US: Billboards announce: 'Sharia law is hate'

*  Using billboards to raise awareness against the Islamic onslaught? Will it work?

*  Group hopes to spark debate over accepting Islamic rules in U.S.


By Drew Zahn




An organization in Florida plans to educate what it perceives as an increasingly culture-tolerant public about the horrific dictates of Islamic law by purchasing billboard space with a simple, but confrontational message: “Sharia law is hate.”

The Central Florida chapter of the United American Committee, a nonprofit group that seeks to educate Americans on the threat of Islamic extremism, is raising money to purchase a six-month contract to display the billboard, which the group hopes will awaken the public to discussing the full extent of Islamic law.

“The UAC’s goal in this project is to raise awareness because most people have no idea what Sharia law is,” Alan Kornman, director ofUAC’s Central Florida branch, told WND. “We are confident people will see the billboard and learn on their own what Sharia law is and come to their own conclusions. At the very least, we hope our billboard will spark public debate on this overlooked issue.”

The billboards will also include a link to UAC resources where people can learn more about Islam’s Sharia law, a set of religious codes – both moral and legal; Sharia law recognizes no separation of church and state – that bind both Muslims and Islamic nations.

“Under Sharia law if you are accused of stealing, a hand and foot from opposite sides are amputated. If you are caught having an affair, the woman is stoned to death and the man is given 80 lashes. If you change religions, you can be charged under apostasy laws and given the death sentence by a legal Sharia court. If you want to marry a nine-year-old child, Sharia law condones pedophilia, because Mohammad married Aisha at six and consummated the marriage at age nine. I find these and many more practices of Sharia law despicable and hateful,” said Kornman.


In nations with large Muslim populations, coordinating the nation’s laws with the laws a large minority demands to be governed under has proven difficult. WND has reported on Canada’s faltering attempts to incorporate Sharia law and on some of the stir created whenEngland’s Archbishop of Canterbury recommended adopting tenets of the Islamic religious code.

Kornman told WND that Americans need to understand the enmity between the American way of life and living under Sharia law.

“If a person condones (the horrors of Sharia law enforcement), then living under our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights is not possible,” Kornman said. “The two systems will never be ideologically compatible.”

In addition to the billboard campaign, the Central Florida UAC has purchased airtime for half-hour radio programs, the first scheduled for Sept. 12 on Orlando-area station WEUS, AM 810. The group said in a press release that the shows will focus on “discussing everything you will never hear from the mainstream press.”

The group’s billboard proposal, while unusually confrontational in its language, is not the first attempt at utilizing the power of advertising in the culture clash between Islam and America’s Western way of life.

WND reported earlier on a series of advertisements employed by Islamic groups on New York City’s subway system.

Another group called Jihad Watch has blazed the trail with billboard campaigns, two of which you can see below:

While Jihad Watch reports their billboards were subject to editing by the billboard company, the Central Florida UAC’s billboard plans are likely to be subject to heated controversy. Kornman, however, told WND that he stands behind the message that Sharia law is a hate-based ideology.

“Sharia is the glue that holds an Islamic society together,” Kornman told WND. “The harsh punishments associated with Sharia law in all facets of day-to-day life create a never-ending atmosphere of abject fear for those living under Sharia law.”

“For those people calling me hateful, then they would have to condone child marriages, amputations for stealing and death for apostates to name only a few punishments attached to Sharia law. If my critics condone this type of activity under any circumstances, then it is they who are hateful towards anyone who is non-Muslim and should look into their own mirror before crying hate speech,” he said.




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  1. >>”* Using billboards to raise awareness against the Islamic onslaught? Will it work? .”

    Joe Grey>> These folks are doing the msm’s job for them. All that the animals have had to do until now is accuse those bringing up the truth as “fearmongering”.

  2. I’d love to see billboards in front of liberal newspaper offices with messages like:


    Every newspaper office could have a billboard addressing them individually to embarrass them for being stupid.

  3. This is very interesting but will people take any notice. Just saying sharia is hate does not give them examples to relate to. Will they do this on the billboards?
    I’m happy to support them in their efforts.
    CAIR lawsuit in about 5 minutes flat?

  4. All other states should follow. They could put on the billboard:
    Sharia = Beheading, Amputations etc.
    Billboards along freeways would be a good idea too.
    It is time that people wake up and face reality of what’s to come.
    No Muslims in government positions would be nice too.

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