'There is no humor in Islam…'

Picture of the week: Afghanistan

While the Taliban burn schools and murder aid-workers, there are signs that even soldiers of Allah may have a propensity for the lighter side of life, if only they were free to follow their whims instead of Islam. The balloon man above is is an outstanding example of the entrepreneurial spirit in abject surroundings…

Schools, shops blown up in Swat

The holes of Peshawar…

CHARSADDA/SWAT: Two girls’ primary schools and forty-two CD shops were blown up on Friday. A private TV channel said that Ikram and Qalandar Khan CD markets on Madyan road in Mingora were blown up by unidentified militants. Three bombs exploded in a girls’ primary school near the Swat police station. The school building was completely destroyed, while the nearby buildings of a basic health unit and a tehsil office were damaged. In a separate incident, militants destroyed another girls’ primary school situated on Maichi road in the Shabqadar area. Daily Times

3 thoughts on “'There is no humor in Islam…'”

  1. Given the Mohammedan dislike of modernity, one could hope they would go the way of the Amish and renounce all new invention, like: Gun powder, C-4, rifles, air travel, computers, phones, cars, electricity.

    Of course, Mohammedan didn’t prohibit new ways to slaughter and maim, only new ways of thinking and understanding the world. After all, they still think the world is flat, and Mecca is the center of it.
    (Center of a cess pool is more like it).

  2. Interesting point, senor doeboy:

    In the Saudi edition, English translation, Surah 8, verse 60, a passage on unbelievers reads: ‘Make ready against them all you can of power, including steeds of war (tanks, planes, missiles, artillery) to threaten the enemy of Allah.’ (”steeds of war” is the correct translation in every Koran I have seen.)

    The Sowdis take it a step further.

    But when it comes to weapons the soldiers of Allah never had any misunderstandings….

  3. This is the first book ever written on the Humor of Islam…you’ll die laughing.
    The title is a twist on sharia law that forbids laughing too much.

    It’s also a challenge to the UN Blasphemy law, designed to protect Islam from critique. I guess they can start with me. Read the book! Great photos!

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