Graveyards for Muslims in the Dar al Harb

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Islamic cemetery to be opened after end of Ramadan

Western officials do not realize the significance of opening an official Muslim cemetery within their jurisdiction, but the Muslims do: they know that by doing so they have carved out a little piece of Dar al-Islam within Dar al-Harb, in perpetuity.

Our Austrian correspondent ESW has translated an article from Der Standard about the opening of an Islamic cemetery in Vienna:

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Finland: Muslims want their own graveyards


It’s one thing to move to non-Muslim lands and benefit off infidels — but being buried alongside them is highly undesirable. “Muslims looking for land to set up cemetery near Helsinki,” from Helsingin Sanomat, August 16:

The Finnish Islamic Council (SINE) is currently looking for a location in the Uusumaa region for a Muslim cemetery.

* UK: Muslim grave desecration has ummah throw hissy fits: ‘DEVASTATING’ ATTACK ON MUSLIM GRAVES”


The aim is to set up a burial ground which could accommodate all deceased Muslims in the area. If necessary, Muslims from other parts of Finland could also be buried there.

“The aim is to find a larger area as a long-term solution”, says Pia Jardi, head of the council’s cemetery committee.

Currently the burial of Muslims has been organised in different ways in the various municipalities in Uusimaa. Some Lutheran parishes have reserved rows of graves for Muslims in their community. 

The best situation is in Helsinki, where the Helsinki Lutheran parishes granted a full block of the burial ground for Muslim graves a year ago in the summer. Now 18 people have been buried in the area with a capacity for 202 graves, each of which will accommodate two coffins.

“Burial legislation requires that we indicate a grave plot for Helsinki residents”, says Risto Lehto of the Helsinki Lutheran parishes.

There is a separate Islamic cemetery in Hietaniemi, which is reserved for the Tatar community. 

Many Muslims in Finland want a cemetery of their own, which would make it easier to plan graves according to Muslim specifications, and to bury bodies as soon as possible after death, as required by Islam.[…]

Why no mention of the primary reason — that it is not meet for a believer to be buried aside infidels.

Pia Jardi notes that Finland’s Muslim population is younger than the Finnish population at large. “Ten years from now the situation will be more acute”, she estimates.


Yes, then, not only will Muslims have their plots, but the infidels who granted it to them, should they be in need of a hole, will be turned away.




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  1. If they insist on being buried in the Dar al-Harb, Hamongog is the appointed place, and
    God will accommodate them.

  2. If a person who is not a Moslem dies in an Islamic country, his dead body is sent back to his country. It is not allowed to be disposed off in their ‘holy’ land. But they want all the facilities in ‘infidel’ lands! Arent we stupid to entertain these selfish good-for-nothing, cruel and fanatical people?

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