sharia here? And isn’t the presence of a large group that wants to destroy the ideas of the equality of all people before the law and the freedom of speech, and replace them with a legal system that institutionalizes discrimination against women and non-Muslims, something that Americans should be concerned about?

Is it really “hate” to want to defend republican pluralism and resist a totalitarian and draconian system that establishes an elite class and relegates others to permanent inferior status?

“Religious Leaders Infuriated By Anti-Muslim E-Mail: E-Mail Was Allegedly Forwarded By Frankfort Township Assessor,” from CBS2Chicago, August 13 (thanks to JW):

FRANKFORT, Ill. (CBS) ― An anti-Muslim e-mail allegedly forwarded by an elected official is creating an uproar in the southwest suburbs.
The American Islamic Association invited pastors, rabbis and other religious leaders in its mosque in Frankfort to discuss an e-mail sent by Frankfort Township Assessor Paul Ruff.

The e-mail called on Muslims who want to live under Islamic law to “get out of the country.”

Religious leaders say the sentiment presented in the e-mail demonstrates a dangerous lack of understanding.

“To make these kind of comments against a group of people who are so loving, and so caring – I was very, very offended by that,” said Jan Shaulis, Christian co-chair of the Southwestern Interfaith Team.

* Record of ‘loving, caring Muslims’ here and here’s some history of those people

“We need to go together forward, not by spreading hate, but by understanding and building bridges,” added Khalid Mozaffer of the American Islamic Association.

*  Yep. We need draw-bridges against the Muhammedan hordes…

* Do you know how they cook history?

* Muslims Against Sharia vigorously object to characterization of ‘Muslims who want to live under Islamic law [need] to “get out of the country”‘ sentiment as anti-Muslim. There are many Muslims in America who left Islamic countries for a single reason: to escape the yoke of Sharia. We fully support the sentiment that if someone wants to live under Sharia, they should immediately leave the United States. On the one hand, there are plenty of countries in the world that are ruled by Sharia law; so Sharia proponents can be free to practice according to their beliefs. On the other hand, Sharia is incompatible with Democracy and installation of Sharia in the United States will result in denying freedoms for the vast majority of the population, including Muslims.

Posted by: Muslims Against Sharia [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 14, 2008 2:13 PM

4 thoughts on “Chicago-area pol in hot water for forwarding email saying Muslims who want Sharia should leave the U.S.”

  1. Shariah Law is what is being condemned here!!! The letter wasn’t racist in the least! Shariah law is totally incompatible with the laws of western civilization. He has every right to condemn it. Hell, what race is shariah law?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Dumbasses.

  2. What a ridiculous picture of Osama. If Muslims conquered us, they wouldn’t be posing for pics, they’d be fighting themselves over who got to rape who.

    And I’ve never seen such delusion of grandeur in cowards like I do in Muslims.

  3. I couldn’t find any evidence that Howard said anything like that – it looks like something
    by an American, edited to appear Australian, and the way Howard decided that muslims
    & others who will not assimilate could come to this country (especially after 9/11) was
    alarming (to me at least), but Kevin 07 wants to up the intake of Filipinos & others …
    how long before Moro sets up in Oz cities (if it hasn’t already).

    Costello is still the best chance of a PM who gets it on Islam & sharia, but not for 2 years,
    which may be too late.

  4. Mullah,
    It is never too late to fight the injustice that is Islam. The best way of fighting these bastards to to use the political system and the courts. For example, how many people have written to the newspapers etc requesting that Claire Latham be rmoved from the bench? The law and the politician serve the people – USE THIS FACT . The bloody muslim invaders are!!

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