"Allahu akbar": Jihad in the Philadelphia Subway

Man chanting “Allah” and Arabic attacks stranger on subway with hammer

* Update: somebody just whispered in my ear ‘it was gay pride day, perhaps that might have something to do with it…”


In Philadelphia. Video here. The detail that he was chanting something in Arabic, as well as “Allah,” is in the video — only “Allah” is in the story below.

Now, I’m sure that if this attacker is caught, he will be found to be mentally ill, and will have no connection to terrorist groups, and only venomous Islamophobes will be attempting to link his actions to the global jihad. And maybe all of that will be true. However, the adherents of a religion that contains traditions about genocide ushering in the end times, and that has a developed doctrine, theology, and legal system that mandates warfare against and the subjugation of unbelievers, cannot forever profess surprise and indignation whenever anyone suggests that such material might incite people to commit acts of violence.

Is this guy a Muslim? A jihadist? I have no idea, and I am not saying he is. But the possibility cannot be dismissed out of hand when he chants “Allah” and mutters in Arabic while attacking a man he does not know with a hammer. In a sane society, government, media, and law enforcement would be calling upon American Muslim groups to do something about this — to face up to the capacity of Islamic texts and teachings to incite violence, and to institute comprehensive, honest, inspectable programs teaching against jihad violence and Islamic supremacism. But this is hardly at this point a sane society.

“Subway attack caught on tape,” by Dann Cuellar for 6ABC.com, September 8 (thanks to JW):

PHILADELPHIA – September 8, 2008 – (WPVI) — Police are asking the public for help captured a hammer-wielding attacker, who seemed to assault his prey for no apparent reason.On Monday night, police released the video of the attack, in the hopes that someone can identify the man.

The attack happened back on Thursday at 12:15 a.m. onboard the SEPTA northbound Broad Street line.

The victim, 20-year-old Dewayne Taylor is seen dozing in his seat, listening to his ipod.

In the doorway, the assailant is standing with a young boy, about three to five years old.

He tells the child to sit down.

Then, he pulls out a large hammer out of a black and yellow book bag, and proceeds to pummel the victim.

After striking Taylor a number of times, the attacker grabs Taylor by the shoes and pulls him down to the floor, where the attack continues.

Then, the man throws Taylor off the train, where they struggle some more before the attacker disappears out of sight.

“According to the victim, the male continued to assault him and tried to throw him into the track area,” said Det. Kenneth Roach of the Philadelphia Police Dept.

Taylor told Action News last week that all throughout the attack, the man kept chanting something, and he distinctly recalled the word “Allah.”…



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  1. Well, we have been told several times on the news (I watch Fox news) that the homeland security says there will be an increase in lone jihadists.

    I am finally going to go out and purchase a weapon. When I take Bart I will only carry pepper spray, but I will indeed carry it. I carried it during the years (20+) that I worked in Oakland – and I almost used it once. A guy kept pushing me – he didn’t like where I was standing because I was blocking his view (keep in mind that it gets really crowded during commute hours) – and finally I turned around, took out the pepper spray and said, ‘do that one more time’. I was so perturbed that I was shaking. The puke stopped and the ironic thing is how everyone else’s eyes just glazed over. Don’t expect help from anyone is what I learned, and if you get it – just make sure you treat them well!

    I called up Bart personel and asked about me using it and they said it would be ok in self defense.

  2. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    September 10th, 2008 at 4:39 am
    Similar to the lone Canadian coach cannibal?

    Hi Guy. THAT one was not a muslim, rather an oriental with no known feelings on islam

    HOWEVER, this was the one that needs attention.

    Hammer attacks leave nine hurt, West End reeling
    Katie Mercer, The Province
    Published: Tuesday, August 05, 2008

    — A 31-year-old man is due in court Tuesday after allegedly hitting nine people with a hammer in Vancouver on Sunday.

    Police say the man, Khalid Alzghoul, who has a history of mental illness, was on “a spree of violent random assaults,” attacking nine people with a claw hammer at two restaurants in the West End.

    Note, even before the blood stopped running, the cops on the scene rocketted to deny the jihadi thing.

    Also, it was Gay Pride Day & he attacked the crowd in the gay area. WTF is a gay-hating muslim doing in a gay area with a hammer, wig, dark glasses, black large coat on a hot day?? etc …… mentally ill only my A$$


  3. I’m glad I don’t take subways anymore. They were full of non Koranist nuts in my day and that was bad enough-now this sort of thing will be more common.

  4. By the way, hey CC la femme (Arab-hater islamophobic military retiree) what are you doing on here? youre the most insane of the lot!

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