Mamdouh's tasty Burgers

Tortured by an evil clown?

International cleaning business tycoon Mamdouh Habib has to pay the man: 

Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib has been fined in a Sydney court for swearing and offensive behaviour at a McDonald’s restaurant.

Ryde Local Court Magistrate Jennifer Betts convicted Habib last month of behaving in an offensive manner and using offensive language during an altercation with police at the fast-food outlet at Bankstown in Sydney’s southwest in May last year.

Today, Ms Betts fined him $200 fine and ordered he pay $73 court costs. 

He’s appealing the fine, possibly due to being tortured by an evil clown.

Thanx to Tim Blair

Tasty Burgers here:


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  1. International cleaning business tycoon? He’s undoubtedly using the money we pay him to fund jihadists coward dogs.

    Buy American
    Buy Australian
    Buy English


  2. Maybe he could pick up a cleaning contract for a girls school in Afghanistan.

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