Stephen Sackur v/s Geert Wilders on Hardtalk

*   Goodness; this Sackur is dumb! Instead of letting Wilders talk, he keeps interrupting with his PC-BS: pathetic!

Part One:

Part two:

Part three:

In other news:

Netherlands extradites Pakistani plotter

The United Nations by definition sees us all as One Nation – but with hundreds of ethnic and philosophical differences – it obviously can’t work – and doesn’t.

Since we have made our society work – we get punished by making our national pride something to be ashamed about.

Yes, we do need change!


One thought on “Stephen Sackur v/s Geert Wilders on Hardtalk”

  1. Re Sac’s intro: did Britain and America abide by the principles they sought to defend during WW2? Carpet bombing, Firestorms, Nukes, Hamburg, Dresden, Berlin, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki …

    In a fight for survival, whether national or individual, there are NO principles. You do what is necessary to win. Go ask a ‘stan vet.

    I’m criticising no one and nothing here other than Sac and the pussy ideology he represents.

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