Tolerating the intolerant: Islam in your face

Ramming Islam down your throat:

Muslim Asks City for Woman-only Pool Times

“It’s a growing conflict between Western society and Islamic cult(-ure) in America.”

Lul Abdulle

A Muslim woman in Oregon has petitioned the city-run pools to provide women-only swim times.

Lul Abdulle’s Islamic beliefs prohibit her from swimming in the presence of men.  The Somali Women’s Association wants Portland to provide after-hours swim times and provide female lifeguards.

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Texas companies give in to Muslim employee demands

* What’s most infuriating is the sympathetic tone and the groveling by this journo, jessica Meyers. As if little Muslim victories on our turf would somehow (how?) improve our society…  NOT!

Left to right, Terry Howard, Director, Diversity & Inclusion, and engineers/managers Manzur Mahmud and Siraj Akhtar in the J Wing Serenity Room at Texas Instruments. The room is used by Muslim employees for prayers. It is also open to all employees. (Watch this space! Not for long. Once a place has become Islamic… you know what’s coming..)

*  North Texas employers answer prayer room requests,” by Jessica Meyers for the Dallas News,

Manzur Mahmud used to hide when he prayed.

He’d duck down in his cubicle at Dallas’ Texas Instruments or scramble to a friend’s office to conduct two of his five daily Muslim prayers. Now the Bangladeshi engineer walks down the corridor and enters a small prayer room.

North Texas companies are increasingly making space for quiet rooms as Muslim employees play a larger role in the U.S. workplace and feel more secure about verbalizing their faith.

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Plant Drops Labor Day For Muslim Holiday

We are slowly losing our country to the demands of Muslims. This is exactly how it started in the U.K. and of course Muslims once again show that the have no concern for anyone else but themselves. They have just forced one of their holy days on hundreds of non-Muslims.
*  Link to DW, check out the comments!

Tyson Foods drops Labor Day holiday for Eid al-Fitr

Eid Mubarak, Shelbyville! Stealth Jihad Alert from Tennessee: “Tyson drops Labor Day holiday for Eid al-Fitr,” by Brian Mosely for the Shelbyville Times,

Prayer rooms in Texas

Meanwhile, businesses nationwide are seeing a rise in the number of religious discrimination charges. The changing nature of the workplace is forcing organizations to navigate the nuances of religious acceptance and office productivity.

“People have started coming forward and identifying themselves as Muslims,” said Mr. Mahmud. “And employers are realizing that if their employees are happy, they work better.”

Dallas-based American Airlines has a multipurpose room visited up to four times a day by its Muslim employees who previously prayed in the stairwells. Nortel’s Dallas campus has several scattered quiet rooms available for prayer, and Electronic Data Systems in Plano just opened one last fall.

To aid companies, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued new guidelines last week for handling religious diversity issues.

Islamic prayer, which involves a specified cleansing and prayer routine, also causes confusion for those unfamiliar with the practice. Islam mandates five daily prayers in the direction of Mecca. Two of these prayers, early and late afternoon, often fall during work hours.

North Texas has up to 180,000 Muslims, the second largest population in Texas next to Houston and the seventh largest Muslim community in the United States. Many work in information technology and engineering jobs in Dallas and are now assuming management positions.

“Today you even have leadership and management training workshops associated with Muslims,” said Mohamed Elibiary, president of the Freedom and Justice Foundation, based in Plano. “They are trying to climb the corporation into management whereas in the 1990s they were just happy to have a stable job.”

Muslim backlash after 9/11 had a profound impact on the community, Mr. Elibiary said, and only now are Muslims becoming comfortable enough to showcase their faith again. He attributes it to American disenchantment with the Iraq war and the war on terror.

As Americans started losing confidence, they stopped fearing their Muslim neighbor,” he said.

Some of the diversity guidelines provided by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission:

•Employers should make efforts to accommodate an employee’s desire to wear a yarmulke, hijab or other religious garb. If the employee is required to wear a uniform, consider allowing modifications to include religious garb.

•Managers and employees should be trained not to stereotype based on religious dress and grooming practices.

•Employers should be sensitive to the risk of unintentionally pressuring or coercing employees to attend social gatherings after the employees have indicated a religious objection to attending.

Pool-times for Muslim women

But the city says that would discriminate against men and other religions.

“We can’t discriminate against religion; the other is we can’t discriminate in favor of religion,” Portland City Attorney Harry Auerbach said.

“It would essentially violate the rights of male lifeguards if we only hired female lifeguards for certain duty,” he added.

The Muslim woman says everyone should have the right to exercise and good health.

* Muslim woman: go and take a hike!




Islamic Culture in America
Lul Abdulle (left), a Muslim woman from Somalia, is suing the city of Portland, Oregon for not providing women-only swim times. Her claim is that her First Amendment rights are being violated, because her Islamic beliefs forbid her to swim in the presence of men and “everyone should have the right to exercise and good health.”CBN News euphimistically calls it “a growing conflict between Western society and Islamic culture in America”. We prefer to call it what it is: a drive to impose Islamic culture on Americans at the expense of our own customs and traditions. We are seeing a well-organized movement across all states to use our own laws against us in order to shove Islam down our throats.

Women want state laws changed to allow them to wear a veil across their faces for driver’s license photos. Others want schools, universities and public fitness centers to provide women-only gym times, because Islam forbids women to partake in such activities in the company of men. Muslim parents demand changes in the menu (including the omission of the all-American hot dog) so that their children won’t be offended by certain foods. Cab drivers demand prayer rooms and foot baths in airports so they can pray to Allah five times a day. Tyson Foods just announced that it will forego the American tradition of Labor Day in order to provide time off for Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim holiday closing the month of Ramadan, for its Muslim workers.

The list is endless, and the demands and lawsuits are all geared to the same goal: to enable Islam to become the dominant religion in America.

Sometimes the complaints are so totally without merit that they border on the ridiculous. Yet, more often than not, communities and public facilities cave in to the demands Muslims make in the name of Islam. Obviously, the religion of Islam does not require women to drive, to exercise in gyms or to exercise in public pools. Driving an automobile is not a constitutional right, so if the women refuse to uncover their faces for the license photo, then the state should deny them a license. Neither exercise nor swimming constitutes a right provided by the First Amendment, and the women are free to obey the rules of Islam simply by abstaining from either activity. The same is true of school menus. The hot dogs are there for all the children to enjoy, but none will be forced to eat them or even touch them. The fact that some children may find pork offensive is not sufficient reason to prevent others from eating it if they choose to do so.

So why are authorities bending over backwards to accommodate this religion when they do not do the same for any other?

Part of it is the feeling – fueled by political correctness – that America must do everything it can to prove that they do not discriminate against Muslims — even though Muslim terrorists across the planet curse our existence and pray for our destruction every single day… loudly and publicly. Another reason is simply fear created by intimidation. The administrators of one Minnesota university used public funds to create a mini-mosque within its premises and later confessed that they had been forced to so in order to maintain the safety of their student body. They had received bomb threats that would be carried out if the Muslim students’ demands were not met.

Lul Abdulle’s story is not an isolated case. We will be hearing about more and more of these cases in the months to come…..probably as frequently as mosques are being built throughout the U. S. Until the American public takes off its blinders and says, “Enough!”, we will be subjected to baseless complaints and endless demands to facilitate the creeping of Sharia law into American culture.

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